Best CDL Trucking Schools in Virginia – 2021 Round-up

| Last Updated: November 23, 2021

Every truck driver in Virginia would like to earn good money while pursuing a trucking career. If you are one of those, learning from a well-reputed CDL trucking school is all you need.

Renowned CDL trucking schools not only provide you with trucking knowledge but also equip you with the skills required to be competent in the trucking industry.

This article lists some of the best CDL trucking schools in Virginia that can help you become a successful truck driver.

How to Get a CDL in Virginia

Obtaining a commercial driver’s license (CDL) is important as it allows you to operate commercial vehicles in or even outside Virginia. To get your CDL or commercial learner’s permit (CLP) in Virginia, you must fulfill all the requirements for Virginia’s drivers’ license.

The following are the requirements that you must meet to get your CDL in Virginia:

  • You must be 21 years of age to obtain a CDL or 18 years for an intrastate CDL.

  • Provide proof of your identity.

  • Give two proofs of Virginia’s residency.

  • Supply your social security number.

  • Present a document that proves your eligibility under federal requirements.

  • Submit a Medical Examiner’s Certificate.

  • Pass a driver’s education program approved by the state and hold a CLP for at least two weeks.

  • Submit the CDL fee. 

  • Clear several tests, including vision screening, CDL knowledge exams, and CDL road skills test.

  • You must be fingerprinted for a background check in case of applying for Hazardous Material Endorsement (HAZMAT).

Once you have fulfilled all the requirements for acquiring a CDL, Virginia’s Department of Motor Vehicles will issue your specified CDL. Moreover, your driver's license is valid for eight years and expires on your birthday.

CDL Variations Available in Virginia

Getting your commercial driver’s license in Virginia is a necessity for all drivers. There are several CDL variations available in Virginia. The type of CDL you require would depend on the purpose of your driving. These include:

Class A CDL 

Having a Class A CDL means that you can operate a combination of vehicles that has a Gross Combination Weight Rating (GCWR) of more than 26,000 pounds. Meanwhile, the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) of the towed vehicle can be more than 10,000 pounds.

Class B CDL

A Class B CDL allows you to operate a single or combination of vehicles with a Gross Combination Weight Rating (GCWR) of more than 26,000 pounds. However, the vehicle being towed should not have a weight exceeding 10,000 pounds.

Class C CDL

Class C CDL in Virginia allows you to operate both single as well as a combination of vehicles. Such vehicles are designed to carry 16 or more passengers, including the driver, from one place to another. Moreover, you can operate vehicles that are used in the transportation of hazardous material.

Review of the Best CDL Trucking Schools in Virginia

Finding the best CDL trucking schools in Virginia can sometimes be confusing. With the increasing population, the number of trucking schools operating in Virginia has also increased. To help you find the best trucking school in Virginia, we have listed some of the best institutes that are worth considering.

  • Locations: 6200 Jefferson Davis Highway, Woodford, VA 22580

    13101 Jefferson Davis Highway, Moyer Hall Office M219, Chester, VA 23831

    3074 Colonial Avenue, Roanoke, VA 24015

    173 Skirmisher Lane, Middletown, VA 22645

    29300 Lankford Hwy, Melfa, VA 23410

  • Website:

Certifications and Endorsements Offered By CDS Tractor Trailer Training

CDS Tractor Trailer Training trucking school offers a variety of training programs, including Class A CDL training, Class B CDL training, CDL refresher courses, 40-hour DMV training, and Individualized Company CDL training. Each training program is devised to equip you with the specified knowledge and skills that you wish to acquire.

The length of the training programs also varies, depending on the type of program you choose. Class A CDL training has a total duration of 20 days or 160 hours. On the other hand, Class B CDL training session lasts up to 15 days or 120 hours. Meanwhile, CDL refresher courses and 40-hour DMV training have a duration of 40 hours.

Program Details

This trucking school promises the best-quality truck driver training for your CDL at a reasonable cost. They provide all the necessary tools, equipment, and the faculty to enhance your trucking knowledge and skillset. 

CDS Tractor Trailer Training institute also offers job placement assistance. The Job Placement Program provides a handful of employment opportunities for students. Student coordinators meet every student personally for guidance and assist them in their job placement process. Meanwhile, recruiters from numerous companies come to the institute and give presentations to students about their organization. On graduation, the students can apply to the employers they are willing to work for.

Certifications and Endorsements Offered By 1st CDL Training Center of NOVA

1st CDL Training Center of NOVA has been providing professional CDL training to individuals across Virginia since 2011. It is well-known for providing professional assistance to enrolled students. With the help of their team of qualified faculty, the institute offers Class A, Class B, and Bus Training programs.

Residents of Maryland and Virginia can learn all the knowledge and skills required as a truck driver at this school. With more than 200 students taking CDL courses with this trucking school, the institute ensures you get trained and licensed. The school also offers flexible training hours to make sure you can cope with your busy schedule.

Program Details

Classes for training programs offered by the 1st CDL Training Center of NOVA start on the first and third Mondays each month. These comprehensive training programs are designed to give you every bit of trucking knowledge and skills. A dedicated team of faculty members with years of practical experience provides you adequate guidance and assistance during your training.

Moreover, the trucking school promises job placement assistance for enrolled students. It not only offers in-classroom theoretical knowledge but also delivers a hands-on experience with in-vehicle training. Once you have completed your training, you can become a part of a prestigious trucking organization.

Certifications and Endorsements Offered By AAA CDL School

AAA CDL School is a well-reputed trucking school located in Virginia and is known for its all-inclusive training programs. The institute focuses on supplying enrolled students with the knowledge and experience required to become responsible drivers. It also ensures that students adhere to the safety measures while working in the trucking industry.

There are two CDL training courses offered by AAA CDL School, Class A, and Class B training. Both are designed to prepare you effectively as a professional truck driver. The programs' length is about 160 hours, with a minimum of 40 hours in-class and 80 hours of in-vehicle training. The school also offers recertification classes along with a Refresher Program.

Program Details

A good thing about this trucking school is its overall competency in the state of Virginia. This is particularly due to its well-designed training programs that teach all the basics as well as the trends of the trucking industry. AA CDL School’s Driver Education Program and financial aid policy are examples of their professionalism as a trucking school. 

Furthermore, the school assists students in finding numerous driving jobs that meet their qualifications. The institute itself operates closely with carriers nationwide to ensure students find the right jobs according to their needs. Although the school doesn’t guarantee job placement, a career counselor assists you until you’ve got job offers.

  • Locations: 6163 Jefferson Ave. Suite C Newport News, VA 23605

    1151 West Hundred Road Chester, VA 23836

    9202 Manassas Drive Manassas Park, VA 20111

  • Website:

Certifications and Endorsements Offered By Shipper's Choice of Virginia

Shipper’s Choice of Virginia has been offering CDL training to many students over the past 20 years. The school is well-established and trusted in the shipping industry due to its well-planned training programs. You can also get financial aid and assistance programs to start a career in the commercial driving field.

Currently, Shipper’s Choice of Virginia trucking school offers Class A and Class B CDL training. The programs consist of 160 hours of training, including in-class and in-vehicle training. Moreover, the institute provides recertification opportunities with 40 hours of classroom training for written tests and 80 hours of road training for road test recertification.

Program Details

Training programs offered by Shipper’s Choice of Virginia are highly effective thanks to their DMV-licensed instructors who have years of commercial driving experience and teaching knowledge. Also, the class schedules are quite flexible, with small class sizes to ensure better learning.

Relationships with more than 100 trucking companies have allowed Shipper’s Choice of Virginia to create many employment opportunities for students. Recruiters visit the institute from companies hiring competent truck drivers for entry-level job positions. Besides, you can avail the school’s Job Placement Assistance if you find it difficult to get a job.

Certifications and Endorsements Offered By Marshall CDL Driving School

Established in 2008, Marshall CDL Driving School has been offering CDL training for entry-level drivers who seek employment opportunities. This institute aims to prepare qualified individuals to pass examinations and get a valid CDL via computer-based training.

Marshall CDL Driving School currently offers CDL truck driver training programs for Class A CDL with or without endorsements. It also offers Class B CDL with passenger-only or passenger and school bus endorsements. Besides, the trucking school offers refresher courses for Class A CDL holders and specialized training for employees of numerous trucking companies.

Program Details

CDL training at this trucking school not only teaches you to drive large trucks safely but also prepares you for the CDL examination. You can benefit from modern equipment at this institute and get hands-on experience. Plus, a team of certified truck driving school instructors assists and guides you through the course.

In addition, you can receive job placement assistance from this institute once you have graduated. After successful completion of the training program, the school helps you get to the right employer. Having relationships with countless trucking organizations, this trucking school promises good, high-paying jobs.

  • Locations: 5700 Southern Blvd., Virginia Beach, VA 23462

    994 Scott St., Norfolk, VA 23502

  • Website:

Certifications and Endorsements Offered By Advanced Technology Institute

If you are looking for a dynamic and diverse trucking career, then opting for Advanced Technology Institute is a great choice. This institute offers a variety of training programs, including commercial driving training. The primary training programs for truck drivers include the Class A Tractor-Trailer certificate program and Class B Straight Truck certification.

Class A Tractor Trailer program is designed to prepare students for the highway cargo industry. The classroom module prepares students for the written part of the CDL examination, while the driving module equips them with tractor-trailer driving skills. The length of the program is six to twelve weeks, depending on your class schedule. Meanwhile, Class B Straight Truck certification prepares you for local freight delivery with 162 hours of in-class and in-vehicle training.

Program Details

There is no doubt that the Advanced Technology Institute is one of the best trucking schools in Virginia. It's flexible, and the different training programs prepare thousands of individuals for employment in the industry. Moreover, their small classes and dedicated instructors ensure you learn everything there is to know. 

The trucking school also promises financial aid for those who qualify. With tuition reimbursement, you can become a professional entry-level commercial driver without paying a large amount of money. Plus, the institute offers opportunities for its graduates to get in touch with top trucking organizations.

Certifications and Endorsements Offered By 5 Star CDL Training

Founded in 2016, 5 Star CDL Training trucking school has been the choice of many students over the years. The institute is committed to producing professional truck drivers through effective training programs and learning curves. It not only trains you to become a professional truck driver but also helps you find an employer.

5 Star CDL Training offers multiple training programs for students who wish to pursue a trucking career. These include 160-hour Class A CDL and 120-hour of Class B CDL that consists of both classroom and hands-on training. Other training programs include 40-hour in-class recertification, 80-hour Behind-The-Wheel Training, Road Test, Refresher courses, and Endorsement Study like Hazmat, Tanker, etc.

Program Details

You can enroll in a variety of training programs at 5 Star CDL Training for a successful trucking career. There are flexible class schedules where you can either opt for weekday or weekend classes. Plus, the classes are comparatively smaller, with no more than 15 students per class, so you can enjoy greater interaction with your instructor during your training.

5 Star CDL Training also helps students to get employed through their partnered employers. The institute's representatives assess every employer to ensure the students get decent salaries, incentives, and advancement opportunities upon graduation.

Why Start a Trucking Career in Virginia?

If you are looking to start your trucking career, Virginia can be a perfect place, to begin with. But what makes the state such a great place to begin your trucking career? Let’s have a look:

Well-known Trucking Organizations

Virginia houses some of the most reputable and renowned trucking companies that operate in this area. These trucking companies are not only famous for their effective transportation services but also offer great job opportunities for competent individuals. If you’d like to pursue a trucking career, these organizations can offer you the perfect platform to get started.

Reputable Educational Institutes

There is no doubt that Virginia has a lot of well-reputed educational institutes, including trucking schools. These trucking schools are fully equipped to prepare you for a career in the trucking industry. Most trucking schools operate with a team of professional staff and teachers who are willing to teach you the necessary skills and knowledge required in the trucking business.

Bright Future Prospects

With the increasing number of businesses, there has been a rapid increase in the demand for trucking services. Higher demand for transportation services means more job opportunities for everyone.

Truck Driving Salary and Job Outlook in Virginia

Truck driving jobs are considered among the most highly-paying jobs in Virginia. With the increasing number of businesses in the state, the need for transportation services has grown rapidly. It’s expected that job opportunities for truck drivers in Virginia will increase by as much as 30% in the next decade.

Virginia has always been a promising state when it comes to salary packages for truck drivers. Pay scales for truck drivers are quite attractive, and you can make a lot of money throughout the year. To put it in perspective, the average annual salary for a truck driver working here is a whopping $61,576.

The following are some statistics for truck drivers based on their level of expertise.


Even as an entry-level truck driver, you can expect a high salary package in Virginia. If you have a prior working experience of less than a year, you can earn as much as $57,817 annually.


Mid-level job opportunities for truck drivers are even more promising here. With more than five years of working experience, your yearly salary package can be as high as $65,744.


Truck drivers with more than ten years of working experience are the highest-paid. The salary package for such individuals is about $68,528 per year.


To ensure a bright trucking career, learning from a reputable trucking school can be very effective. These trucking schools teach you not only the required knowledge but also the necessary skills needed to excel as truck drivers. We have listed some of the best trucking schools in Virginia that promise you a great future ahead in the trucking industry. Just make sure to choose one wisely!

People Also Ask

Some people might still be left with some questions related to the CDL requirements in Virginia and the school they should go for. To make sure there are no ambiguities, we have listed some commonly asked questions.

Do Trucking Companies in Virginia Pay You to Get Your CDL?

Yes, several trucking companies operating in Virginia pay you to get your CDL. New drivers who have little working experience are taught essential skills and knowledge through a company-paid CDL training program. Examples of such companies include Swift Transportation and Roehl Transport Inc.

Can You Get Financial Aid For Trucking School in Virginia?

Most prestigious trucking schools in Virginia offer financial aid and student assistance to qualifying individuals. This financial aid helps you bear the tuition costs incurred during your training program. 

When Do You Need a CDL in Virginia?

In Virginia, truck drivers are required to hold a valid CDL before they can work as commercial drivers. You need Class A CDL if you’re driving a Class A vehicle that tows heavyweight vehicles exceeding 26,000 pounds. Similarly, you’ll need a Class B CDL for driving Class B vehicles and so on.

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