PeopleNet ELD Review (2021) – Buyer’s Guide

| Last Updated: November 27, 2021

There was a time when truck drivers were required to log the numbers and hours of traveling on paper. This manual calculation often resulted in errors or rigging on both sides to avoid hefty fines and/or overwork. This led to the placement of ELD law. 

Today, it is mandatory for fleet operators to have an ELD installed on all their vehicles. These devices help to keep an accurate record of the hours of service. Managers can also manage their entire fleet with a single dashboard, thanks to these amazing devices. 

PeopleNet is a popular name in this regard. More reputed for its high price, the company is one of the best ELD service providers. It is actually changing the way the Key Performance Index is kept. This article reviews the service to help you decide.

  • ELD compliant to make it safe to use
  • Quite easy to install and set it up
  • Easily track equipment as well as trailers
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PeopleNet ELD


  • Service is reliable and long-lasting
  • Operates on an advanced system
  • Great at monitoring driving events
  • Comes with a detailed and helpful GPS
  • Customizable suite allows better personalization
  • Backed by a strong customer care representation


  • Initial cost of the system is high
  • Additional monthly subscription required

Specs and Dimensions

Screen: 7-inch color TFT LCD display

Resolution: 1024X600 WSVGA minimum

Interface: J1939 (CAN 2), 250 and 500Kbit/sec 

Backlight: LED

Brightness: 500 nits minimum

Contrast Ratio: 500:1 minimum

Response Time: 20ms

Depth: 1.2 inches

Height: 6.2 inches 

Width: 9 inches

Operating Temperature: -20°C to +70°C with external power

-10°C to +60°C with battery power

Antennas: Cellular modem, Wi-Fi, GPS, and Bluetooth

Efficiency: 90% at maximum load

Main Features

PeopleNet is a reliable name in the electronic logging (eLog) industry.They have worked tirelessly to develop a premium fleet management solution that is not only ELD-compliant but also intuitive and easy to use. 

Today, PeopleNet manufactures some of the best ELD devices. Their units have proved to be reliable, full-featured, sturdy, and very user-friendly. In fact, the features they offer are very hard to find in other ELDs. Here is a brief account of the main features you can expect:


PeopleNet ELDs not only comply with the ELD regulation but also help improve safety and efficiency. They maintain an up-to-date account of driver logs. These include daily log reports, violations reports, a summary of annual log records, driver log, and driver payroll. Fleet offices and drivers can access the information at any time for improved performance on every occasion.

Engine Data Statistics

The device connects to the engine and keeps a record of real-time engine data. These include fuel efficiency, tire pressure, vehicle location, and alerts for speeding and fault codes. This allows the driver to be aware of the engine report with a single touch. 

Advanced Connectivity

It boasts advanced connectivity features. It features 4G LTE, Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, 3G, and GPRS. It mainly relies on a 4G LTE connection but swiftly changes to GPRS or 3G, where 4G is not available. 

Maintains E-logs

PeopleNet is apt at maintaining proper e-logs. Even if multiple drivers use the vehicle, the device can maintain e-logs for each driver separately and properly. Accessing it is so easy that the drivers can not only get insights into the remaining hours, but they can also present their e-logs to roadside inspections through the user interface of eDriver Logs. 


PeopleNet has been providing ELD devices to fleets and owner-operators for the past few years. They are a favorite among operators who have large fleets to oversee. Wondering why? Here are some pros of using one of these. 

Service is Reliable and Long-lasting

PeopleNet ELD is known for its durability and reliability. The hardware they provide is feature-packed and reliable. The high-quality construction allows it to last longer than many of the other ELD service providers. 

Customers really love the new efficiency, and this translates into higher revenue for businesses. Using this service will greatly benefit you in the long run. Even the cost of initial installation is recovered with a good interest in the long term. 

Backed by a Strong Customer Care Representation

PeopleNet customer service is top-notch. They have complete faith in their products and are not afraid to show it. They will answer your call every single time and without any delay. The very friendly representatives attentively listen to your queries and strive their best to resolve any issue you may have. Their response is prompt and highly professional. 

Customizable Suite Allows Better Personalization

It comes with a highly customizable suite. Whether you are an owner-operator or a large fleet operator, you will notice your business getting a boost with one installed on your vehicles. You can have them set up according to your unique business needs. The dashboard is very easy to operate and will meet all your needs for sure.

Operates on an Advanced System

PeopleNet ELD is one of the most reliable services currently available in the market. The advanced 4G LTE support makes it one of the fastest units. It sends and receives data without delay and switches to 3G or GPRS in areas that don’t have 4G coverage. So all the data is transferred seamlessly without a hitch and that too in real-time. 

Great at Monitoring Driving Events

A major problem with paper logging was uncertainty. Drivers rigged data to avoid blame for unfortunate driving events. But with PeopleNet, this will not happen anymore. The device is proficient at monitoring engine performance and keeps a record of all driving events that happen en route. It also keeps an accurate account of the hours of service a driver provided. That, too, was often rigged in paper logging to avoid fines.

Comes with a Detailed and Helpful GPS

This device comes with a built-in detail-oriented GPS navigation system. Drivers can take huge advantage of this system as it not only shows their position in real-time but also helps them pan out possible routes to their destination. Moreover, they can easily pinpoint any issue and diversions if any occur. 


PeopleNet is a reputable company in the electronic logging industry with decades of experience. The service is simply superb, but they do have some possible drawbacks. Let’s have a look. 

Initial Cost of the System is High

The company is one of the firsts to come up with ELD solutions. The company it is today is the result of tremendous effort and dedication it has put into becoming the best service provider. And that shows in all of the systems they have installed for different businesses. Yet the initial setup cost of this system is somewhat higher than many of its competitor brands. 

This is usually the first thing you hear about PeopleNet when you ask around. But this remark is always followed by an unshakeable trust in its quality. 

Additional Monthly Subscription Required

A high initial installation cost is not its only shortcoming. To continue using the service, you have to take out a monthly subscription. While other companies may also have this rule, the monthly fee of PeopleNet is significantly higher than those. Then again, the service they provide with a full-featured ELD is certainly unbeatable. 

The system they provide is fully customizable, so they can set it up according to your individual demands. And pair that with an active customer care service, and you really can’t resist this awesome device and its top-notch service. 

What is the PeopleNet ELD Best For?

PeopleNet ELDs are one of the most functional, durable, and reliable units. They stand out from the competition for some features you won’t find elsewhere. The time and effort they have put to get their systems right have not gone to waste. Their ELDs are the first choice for many private, LTL, and truckload fleets operating throughout America. Here are some purposes these ELDs serve for their employers. 

Maintain eDriver Logs

The days of paper logging have passed. It is now mandatory for all freight vehicles to install an ELD. And PeopleNet ELD is best for logging and maintaining eDriver data, that, too, without errors. Gone are the days when operators exploited drivers. PeopleNet ELD allows managers and drivers to work in perfect harmony. 

Provide Navigation Data

The best way to learn about different routes of a region is to consult a map. But paper maps these days are not that realistic or accurate. That’s why we rely on the GPS navigators to not only learn about the territory but also to generate likely routes. 

With the PeopleNet ELD, drivers don’t need a separate navigator. It has a built-in GPS that provides detailed maps with real-time location and possible routes. Drivers can control their routes by using the in-cab navigation system to stay on the right route all the time.

Generate Reports to Offer Insight

The device is apt at delivering a detailed real-time driver performance report as well as HOS status. The managers can analyze it on the dashboard anytime. These reports not only give insight into how the fleet is operating but also help you make better spending decisions.

Keep Track of Engine Performance

PeopleNet is best at keeping track of engine performance. You can check the data like fuel efficiency, tire pressure, speed, braking, etc., by clicking on the engine data icon. This way, it helps you operate your vehicle at its maximum potential. 

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  • ELD compliant
  • A.I. dashcam to detect unsafe driving
  • Real-time GPS tracking
  • Trusted by over 90,000 companies

What Do I Need To Know Before Buying the PeopleNet ELD?

From January 2020, AOBRDs (Automatic On-Board Recording Devices) are no longer acceptable for logging your driving records. It is mandatory to have a certified ELD. Truck drivers all around are required to have one of these installed on their truck. PeopleNet is one of the popular service providers in this regard. But buying it is an investment; you cannot rush it. Here are some aspects that you should consider before making your purchase. 


The first thing you should know about PeopleNet ELD is that it is expensive. It has a high initial set-up cost and a higher-than-average monthly fee. But once you get past it, rest assured that your investment won’t go to waste. It will come back to you in terms of fuel efficiency and overall improved performance. 

Full-featured ELD

PeopleNet is a full-featured ELD. There are the basic features, such as fuel consumption report, tire pressure monitoring, Alerts for speeding and fault codes, engine data reports, real-time vehicle location, and HOS reporting and DVIR. Then there are some advanced features, like 4G LTE network, Weigh Station Bypass, Line 4 Log Auditing, automated workflow, advanced navigation, and OEM Embedded Display Integration. 

Ease of Operation

Unlike other complex and difficult-to-operate ELDs available on the market, PeopleNet ELD is very effortless and easy to use. The touch screen interface is very responsive, while the hard buttons also respond promptly. The menu is very straightforward, so you won’t face any difficulty navigating through it. 

Driver App

The best thing about PeopleNet ELD is that they have made it available on iOS and Android devices as a mobile app. The app uses cloud storage that enables drivers as well as managers to access the records remotely and at any time with their smartphones or tablets. It offers both the drivers as well as managers more control and enables them to stay at the top of things with its ease of usage. 

High-quality Key Performance Index (KPI) Reports

PeopleNet ELD is a huge hit amongst fleet managers because of the high-quality KPI reports it generates. Managers can access them in real-time. This way, they can monitor the fleet’s performance as well as observe vehicle engine telemetry. 

PeopleNet vs Samsara ELD – Comparison Overview

PeopleNet ELD is a powerful fleet management system. It is the product of years of research and development. That’s why it’s performance is far superior to any of the other ELDs out there. However, the higher price is often a cause of hesitation in its purchase. 

To help remove this hesitation, we have compared it with one of the best lightweight ELDs, the Samsara ELD. Let’s have a look at their similarities and differences. 


As they are both ELD devices, they are bound to share some similar features. Here is their brief account. 

Operate on a Cloud Storage System

Before the era of digitization, logistic personnel relied on the traditional paper logging system to keep track of their hours of service and record duty status. Now, these paper logs are replaced by an ELD system. Both PeopleNet and Samsara rely on cloud storage systems to store their data. 

Enhance Safety and Efficiency

PeopleNet and Samsara are not just limited to data logging.

They have a vast range of features, including the navigation system and odometer. They keep track of the vehicle’s engine data too. So they greatly enhance performance by ensuring safe and efficient drives. 

Easy to Install and Use

Both these devices boast plug-n-play hardware. Hooking them up with the vehicle is very easy. The interface is user-friendly, and the menu is a breeze to navigate through. 

Compatible with Both Android and IOS Devices

One of the main features that both the devices share is their compatibility with other devices. They can sync with other devices, whether iOS or Android, for more convenience and ease. 


Although the purpose of usage remains the same, PeopleNet and Samsara are different from each other in a number of ways. Here’s how. 

Samsara is More Affordable

Comparing these two devices, Samsara certainly costs less. PeopleNet has both a higher initial cost as well as a monthly subscription fee, but their service is unbeatable. Samsara, on the other hand, is more affordable. But the lower price sometimes comes at the cost of service. 

PeopleNet Has More Features

Samsara is your basic ELD. Comparatively, PeopleNet is not just your regular ELD; It has tons of other amazing features that make it exceptional. These features include an extremely detailed navigation system, option of personalization, user-friendly interface, durable construction, and warning alarms.

Samsara is Inferior in Quality

When we compare the build quality, Samsara lags behind in terms of durability. It features a lightweight build that appears flimsy and cheap. PeopleNet devices are the talk of the town. They are superbly built with high-quality materials and a durable finish. 

Samsara GPS Lacks in Details

Both devices have built-in GPS to assist drivers. But the GPS system in PeopleNet is much more detail-oriented than that of Samsara. 

How to Use the PeopleNet ELD

PeopleNet was incorporated in 1994 and began to offer a cellular-based communications and fleet management system with data delivery through a web-based interface. Here is how to use it:

  1. The first thing you need to do is sign in using your driver ID and password. Press the login button. 

  2. If it is your first time logging in, the device will show that it is unable to retrieve your logs. If that happens, click request logs again. This time, it will successfully retrieve them. 

  3. This issue usually arises on the first login only. Once the logs are retrieved, press okay. 

  4. Now set up your duty status. Press the duty button on the right side of the screen. 

  5. Choose your duty status.

  6. Normally, the device can detect your location via satellite. But sometimes, the device will ask your location. If it does, put in your current location.

  7. Now the device will ask you about the shipment you are carrying. Put in your K & J trip number.

  8. It will start showing under the current shipment column. And once you have unloaded it, you should remove it.
    Select it, and press remove. Make sure you never have more than one active shipment in this column.

  9. Press next to move this shipment in your log. 

  10. Once your log has migrated, the device will ask you to confirm it. The options button will have a prompt. Open it and verify your trip by putting in your password. Sometimes, the device can ask to confirm one trip several days in a row. 

  11. Once you are done verifying your log, the prompt will disappear.

This shows how easy it is to operate a PeopleNet ELD. If you have any confusion, here’s a video account of the whole procedure:

How to Install the PeopleNet ELD Device

In stark contrast to many other devices that are difficult to install and operate, PeopleNet is user-friendly and takes only a few minutes to be operational. The procedure is so simple that most buyers tend to do a DIY installation. Here are the steps to do it right. 

1. Read the manual

It is always a good idea to thoroughly read the instruction manual. That way, you will not only be more aware, but you will also recognize the included components. This knowledge comes in handy when you finally sit to install it. 

2. Connect the cable to the vehicle

The ELD device is powered by your vehicle through a connectivity cable. Take this cable and connect it to the diagnostic port. This port is found on the driver’s side below the dashboard. Make sure that the cable is firmly connected; otherwise, your device won’t turn on. 

3. Run the cable to the dashboard

Once you have secured the cable connection, run it through the side of the dashboard and bring it to the top.

4. Connect the cable to the device 

When you have the cable in a suitable position, take your device and connect it to the cable's other end. Again ensure that the cable is secure. 

5. Boot the device 

Now turn on the key. Doing so will also fire up your device. Wait until the light at the back turns from red to green. Once it does so, you are good to go. 

6. Secure the device on the dashboard

Now take off the film to reveal the adhesive on the back and firmly place the device in a suitable position. Ideally, the placement of the device should be within your reach. 

As you can see, the installation is this simple. But if you are still unsure, have a look at the video below to clear your doubts.


No doubt, PeopleNet ELD is an advanced, feature-rich, and reliable e-logging device. With its advanced cloud storage and amazing network connectivity, you can monitor the eDriver logs in real-time without cheats. 

A reputed company has manufactured it and backs it up with reliable customer support. Yes, it is known for being expensive, but the service you enjoy is far superior to any of its competitors. The device is a culmination of decades of experience. While it is certainly beneficial for solo operators, businesses that operate large fleets will certainly gain the upper hand with this installed on their vehicles. 

People Also Ask

Ever since their invention, ELDs have been a hot topic of discussion, with PeopleNet ELD being one of the most popular ones. People are all praises for its performance and functionality. But they don't shy away from questioning its price as well. Do you also have some queries troubling your mind? Here are some FAQs. 

Is the PeopleNet ELD Worth it?

Sure, PeopleNet ELD has a higher upfront cost than any other device. But the service you will get is certainly worth every single penny. The device is a comprehensive, ELD, mandate-compliant fleet management system. Combine that with the customization and advanced features, and it is surely worth it. So, if you have a large fleet, you should consider investing in it.

Who Makes the PeopleNet ELD?

PeopleNet was one of the first communications and tracking technology companies to provide logging devices back in 1994. Today, it is a Trimble company. Trimble Inc. is a hardware, software, and services technology company. Established in November 1978, the company is a global leader in transportation & logistics. They develop and manufacture Transportation Management Software (TMS), Asset Maintenance Solutions (AMS), Analytics, Mobility, and Visibility products. 

Is the PeopleNet ELD Hard to Use?

PeopleNet ELD is an amazing device that provides a large number of advanced features while functioning at a high processing level. Considering these, anybody can assume the device to be difficult to operate.

But we assure you PeopleNet ELD is one of the easiest devices to use. The touchscreen interface is very easy to navigate through. Also, the included manual is very explanatory and detail-oriented. 

How to Annotate Logs on ELD PeopleNet

An annotation is a note related to a record, update, or edit that a driver or authorized support personnel may input to the ELD. To annotate the logs on ELD PeopleNet, go to the eDriver’s log and select Annotations. 

Depending upon the log you want to annotate, select Existing DS or Forgotten DS. Now select the duty status and add your remark. Press OK, review the change, and press Yes to save the annotation. 

How to Set the Over Speed Alarm on the PeopleNet ELD

PeopleNet ELD comes with a built-in odometer that keeps track of the vehicle’s speed. You can check the RPMs in the engine data menu. PeopleNet lets its customers preset speed limits for their vehicle, and once that limit is reached, an alarm sounds to warn the driver. You can set the Overspeed alarm in the driver dashboard. Just remember to set it a bit lower than the limit as an added precaution.

How to Change Settings On PeopleNet ELD

Users change settings on their devices to make them more personal. Changing the settings on PeopleNet ELD is very easy. The settings key is available as a default shortcut pinned on the main home screen. Just open it, and you will be able to customize any setting that you want to change. 

How Much Does PeopleNet Cost Per Month?

PeopleNet is a leading name in fleet management systems. But of course, all these great features and high-quality components do come with a price tag. Yes, it has a high initial installation cost of around $1200, followed by a monthly fee of $43 too. But useful features like fuel consumption monitoring, engine monitoring, advanced navigation, and 4G LTE communication do make it a viable option for fleets.

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  • ELD compliant
  • A.I. dashcam to detect unsafe driving
  • Real-time GPS tracking
  • Trusted by over 90,000 companies

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