Best Second Chance Trucking Companies – 2021 Guide

| Last Updated: June 28, 2021

Whether you’re new at truck driving or have been in the industry for years, you would always aim to work at a reputable company! This becomes hard if you don’t have a clean record. However, not all hope is last; companies are still willing to give such people a chance. 

Here's a roundup of what we think are the best second chance trucking companies.

Let’s get started!

What is a Second Chance Trucking Company? 

A second chance trucking company is one that gives people who failed their initial test at normal trucking companies. These organizations give felons or workers with a dangerous or criminal past a second shot at building their future.

These companies allow these people to turn their life around and make a decent wage. You can rebuild your future and earn an honest day’s pay with the help of these companies, and you can have faith in the opportunity of being able to work legally without any harm.

How to Get a Job With a Second Chance Trucking Company

If you have a criminal record and have been unable to get a college degree, it doesn’t mean that you cannot get a job at a second chance trucking company! Here are a few things you can do tothe  secure a job at one of these companies below:

CDL License Exam

In order to get a job at any trucking company, you must make sure that you have a valid CDL license. For that, you have to be at least 21 years of age, submit the CDL application form and fee, and provide your social security number and proof of state and US residency. 

Tuition Reimbursement Program

If you are a student driver, you can repay your student loan. Companies hire graduates of truck driving school programs and reimburse $125 monthly up to $6000 in total.


You can also get on-the-job training and learn the practices and methodologies of transportation so that you can better understand how the company works. This will also aid you in getting a secure job.

Following these guidelines will help you to increase your chances of being hired by a well-reputed second chance trucking company.

Review of the Best Second Chance Trucking Companies

Let’s now take an in-depth look at some of the best second chance trucking companies so you can have a better idea of each of them:

1. USA Truck

  • Address:  3200 Industrial Park Road Van Buren, AR 72956
  • Phone Number: 800-643-2530, 479-471-2500
  • Email:

Who is USA Truck?

USA Truck was founded in 1983 with the name Crawford Product Inc. It is recognized as one of the country’s largest over-the-truck Truckload carriers, with a logo that was inspired by a former military aviator. The company’s main aim is to provide capacity solutions to a large customer market in North America.

The company makes use of team collaboration, financial strength, GPS Load tracking, updated software, expert assistance, and an excellent customer service team to provide their loyal customers with the best possible services in trucking.

Jobs Offered 

USA Truck offers several services such as Over-the-Road, logistics, dedicated transportation, intermodal, and Mexican Transborder services. USAT has an impressive record and good experience in transporting goods from different manufacturers for a wide range of industries. 

USAT also offers a broad range of career opportunities in corporate and trucking areas. For a corporate job, you can choose between finance, operations, brokerage, Safety and Risk Management, and Sales and Information Services. You can also be a company driver, work in the maintenance department, or become an owner-operator. You can benefit from state-of-the-art technology, get opportunities for internal advancement, and work in a safe environment. 

Salary and Benefits

USAT provides an impressive salary package and compensation to all its employees. If you have experience in truck driving, you are bound to get higher pay and good working hours as well. Experienced truck drivers can also enjoy newly increased CPM, productivity pay rates, loyalty bonuses, monthly $0.01 CPM fuel bonus, a twenty-year regional schedule for pay with annual increases, and earnings of up to $0.425 per mile based on your location.

The other benefits include employee stock ownership plan, 401k, medical, dental, life and vision insurance, flexible timings, driver referrals, and 99% no-touch freight. You can also bring your pets to work!

2. Carolina Cargo

  • Address: 2310 Crowder Road - Rock Hill, South Carolina 29730
  • Phone Number: 1-803-385-7585
  • Email: Info@CarolinaCargo.Com

Who is Carolina Cargo?

Carolina Cargo has expanded its operations from being a one-truck operation back in 1993 to become a company with a fleet of 200 trucks today. They focus on freight delivery and are eager to provide fast, reliable, coast-to-coast services. They are also ranked as one of the best freight companies in frozen foods, packaging, apparel, and pharmaceuticals. 

The goal of Carolina Cargo is to be recognized as one of the leading companies with a huge customer base by providing dependable and cost-effective coast-to-coast transport services. They use high-end technology and tracking services to know the location of each of their trucks.

Jobs Offered

Carolina Cargo is always recruiting, and they have several job opportunities for drivers. You can apply for on-site or on-the-road jobs, and the company also provides career opportunities for CDL licensed drivers who want to build a career for driving in a safe environment. 

You can also apply as a hard-driving trucker or a long-haul truckload driver. There are also job openings available for mechanics, administrative employees, dispatching, and driving. You would need to fulfill a set of qualifications such as CDL, passing drug screening, no major violations, and a high school diploma at the very least. 

Salary and Benefits

In the first year of employment, you will get a $2000 sign-on bonus. Along with that, you will be entitled with a training bonus, $1000 retention bonus every year, five days off from work after having three round trips and mileage bonus after successfully going over 17,000 miles

Moreover, your pay can be raised by about ten percent after a year of service, and a $500 safety bonus is given for every safe 100000-mile performance. You also get health insurance, no-touch freight, satellite communication, incentive opportunities based on your performance, professional orientation, and an off-road exam with hands-on long-haul training. 

3. Western Express

  • Address: 7135 Centennial Place Nashville, TN 37209
  • Phone Number: 1-800-316-7160/877-986-8855
  • Email:

Who is Western Express?

Western Express is a company that primarily focuses on being an asset-based truckload carrier. It was founded by Wayne and Donna Rise back in 1991 and has grown to be a large tier industry running the newest fleets that you will find in the industry. They have a fleet of over 3000 power units, and they are also equipped with 7500 GPS-trackable trailers. 

Western Express aims to satisfy its customers with the constant innovation of their services, and are well-known for treating their employees with respect. They provide a safe working environment for drivers and allow room for personal development and growth as well. 

Jobs Offered

The company offers a bunch of services such as dry van trucking jobs, flatbed driving, truck loading, and other corporate jobs as well. You can apply for these trucking jobs and be sure to get a comfortable and safe environment while working.

Along with these jobs, Western Express offers long and short-haul freight, flatbed transportation to all of North America, and freight management and logistics as well. Fleet augmentation, shuttle yard maintenance, private fleet conversions, and dedicated logistics are also a few other services offered by the company. You can also apply to different corporate jobs such as manager, operations, and information systems. 

Salary and Benefits

The company’s vision was to create a place where both the drivers and the customers could be satisfied. This is why they aim to provide their employees with the best opportunities and compensation. You can expect to have great pay as a driver with impressive benefits and packages.

You can also choose between dry van, regional, flatbed OTR, and much more. Along with that, you can have the opportunity to be an experienced driver, even if you have a new CDL license. Flexible routing is also provided, and only the best equipment is used when driving. The typical salary for a truck driver is $2,555 per month, and the annual salary you can expect is about $28,028. 

4. R&R Transportation Inc.

  • Address: 4415 Abner Place, Greensboro, NC 27407
  • Phone Number: (877) 683-0519 #1
  • Email:

Who is R&R Transportation?

R&R is a very family-oriented and closed-clan company that focuses on delivering the best-quality freight services to its clients. They have a close-knit group of trusted employees who work for them, and the employees are all valued equally, which is why you get more than just a professional trucking career.

R&R specializes in many different areas, and they are known to be punctual and experienced in the work they do. They operate 24/7 and aim to provide regional shipments, full truckload transports, local less-than-truckload consignments, and air freight cargo as well. 

Jobs Offered

If you’re looking to build a professional career in truck driving in North Carolina, then you have come to the right place! R & R is a very safe and reliable company that reinvests back in its employees and hires drivers who provide services with a smile. 

You can become an air freight transporter, a truckload driver, or work in regional areas. Drivers get hired for local LTL or full truckloads, and you can expect to transport throughout North Carolina and the Southeast region as well. You can also apply for a corporate job at R&R Transportation.

Salary and Benefits

At R&R, you can get an off-the-job and on-the-job training. Every new truck driver is paired with a truck manager who explains the job description and provides training on how things are done. You can also rely on R&R to give you a steady income and great benefits and compensation.

Workers at R&R get performance-based pay and a healthy and clan culture environment. All employees get a certain benefit package that includes a market-competitive salary, medical insurance, paid sick days and paid vacations, incentives, and much more. R&R hires professional and hard-working truck drivers and gives them an attractive package so that they can live comfortable lives. You can expect to earn $11 an hour. 

5. Flat Creek Transportation

  • Address: 21477 W. State Highway 52, Kinston, AL 36453
  • Phone Number: 334-565-3534
  • Email:

Who is Flat Creek Transportation?

Flat Creek Transportation is a company that you would turn to if you want freight shipping or transportation logistics and highly responsive shipping service. It was established in 2003, and they handle several hundred businesses and transactions each day.

They are also the company that you can rely on to make transportation solutions better and also provide excellent customer service. They engage in long and short-haul trucking, local pick-up and delivery, and perishable shipments as well. Their team is also highly experienced and handles every shipment with care.

Jobs Offered

You can find a wide array of jobs at Flat Creek Transportation. They are experienced in prompt pick-up and delivery of the shipments. They have a professional and friendly staff that’s ready to serve you and make sure that you are fully satisfied. In order to understand the services you need, the staff is also available to guide you through. 

The services offered by the company also include pick-up and delivery of shipments, leasing of trucks with a driver (either short or long-term), local and long-distance trucking, hospital equipment moving, metal and plastic partitions, displays, construction material shipments, and receiving, storage, and other distribution services. You can also find corporate jobs here.

Salary and Benefits

The culture at Flat Creek is really friendly and comfortable. The drivers are hardworking and fun to be around, and the managers are easygoing and accommodating. Flat Creek aims to take care of its customers by providing their employees with the best opportunities for growth and development.

At Flat Creek, you can get a life and medical insurance, flexible hours, access to high-quality equipment, and a competitive salary. You can also get paid sick leaves, 401k, and bonuses for good performance.

6. TransAm Trucking Inc.

  • Address: 15910 S. Highway 169, Olathe, KS 66062
  • Phone Number: 913-782-5300
  • Email:

Who is TransAm Trucking Inc.?

TransAm Trucking was founded in 1987 and has earned its reputation of being the premier carrier service in the temperature-controlled freight industry. They are known for providing some of the best services to their customers and have their headquarters in Olathe, Kansas. 

The management team at Kansas is always working on innovating their services and ensuring growth and technological advancements. They also have over 1000 tractors and 1900 trailers with fully staffed terminal, maintenance facility, and driver’s center. Their trucking services serve the Midwest, mid-south, northeast, and the southeast.

Jobs Offered

Working in TransAm is a great way to excel in your trucking career. You can either become a driver or a shop or office applicant. The company provides amazing opportunities for individuals who have talent and initiative to work in a teamwork-driven atmosphere. 

You can work as a long-haul trucking driver, Texas Regional Driving position, independent contractor, and even as a recently graduated CDL license holder. You can also rely on TransAm to provide you with a healthy, growth-inducing environment where your needs will always be put first. 

Salary and Benefits

The employees at TransAm are well taken care of, and they are all of the different experience levels. If any time they are needed for overtime work, they are paid per minute that they spend on the job. Overall, the salary is market-competitive, and company drivers earn about $100 each month as a retention bonus as well. 

TransAm also gives attractive compensation and benefits to the employees. Drivers get medical insurances, paid vacation and sick leaves, and job security throughout their tenure. There is also a tuition reimbursement program, and the drivers get a $2500 sign-on bonus as well.

7. A & R Logistics

  • Address: 600 N. Hurstbourne Pkwy. Ste. 110, Louisville, KY 40222
  • Phone Number: 800-542-8058
  • Email:

Who is A&R Logistics?

A&R Logistics Inc. is the leading transportation service provider for the chemical industry’s supply chain. They are committed to providing safe, high-tech, and responsive services to their customers. They do not only strive to meet your expectations but also exceed them.

A&R was founded back in 1969 and has become a provider of dry bulk transportation. For 40 years, the company has been providing dry bulk to the chemical and plastic industry. They have about 800 trucks and around 1200 trailers and are known for their excellent customer service. They also invest their profits in operations and technology to make the process of transportation more innovative and easier.

Jobs Offered

A&R offers many jobs for company drivers as well as owner-operators. The company driver should own a CDL license, and should also have one year of experience in driving a tractor or trailer from a reputable carrier. Every company driver is given a healthy work-life balance as well.

Owner-operators are also vital to the company, and they are respected members of the A&R team. They also have lots of benefits and a good salary, and they are also provided with a comfortable and safe environment to work in.

Salary and Benefits

An average company rider can expect to be paid $65,000 per annum for their services. On top of that, they are also rewarded based on their performance and receive bonuses and other compensation packages. 

Along with that, A&R provides several benefits, such as medical, dental, and vision care insurance. You also get paid holidays, paid vacations, life insurance, a 401k plan, a passenger program, and training pay as well. You can also expect a vacation and holiday pay, and you will be at home for most of the weekends. You will also get a high-tech safe truck that is comfortable and safe to drive.

Who is Eligible to Get Hired by a Second Chance Trucking Company?

To be eligible for a second chance trucking company, here are the following things that you must consider before applying:

No Convictions

A driver who applies for a second chance trucking company must also have the following requirements:

  • No DUI convictions in the past two years

  • Not more than a single preventable accident in the last six-month period

  • No more than two preventable accidents in the last 12-month period

  • Maximum three moving violations in the three years

  • No reckless driving violations for the past three years

They should also pass the DOT and drug screening in order to be approved for a chance at the trucking company.

Major Offenses

If you have been involved in or participated in what qualifies as a major offense or crime, then you cannot apply for a CDL license, which will ultimately disqualify you as an applicant. Felonies such as bribery, extortion, smuggling, treason, kidnapping, and arson will not allow you to be a driver with a valid CDL license.

Along with the basic qualifications of being 21 years old and having a valid CDL-A license, this is the eligibility criteria for most second chance companies. You must also have a safe spot at home to park the equipment if needed. 


Hopefully, this article provided you with the right guidance and information you need to apply at a second chance trucking company. You may have had a traumatizing past, but with these companies' help, you can always have a chance at rebuilding your new future. Good luck!

People Also Ask

If you have any questions or queries concerning the trucking companies, you can go over these following questions and answers to get a better insight and how they function. Let’s begin with the FAQ session to clear your ambiguities:

Can You Get a CDL Job With a Bad Driving Record?

If you have a license that has been suspended due to driving misdemeanor or any other criminal activity, then you might not be able to get a CDL license. If your criminal history does manage to still get you a license, you might not really be able to get a job at a second chance trucking company.

What is a SAP Referral Program?

A SAP referral program consists of two face-to-face meetings with a professional for treatment or education. They would test you for drugs and then recommend you if you are ready to return to duty. If you fail to pass a DOT-mandated alcohol or drug test, you can get the help of these SAP professionals.

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