CDL Trucking Schools in Missouri – 2021 Guide

| Last Updated: November 22, 2021

One day, you may find yourself in the great state of Missouri in need of a career, a path to take with your life.

If you see the open road and the freedom that truckers exude, you might decide that is the career for you.

Only one question remains: where to start?

Data on Trucking Schools in Missouri

  • Total Schools: 28

  • Number of Undergraduate Programs: 18

  • Number of Graduate Programs: 7

  • Average Acceptance Rate: 71%

  • Average Tuition Cost: $11,744

  • Average Loan Amount: $5,833

  • Average Scholarship Award: $5,702

  • Average Classroom Size: 18 Students

  • Average Length of Program: 3-4 weeks

CDL Requirements in Missouri

The CDL requirements for Missouri resemble the requirements from around the country. There are only a couple that you have to meet to get their CDL in Missouri. 

  • You have to be 18. To drive commercial intrastate in this state, you have to be at least 18 years of age or 21 to drive on the interstate. 

  • You have to be a resident. To drive a truck in Missouri, you have to be a resident of the state as well as a permanent US citizen. If you are not a permanent citizen, you can also be a resident alien. 
  • You have to have their driver's license. It may seem redundant to some, but someone who wants to drive a truck in Missouri is also going to have to own their non-commercial driver's license. 

  • You have to pass a Medical exam. You have to submit something called a Medical Examiner’s Certificate to be eligible to drive a truck in Missouri. The websites run by the Missouri Department of Revenue could help anyone looking to drive a truck in the state obtain such a document.

And that's all!

CDL Variations Available in Missouri

The CDL Variations available to the people of Missouri are very similar to those around the country. Of course, you have the Class A, B, and C licenses, which break down as follows:

Class A

The Class A license is the one most likely obtained by most if not all truckers in the state. It allows drivers to commandeer a vehicle with a gross combination weight rating (GCWR) of 26,001 lbs. or more.  Also, they can include a towed vehicle heavier than 10,000 lbs. 

Class B

Essentially the same as for Class A, but with a towing capacity of up to 10,000 lbs.

Class C

This class is only for vehicles that do not meet the criteria of Class A or Class B.

And then there are the endorsements, which go more into specialized versions of the CDL (which is to say that the person with this special endorsement CDL drives a special type of vehicle). Here are the different types of endorsements as we know them:

  • H: Hazardous Materials

  • N: Tank Vehicle

  • P: Passenger Bus

  • S: School Bus

  • T: Double or Triple Trailer (i.e. vehicles with multiple trailers attached to one truck)
  • X: Tanker and Hazardous Materials

And that's it! Those are all the different types of CDL licenses you can obtain if they are in the state of Missouri.

Review of the Best CDL Trucking Schools in Missouri

And now, for the review of the best CDL trucking schools in Missouri. 

  • Locations: 920 Alexis, Lebanon, MO 65536 
  • Website:
  • Average Tuition Cost: $4,500
  • Average Class Size: 5
  • Licensing Credentials and Accreditations: Class A and B CDL
  • Student:Teacher Ratio: 1 instructor to every 4 students

Certifications and Endorsements Offered By Clement Truck Driving Academy

This school offers not only a class for Class A CDL and one for Class B CDLs but also refresher courses. Refresher courses are ideal for truckers with CDLs who want a reminder of things they may have forgotten or updated on any new regulations they may not be familiar with.

These refresher courses take around one to two weeks to complete, depending on how long someone wants to be there. As for course length, many people who have taken the course with Clement Truck Driving Academy have reported that the course takes around a month to complete. 

Program Details

The program for Class A CDL is split into a four-week program. The first week consists of learning about general knowledge, air brake, combination vehicle, doubles and triples, tanker, and hazmat endorsements*. The second week they go into pre-trip inspections and backing maneuvers, like straight-line backing, offset backing, parallel park, and 90-degree alley dock.

They will go into road driving as well as turning during the third week of schooling. Finally, in the fourth week, each previous week will be revised and will be built upon. Then, comes the CDL test. Those who have taken this course report a good student-to-truck ratio, decent equipment, and some placement with outside companies.

  • Locations: Malden Industrial Park Malden, MO 63863
  • Website:
  • Average Tuition Cost: $4,100
  • Average Class Size: 8
  • Licensing Credentials and Accreditations: Commercial Driver's License (CDL) Class A, Manual. 
  • Student:Teacher Ratio: Eight students per instructor

Certifications and Endorsements Offered By Southern Missouri Truck Driving School

The fine people at the Southern Missouri Truck Driving School offer a wide range of programs. There is, of course, the Class A CDL License certification, and then they also offer the same course but for manual trucks as well. That course usually lasts around four weeks. There is also a course for those who want to drive a tractor-trailer, and you can take it even with no experience. That program takes around 160 hours to complete.

Program Details

This program is split between lab work and fieldwork as well, which means while students learn the ins and outs of the trucking industry in the class, they will also be learning how to drive trucks outside the class. It is divided into two parts. The first two weeks are spent in a classroom, and the second two weeks are spent in the truck.

As for equipment provided, ex-students report a good amount of quality equipment. As for relationships with local trucking companies, the people at Southern Missouri Truck Driving School have a lot of relationships with a lot of different companies.

Certifications and Endorsements Offered By MTC Truck Driver Training

If you are going to attend one of the MTC Truck Driver Trainings in Missouri, you can expect to get a Class A license from this school.  When you enter this program, you should bring your license as you will need it to even enter the Class A program at MTC Truck Driver Training.

A combination of in-class lectures and on-the-road experience will make up this program as well. Class A is the only certification that they offer, and there also isn't much in the way of endorsements. 

Program Details

Many people in the state have graduated from this program. That said, there are many complaints about the teaching staff. According to some people who have attended the school, the staff seems like they want to teach people as fast as possible and get them out of there. They also say that the instructors were unusually harsh to newer students, screaming at them when they were on the road.

However, they say that the equipment was fairly decent, and they do have connections to the trucking industry in the state.

Certifications and Endorsements Offered By St. Louis Community College

The only program at St. Louis Community College related to truck driving is the CDL Class A license. Anyone interested in going further with their career (or pursuing other licenses) will have to look elsewhere. This course is on the longer side, and it takes about 200 hours to complete.

There have been some pretty decent things said about St. Louis Community College, especially about the staff and the course itself, although it may not be the most in-depth of courses compared to others. 

Program Details

The program is 200 hours, 200 hours that completely prepare potential in-state truck drivers for the wild and wonderful world of Missouri truck driving. According to the St. Louis Community College website, the program entails 40 hours of classroom instruction emphasizing safety, FMCSR regulations, trip planning, and more.

There are also 160 hours of behind-the-wheel and important hands‑on learning, including pre‑trip inspections, skilled backing maneuvers, and urban, rural, and highway driving. You may also "gain experience shifting gears on a high-tech simulator in a safe environment". Reports are the equipment is quality, and the connections with local law trucking companies are many. 

Certifications and Endorsements Offered By Crowder College

Unfortunately, the only license you can obtain at Crowder College is the Class A CDL. So, those who are looking to step up their education in the world of CDL (by perhaps obtaining a class B license as well) will have to go elsewhere to do so.

The length of this truck driver training is an unprecedented five weeks; however, that means that anyone taking this course has an educational leg up over those who haven't. The minimum age is 21, and you must also have a valid driver's license to take the course at Crowder. 

Program Details

The program is an exciting five weeks of hands-on training with this college. Yes, there is some in-class stuff; however, a lot of the time will be with one of their many trucks on the road, learning to drive. One of the most exciting things about Crowder College is its relationship with the local trucking community.

 According to its website, it has a litany of resources for graduates from the program and many people they work with to hire ex-students. Yes, Crowder College is one of the premier options for a student looking to become a truck driver in Missouri.

  • Locations: 1698 State Hwy K, Bois D’Arc, MO 65612
  • Website:
  • Average Tuition Cost: $5,000.00
  • Average Class Size: 10
  • Licensing Credentials and Accreditations: CDL License training
  • Student:Teacher Ratio: 10 students to 1 teacher

Certifications and Endorsements Offered By Truck Dynasty Driving Academy

This program takes 160 hours to complete and covers weeks of one of the most in-depth Class A CDL license programs that we have ever heard of because this course covers it all. It has in-class training for the Class A CDL and on-the-road courses, including highway, city, and rural road driving.

However, there isn't much you can accomplish with the Truck Dynasty Driving Academy after they've gotten their Class A CDL training. 

Program Details

You are going to learn everything you can about the CDL License during this training. They have three examinations, each one representing a different part of driving. Those three exams are General Knowledge, Air Brakes, and Combination. After you pass those three exams, then you can obtain their license permit.

After that, the school logs hours of service regulations, driver wellness, compliance safety analysis, and pre-trip inspection. Then, you go into basic skills and training, and then, finally, the course ends with some city driving and highway driving techniques. Reports are the equipment is good, but relations with local companies fail to be found. 

  • Locations: 905 South Kingshighway Sikeston MO 63801
  • Website:
  • Average Tuition Cost: $695-$795
  • Average Class Size: 5
  • Licensing Credentials and Accreditations: Class A License and Class B License
  • Student:Teacher Ratio: 5 students to 1 teacher

Certifications and Endorsements Offered By TCI CDL Services

This program is honestly less of a driving school and more of a couple of quick refresher courses for those who want to learn about their Class A License or Class B License. 

Also, to be more honest, the TCI CDL Services is more known for its testing centers. If you want an in-depth look into the world of the Class A or B license, this is not the course for you. For those who need a test or are interested in being refreshed, then perhaps look into this as the price is cheaper than other schools. 

Program Details

To be totally and completely honest (once again), there isn't much in the way of information on the classes you can obtain at TCI CDL Services. The one thing we did find was a positive review of the place that promised "good teachers, positive environment and good career preparation".

It is also one of the more affordable courses and testing centers we've seen, although it will certainly not be as in-depth as the others. There was no information about what the equipment was or how long the course is.

How to Choose a Trucking School in Missouri

There are many factors you should consider when choosing a trucking school in Missouri. Let's focus on the most important ones:


You have to consider how much a trucking school will cost before diving headfirst into the wonderful world of trucking school. Can you afford it? Can you get financial help if needed? What kinds of loans can you acquire for trucking school? Will a company pay you to go through trucking school?


You have to choose a school that is close to you as well. What is the point of driving miles and miles for a school if they have one that's just as reputable down the block? For practice? Don't worry, anyone will get all the practice they need in the driving school itself. And at that point, it's just a waste of gas. 


Finally, you have to consider the program you're going into. Does the program have a good student-to-teacher ratio? Is the equipment being used up to date? What are the job prospects after this program is complete?

Why Start a Trucking Career in Missouri?

There are many reasons to start a trucking career and even more reasons to start a trucking career in the great state of Missouri. The hardest part of choosing the reasons to start one of those illustrious careers is picking which reasons are the most enticing! 

1. Be a part of an industry that has lasted throughout the ages. 

The head honchos of the trucking industry in Missouri are the fine people at The Missouri Trucking Association. The Missouri Trucking Association (or MoTA for short) itself was established back in 1937 and has served the truckers of that great state ever since. Truckers in Missouri know that someone has their back and will have it for years to come!

2. Be a part of an industry that serves the people of Missouri.

According to the folks at MoTA, "Trucks transported 81% of the total manufactured tonnage in the state in 2017". Also, "73% of Missouri communities depend exclusively on trucks to move their goods". To serve the community, become a trucker!

3. Be a part of an industry that survives through tough times.

Many people have lost their work due to the pandemic, but not Missouri truckers! They keep on trucking! 

Truck Driving Salary and Job Outlook in Missouri

This part of the article will explore the truck driver's annual salary in Missouri, as well as the job outlook. It will provide potential truckers with the information they need to know how much they are going to make.

Annual Salaries

Here are the salary levels:


Those who are just starting their career as truck drivers in Missouri can expect to make an average of $26,800 per year. 


For those truck drivers who are mid-way through their career, they can probably expect to make around $44,000 to $53,000 per year, depending on the company for which they choose to drive. 


And finally, those who have mastered the art of truck driving, or at least those who have been doing it for years, can most likely expect to make an average salary of $72,615 a year. 

As for the job outlook, things are looking pretty decent for truck drivers all around the country. It's an industry that not only grows constantly but is consistent throughout tough times (tough times like a global pandemic). Remember, potential drivers, people all around this great country will always need their goods delivered to them. And they are always going to need new people to deliver them. 


After all the information we've given, potential drivers should know all they need to about getting into a CDL school in the great state of Missouri. Once they've chosen and graduated from said school, they can start their career as Missouri truckers! 

People Also Ask

Next, we're going to answer the burning questions of the potential Missouri truck drivers out there, as well as some possible general questions you may have. Stay tuned for answers to questions that may have not been answered within the article. 

Do Trucking Companies In Missouri Pay You To Get Your CDL?

Several companies in Missouri would pay potential future employees to get their CDL. All it takes is for a Missouri resident to apply for financing through this site. Afterward, they can not only see which trucking companies would pay someone to get their CDL, but they can also apply for any careers that the company may be offering. 

Can You Get Financial Aid For Trucking School In Missouri?

As with many schools, financial aid for a trucking school in Missouri depends on which school you are applying to. Some do offer financial aid, but some don't. The better option would be to get a job with a company and get it to pay for the CDL training. See the question above for more information. 

How Much Does It Cost To Get a CDL in Missouri?

The common costs of getting a CDL in Missouri are:

$7.50 Class A, B, or C Instruction Permit

$22.50 3-year CDL

$45.00 6-year CDL

$10.00 for new or $2.50 renewal of Class A, B, or C CDL for persons aged 70 or older with an "S" (school bus) endorsement.

How Many Times Can You Take the CDL Test In Missouri?

You can only take the CDL test in Missouri once per day, and you have to start from the very beginning of the test with each attempt. While someone can take multiple attempts, it is more prudent to try to get their CDL on the first try. 

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