Best Trucking Companies in South Carolina – 2021 Review Round-up

| Last Updated: October 19, 2020

Moving and transporting goods is a non-stop need. This is why the trucking industry, after so many years and decades of operations, is still relevant.

As a high school or college graduate, whether you’re looking for full-time or part-time jobs, you can find numerous opportunities in South Carolina.

The article reviews some of the best companies with incredible job opportunities.

Review of the Best Trucking Companies in South Carolina

Here's a quick rundown of the best South Carolina trucking companies:

  1. H&J Trucking
  2. Ard’s Trucking Service
  3. Service Transport, Inc.

Best Trucking Company in Charleston, SC:
H&J Trucking

  • Address: PO Box 1004, Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, 29465, United States
  • Phone Number: 888-942-8032 or 843-744-5819

Who is H&J Trucking?

H&J Trucking was established in 1978 and has ever since remained a family run business. The company provides services across three terminals on the Port of Charleston. The services it offers are mainly related to import and export through the southeast.

Meanwhile, if you are thinking about availing of their services, you can easily get a quick quote from their website. As a result, there will be minimal wait and assumptions too.

They also have flexible payment options, which include acceptance of master cards. This further ensures user convenience.

Jobs Offered  

This company has only job openings for drivers. The company’s approach is simplistic and needs truck drivers to commute between three terminals of the port and the southeast locality.

An advantage of applying for a job here is that they allow online application. Plus, you get time to consult your future plans and growth opportunities before the job and can be done online too!

Salary and Benefits 

The benefits that you can get by working as a driver at this company include flexible and friendly home timings. This means that you can be home on the weekends, and in the evenings too. So, if you have a family and a home, this job can suit you best.

There are also insurances that cover your medical, dental, and vision expenses. Vision coverage is very important as you are playing the role of a driver.

Many employees who have worked here before review that the place is very friendly, with a cooperative culture and friendly bosses as well!

Best Trucking Company in Columbia, SC:
Ard’s Trucking Service

  • Address: PO Box 9471, Columbia SC 29290
  • Phone Number: 803-354-5288
  • Email:

Who is Ard’s Trucking Service?

Founded by Mr. Jessi Sambo in 1945, the company has been operating as a trucking service provider for 75 years now. This is a lot of time, which automatically makes the company very well-experienced, reputed, and reliable in the industry.

The company is still family-run, as the son of the original founder is now running it as the CEO. This further guarantees integrity and honesty within the culture of the company.

You will also find it very impressive that the company has won a lot of awards and recognition for its outstanding work. Some of these awards include Winner of 2015 SC Trucking Association, Grand Truck Safety Award, 2015 SCTA Industrial Safety Award, and 2015 SCTA General Commodities.

Jobs Offered  

The trucking service offers a range of options. Since the company offers flatbed trucking services to its customers, it is in search of reliable, professional drivers for that job. The opening is good for those with commercial driving licenses and some prior experience in the field.

Truck driving jobs will also require you to drive large distances. The company has a lot of customers for the long haul service, and therefore driving trailers and trucks with huge load for long distances is common.

Salary and Benefits 

The company is both friendly and generous with its employees. It is known for its employee-employer relationship, considering that it is, after all, a family-owned business.

The employees at the company reported a good culture, along with good training and a managerial hierarchy.

Some other benefits of working here include paid vacations, paid holidays, and medical perks. You also get to be home every week.

A truck driver’s average salary will be $1,259 weekly, while a regional driver’s salary can go up to $1,000 per week.

Best Trucking Company in Greer, SC:
Service Transport Inc.

  • Address: 1441 S Buncombe Rd, Greer, SC 29651
  • Phone Number: (800) 849-2590
  • Email:

Who is Service Transport Inc.?

Service Transport Inc. has been a leading business name in the industry. They have been working for 25 years, since 1991. In addition to this, the company has a range of services to offer, including long hauls, special freight equipment, air freights, flatbed, and LTL shipments.

What we find really impressive with this company is its professionalism and customer-friendly approach. They have introductory videos on their website to educate customers and potential workers about how they work. Plus, the company also operates throughout the US, and in Canada; its reach is phenomenal!

Jobs Offered​

STI is more interested in offering driving jobs to individuals who have prior experience, qualifications, and motivation. They are very keen and particular about the safety of their trucks, customer’s belongings, and the drivers, and therefore look for safe driving skills too.

The jobs they offer mainly have to do with the driving aspect. Some requirements that the drivers need to meet are five years of prior experience, employment record, and possible references. A physical exam is also conducted to guarantee the reliability of the driver. The application procedure is easy and all online. Some openings for owner-operators and route drivers will also be available.

Salary and Benefits

The company takes pride in providing a good range of benefits to its employees. However, these benefits may vary across job titles and roles. For example, an owner-operator is more independent, gets fuel discounts, bonuses, and also the choice of which truck to drive.

Meanwhile, all their drivers are known for getting competitive salaries, along with free health insurance for all drivers. This creates a sense of security for the drivers.

Best Trucking Company in Spartanburg, SC:
Eagle Transport Corp.

  • Address: 300 S. Wesleyan Boulevard, Suite 202, Rocky Mount, NC 27804
  • Phone Number: 252-937-2464, 800-776-9937

Who is Eagle Transport Corp.?

Eagle Transport Corp is one of the best companies in South Carolina. As of now, Eagle Transport has a total of 500 power units, in addition to 23 terminals situated throughout the US.

Since 1969, the company saw incredible growth, and today is one of the leading brands. It is also a privately-owned corporation and has over 1100 employees today.

Long hauls, heavy hauls, and flatbed services are some of their top qualities. They also offer tanker services, particularly for transporting chemicals and petroleum throughout wide distances.

Virginia, North Carolina, Maryland, and Kentucky are some states that the company today operates in.

Jobs Offered 

An impressive part about this company is that their website is filled with employee testimonials who share their experiences with you. You will find driver opportunities and also other opportunities.

For driving positions, you will need previous employer reference and history, residential data, driver’s license, and social security number as well.

Their application process is slightly time-consuming, but it is also very professional and detailed. They will also require your copy of documents, along with a minimum age of 23 years. Some experience of three to five years of employment will also be needed for a driver’s job. The driving jobs at this company require long distances, making it slightly stressful.

Non-driving jobs need you to be 18 or older and require some legal documentation as well.

Salary and Benefits 

The employees who worked or still work at the company report that the benefits provided by the company are very generous. They particularly report that the health benefits are very useful, considering their high-risk driving job.

Moreover, there are also paid sick leaves, along with vacations and paid holidays. The company also provides flexible home timings, with most drivers going home every day.

There were some complaints with the managerial processes, but the overall work culture is pretty supportive.

Overall, they have a good insurance program and keep their employees pretty satisfied.

Best Trucking Company in Greenville, SC:
Palmetto State Transportation

  • Address: 1050 Park West Boulevard Greenville, SC 29611
  • Phone Number: 864-672-3800

Who is Palmetto State Transportation?

The company, Palmetto, is based in SC. It was founded in 1991 and has become a reputable company ever since. Their selling point is competitive prices and fair dealings.

In addition to this, what further makes the company reliable is the ISO 9001 compliance, ensuring that all your transportation and logistics needs are met under legal limitations.

The company handles your LTL needs, long hauls, warehouse services, and expedited service needs too.

An advantage of their services is that they offer quick quotes online. Plus, you can also request for proof of delivery, along with a tracking number so you can keep check of your belongings with a peace of mind.

Jobs Offered   

The company aims to hire experienced and qualified drivers. The job openings they offer are solo and/or team OTR drivers and regional drivers. The requirements for all driving jobs include a class A license, minimum age of 23, two years of verifiable driving experience.

The job description also includes the need to drive throughout 100,000 miles, so you need to have some experience or qualification for this too.

Salary and Benefits 

Palmetto is very proud of the benefits and perks it offers to its employees. You will be interested to know that they have extraordinary, standardized benefits for all drivers, including regional and team drivers.

The benefits include health insurance, dental, and vision insurance. Others also include 401K coverage, prescription card, and supplemental insurance as well.

Other than this, life insurance is also included in the benefits of a driver. Paid holidays, sick leaves, and vacations are also included.

Best Trucking Company in Florence, SC:
Two Men And A Truck

  • Address: 3400 Belle Chase Way
    Lansing, MI 48911
  • Phone Number: 877-720-0411

Who is Two Men and a Truck?

Operating since the early 1980s, this company has been serving its customers worldwide, and not just the US. It has gained a lot of popularity due to the services it provides.

It also has a very interesting backstory, where two brothers and a mother helped bring this company into existence. Due to the rich history, it has gained an honorable position in the industry.

Today, they have a total of 2800 trucks, driven by trained and motivated drivers nationwide. They have also received great recognition and a number of awards. Some of these include the top 50 franchise award and a 2018 winner of the top 125-training magazine.

Jobs Offered 

Operating in the UK, Canada, Ireland, and the US, the company has a range of job openings. However, they are consistently on the lookout for eligible drivers.

The best part about getting a job at this company is that they fully welcome entry-level individuals for all positions. So, if you are a fresh graduate and are looking for a driving job, this can be a good start.

They have a corporate office that requires staff for managerial purposes. They also have a customer service team, where you can also apply as a sales representative or customer dealer. Other than this, the mover/driver jobs are always open.

Salary and Benefits 

A very notable benefit of working at this company is training, which often results in development. The company trains its worker for future growth and opportunities within the company, and that continues throughout the course of employment.

The movers and driver jobs are also available on a part-time basis, making it great for school-goers and people who need extra income. Also, the timings are flexible, so home time will not be a problem.

The only requirement they have for movers and drivers is that they need at least a high school diploma!

Best Trucking Company in Summerville, SC:
Penske Truck Rental

  • Address: 3166 Ancrum Rd Ladson, SC 29456
  • Phone Number: 1-800-526-0798

Who is Penske Truck Rental?

With its origins in Pennsylvania, Penske has been working in this moving and driving industry for the past 50 years. Penske Rental is a subsidiary of the Penske Truck Lease. Their almost half a century worth of experience is what makes customers rely on them so easily.

The company has customers worldwide and employs a total of 36,000 employees as of now! Their most recent move to expand their business is to add truck charging stations to their locations to adapt to the high-tech needs of today’s world.

They have 2500 commercial trucks, along with semi-commercial trucks and DIY trucks for specific customers. The subsidiary has major operations in Canada and the USA.

Jobs Offered

This company has a very detailed variety of departments that you can find jobs in. Ranging from driving jobs to sales, marketing, and recruiting departments, the company has lots of opportunities.

The company focuses a lot on creating a family-like environment for their drivers. They have long-distance and wide miles to cover. Most of their routes for driving jobs include OTR and regional routes. The job finding procedure is also user-friendly, with a one-click functionality on their website.

Impressively, there are also non-driving jobs. These are technician jobs for equipment maintenance and management training programs as well.

Salary and Benefits 

An important advantage of working at Penske as a driver will be that you get to choose your miles. This helps you get better, reasonable home time. In addition, there are ruminant savings plans for all drivers as a benefit. They also get medical insurance.

When it comes to leaves, vacations and holidays are paid. The best thing about this is that regardless of where you are and what you are doing, you get paid every Friday! You will also not have to wait for the probation period to end to get access to paid leaves.

Penske also has employee discounts to offer.

  • Address: 385 French Collins Road, Building D Conway, SC 29526  
  • Phone Number: 843-248-5984
  • Email:

Who is Lewis Truck Lines?

Lewis Truck Lines particularly is specialized in 48’ and 53’ flatbeds, along with services in double and single drop decks, and intermodal transportation. It is an asset-based company, currently owned by LeRoy LeMaster, but had initially started off as a family business.

Some outstanding features that the company offers with its logistic solutions are the ability of customers to request the rates online. It’s hassle-free and really helpful in making a decision. They also allow a request for POD and delivery tracking.

To keep up with the company and learn more about how they operate, they also have a newsletter that you can sign up for. These customer-friendly options make it one of the most reputed companiess.

Jobs Offered 

LTL has a lot of driver jobs to offer. The company has numerous trucks and trailers, along with heavy-loaded flatbeds that require experienced and well-trained drivers. If you have prior experience with such heavy load transportation, then LTL is the company for you.

There are also jobs for technicians, who have to do with equipment maintenance such as oil check, diesel check, and dealing with different parts of huge trucks.

Salary and Benefits 

Some employees report an average of $45k to $50k per annum. However, the salaries vary hugely as the job title changes. There is also an incredible variety of benefits that this company has to offer to its employees.

Dental and vision insurance are included. Also, there is medical insurance with free life insurance for all drivers. Accidental death insurance is also provided, with an add-on of disability insurance and an efficient health-care arrangement on-site. This can be very important for drivers as their jobs are very technical and risky.

A 401K plan, along with a retirement pension plan, is also added to further ensure job security and long-term efficiency

  • Address:  2762 Highway 151, Pageland, SC 29728
  • Phone Number: +1 704-588-8780

Who is Blue Max Trucking?

This company operates in multiple locations. Currently, they have operations in Savannah, Pageland, Charlotte, Myrtle Beach, and Wilmington. They provide services in dump trucking as well.

With so many operational units in multiple cities, they are able to conduct inter-state, and inter-city deliveries and are therefore a good start for most workers.

Jobs Offered 

The company has multiple driving-related job openings. They also are in need of technicians who can help with the maintenance of trucks and trailers. Some managerial positions are also vacant but have slightly higher requirements.

For a usual driving job, the company has a requirement of at least ten years of prior working experience. So, if you have been working in this industry for a long time, this could be the new home for you. However, it is not the best for fresh graduates and part-time seekers. CDL A and CDL B are also requirements for dump truck driving jobs.

Salary and Benefits 

Blue Max has some medical benefits to offer to its employees. However, they are only applicable after you have completed the defined probation period in your contract. The period may vary depending on your job.

The pay is made on a weekly basis, while the home-time provided is every day! There is also a 401K plan. You also get paid vacations and leaves.

  • Address: 237 Farmington Road Summerville, SC 29486
  • Phone Number: 1-800-474-7602

Who is B.W. Mitchum Trucking?

Since the 1950s, B.W. Mitchum has succeeded in providing customized intermodal as well as domestic logistic services. After 70 years of operations, they have gained excellence and experience that no one can beat.

Their wide variety of logistical support includes warehousing solutions, brokerage services, transloading, and commercial plus domestic transportation.

Today, the company owns a total of 200 trucks and has multiple terminals as well.

Jobs Offered  
Here, you will find job opportunities for drivers for multiple purposes and services. Some of these include local drayage, drivers for regional containers, and drivers for Dry Vans. For these jobs, there are some requirements you should know about.

They require a driver with a Class A CDL. Also, you must be 23 or above of age and have a minimum of two years of Class A driving experience that is also fully verified. This is to ensure the safety of the drivers, the trucks, and the customer’s belongings. Drug usage and criminal records will also be checked to ensure you are eligible for the job.

Salary and Benefits

A lot of the employees at this company have reported a very family-like approach and atmosphere. They enjoyed this as it allowed them flexible timing and favorable home times. A local truck driver at Mitchum’s is reported to have an average of $21 hourly.

Other employees also report that the company has well-maintained equipment and trucks that gave them peace of mind and a lot of safety while on the job.


Living in South Carolina, you clearly have loads of options to choose from when it comes to finding movers/driver jobs. This industry is flourishing and has been an important industry for many years now.

The best job will be the one that offers you security. Driving for long distances can be stressful and risky as well. So, make sure the job you chose has good insurance and generous pay.

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