Trucking Companies In Mississippi – 2021 Guide

| Last Updated: June 29, 2021

The great wide open. Nothing but miles ahead, the wheel and the road.

These are the only concerns of the trucker, the only thing that inhabits their minds.

Today, this article will discuss trucking in Mississippi. These are the trucking companies you could find in the great state of Mississippi. 

How to Become a Truck Driver in Mississippi

First, you must be eligible to become a truck driver. To be eligible, you must:

  • Be 17 (for commercial intrastate in Mississippi) or 21 (for interstate)

  • Have a valid (Class R) drivers license

  • Pass a medical exam

  • Pass a government background check

Then, you will have to pass a driver's education program. After that, you must obtain a Mississippi Commercial Learner’s Permit (or a CLP). You will have to hold that license for 14 days before you can take the test to obtain a full CLP. With a full CLP, a driver can drive on the commercial roads with a person who has a full Commercial Driver’s License, or a (CDL) Then comes a couple of knowledge tests, which include:

  • General knowledge test

  • Passenger transport test

  • Air brakes test

  • Combination vehicles test

  • Hazardous materials exam

  • Tankers and more exam

Once those tests are complete, you can then schedule their full CDL test. During that test, you will have to do the practical skills test. Which will most likely include the following:

  • Pre-trip vehicle inspection. This inspection will show that a driver knows whether the vehicle itself is safe to drive.

  • Basic Vehicle Control Skills. This test will cover, well, whether or not a driver knows the basic controls. The test includes straight-line backing, parallel parking, and alley docking.

  • On-road driving test. As the name implies, an on-road driving test is where a driver is tested on the road.

What Makes Mississippi a Great Place to Start a Trucking Career? 

There are a lot of great reasons to become a truck driver in Mississippi in specific. They include:

1. Someone who joins the trucking industry in Mississippi will be one of the many people who drive the goods people need to live to them every day.

The truckers of Mississippi are a proud people. They deliver everything the people of their great state need to live. According to American Transportation Research Institute, 85% of Mississippians rely on truck drivers to deliver goods to them. As a trucker, you would be a big part of the state's economy as well. Almost every business relies on truckers in Mississippi– food, gas, medication. 

2. There are a lot of trucking jobs in Mississippi.

There are 5,350 trucking companies in Mississippi. One in 12 jobs in the state is in the trucking industry. And there is a lot of space for new truckers in the state. The American Trucking Associations say that there is a shortage of 50,000 qualified drivers. 

3. There are a lot of different trucking jobs for a driver in Mississippi.

There are plenty of different rigs a driver could pilot – flatbeds, refrigerated, truckload, anything you want to drive, there's a good chance you could drive it. There are also many positions in the technical side of trucking for those who aren't into the whole driving part of the truck driving career.

Review of the Best Trucking Companies In Mississippi

Here are the best trucking companies in Mississippi.

1. KLLM Transport Services

  • Address: 135 Riverview Drive Richland, MS
  • Website:
  • Phone number: 800-925-1000
  • Email:

Who is KLLM Transport Services?

KLLM Transport Services was started in 1963 by Tom Y. Kobuke, W.J. Liles, B.C. Lee, and Henry Moudy, Sr. The company didn't use the name KLLM Transport Services until January 1, 1986. KLLM transports pretty much anything anyone could think of: cold and dry food, medical supplies, chemicals, cosmetics, paper products– whatever someone needs transporting, there's a good chance that KLLM will do it.

They also do long haul, dedicated, intermodal, logistics, and regional transportation. Where does the name KLLM come from? Well, here's a fun fact: it's the last names of the founders all put together (Kobuke, Lee, Liles, and Moudy). 

Jobs Offered by KLLM Transport Services

There are plenty of jobs you could do should they choose to join KLLM. The one job that sticks out amongst the others however is their offer for independent drivers. According to their website, independent contractors get a 7¢ per mile $1.02 to $2.00 per mile increase on each loaded dispatched mile, depending on the haul length.

They also receive 100% FSC on all dispatched miles and up to $6,000 with the increased productivity bonus. Plus, there’s a $7,000 sign-on bonus for independent contractors, company leads drivers, and lease purchase contractors who run dedicated, regional, or OTR.

KLLM Transport Services Salary and Benefits

We've already spoken about the benefits of becoming an independent contractor, but the average driver for KLLM pulls in $53,882 a year to start, which is great. As for benefits, anyone who drives with KLLM gets a 401K, health insurance, paid vacation, and paid sick leave as well. The only issue some drivers seem to have is with dispatchers– there have been reports that some are racially insensitive.

2. Total Transportation of Mississippi

  • Address: 125 Riverview Drive Richland, MS
  • Website:
  • Phone number: (601) 936-2104
  • Email:

Who is Total Transportation of Mississippi?

Two men founded the company known as Total Transportation of Mississippi about 30 years ago: John Stomps and Rick Kale. The two of them worked around the clock to get their business up and running. Now, it is one of the premier trucking companies in the state.

The team at Total Transportation of Mississippi offers truckload, logistics, and expedited services, as well as the most interesting of them all: dedicated services. The dedicated services are offered to those who wish to purchase a private fleet without breaking the bank. They are an affiliate company of U.S. Xpress Enterprises. According to their website, the leadership of the company has 155 years of combined transportation experience.

Jobs Offered by Total Transportation of Mississippi

A truck driver is one of the careers you can choose when joining the Total Transportation of Mississippi team. However, a truck driver isn't the only position that Total is looking for; at the time of writing, they are looking for a Tractor Technician II and a Fleet Manager. A tractor technician will mostly do a lot of truck maintenance, such as oil changes, repairs on things like air conditioning, and much more. A fleet manager does just that– manages the fleet.

Total Transportation of Mississippi Salary and Benefits

Salary and benefits are where things at the Total Transportation of Mississippi take a turn for the worse. While it seems they have a great team over there, the pay for being a truck driver isn't all that great. It's around $90.00 a day, which according to, is 42% below the national average. The reviews from former employees are a mixed bag. Some people said it is a great starter company but most complain of lack of communication. As for benefits, they are good if you are single and not so great for those with families.

3. Royal Trucking Company

  • Address: 1312 Industrial Access Road West Point, MS 
  • Website:
  • Phone number: 1-800-321-1293
  • Email:

Who is Royal Trucking Company?

They began with three gravel trucks, hauling gravel from one place to another. Now, after more than 50 years, Royal Trucking has grown into a 250-truck fleet. While there isn't much information about who exactly started the company, the website assures potential clients the company is family-owned. There are many services offered by the Royal Trucking 

Company: vans and flatbeds are part of their fleet, and they also have some specialty equipment. They also offer services like Freight Brokerage, Warehousing, and much more. Of course, they offer truckload trucking as well. A fun fact about Royal: they also occasionally sell their trucks.

Jobs Offered by Royal Trucking Company

Obviously, you can be a truck driver at the Royal Trucking Company. The truck driver jobs include both the Class A truck driver and the OTR truck driver; however, there could also be more. As for mechanics, there are diesel mechanics needed at Royal. However, if you don’t want to be near the trucks at all, you can also choose to work in the office at Royal. 

Royal Trucking Company Salary and Benefits

There are reports that the average salary for a truck driver at Royal is $31K - $34K. As for benefits, the Royal website lists a whole bunch. Insurance through the roof– UnitedHealthcare Health Insurance, Davis Vision Insurance, and Dental Insurance are all included. Coverages for pretty much anything (death, disability, cancer, etc.). There is also 401K, paid vacation, and even a cafeteria plan! The reviews for this company are generally good; however, some say that some of the dispatchers play favorites.

4. Powell Transportation Company Inc.

  • Address: There are two terminals in Mississippi – 2348 Hwy 98 East Columbia, Mississippi and 1500 Underwood Drive Flowood, Mississippi
  • Website:
  • Phone number: 601-731-2527 (Columbia)  601-936-3900 (Flowood)
  • Email:

Who is Powell Transportation Company Inc?

Barry Powell is the man behind the eponymous Powell Transportation Company Inc. They have been a company in Mississippi for over 25 years and now have a fleet of over 70 trucks! Unlike a lot of other companies, Powell sticks to one thing and does it well. That thing, according to their website is: "over-the-road, irregular route, flatbed operation". They are in the wooden utility pole market, and they also say that is their future as well, they have to plan to stop servicing the mills of Mississippi, Louisiana, and Alabama. They take great pride in powering the homes of people in those states. 

Jobs Offered By Powell Transportation Company Inc

Because they are a company with a specific vision and set of jobs they take, there are only a couple of jobs you could hope to obtain at the Powell Transportation Company. You can be a flatbed driver, as flatbeds are the bread and butter of the Powell Transportation Company. There are also, presumably, opportunities in dispatch, mechanics, and office work. 

Powell Transportation Company Inc Salary and Benefits

The average salary at Powell Transportation Company isn't public knowledge, but the company reviews are good. Employees do not complain about the salary, which is a good sign. As for benefits, the Powell Transportation Company website boasts many different benefits for their drivers, including Orientation Pay, Tarp Pay, and weekly pay.

There are opportunities for a salary increase, with a $10,000 Longevity Bonus paid for every five years of employment and a yearly safety bonus (1% of gross). There is also Major Medical Insurance, Dental Insurance, Cancer Insurance, and short term disability insurance. Also, employees receive a 401K. 

5. L. E. Tucker and Son Inc.

  • Address: 819 Mississippi 475, Pearl, MS
  • Website:
  • Phone number: 601-939-8088
  • Email:

Who is L. E. Tucker and Son?

There isn't all that much to say about L.E. Tucker and Son, because they often let their service do the talking for them. This family-owned trucking company has been around since the 1980s. Three of their core values include safety, dependability, and possibly most important of all: quality.

The L. E. Tucker and Son company specializes in one area: the distribution of poultry and produce to the southeast, northwest, and west coast in the United States of America. Yes, the L. E. Tucker and Son Company has thrived in Mississippi for over 39 years, and they don't intend to stop thriving anytime soon. 

Jobs offered by L. E. Tucker and Son

There are two jobs found online that for to the L. E. Tucker and Son Company. The first one is, of course, a truck driver. You can get information about the OTR Truck Driver fairly easily. Another job that's listed under L.E. Tucker and Son is the Residential Counselor, which we can only assume is someone to help truckers and other employees of L. E. Tucker and Son with their day to day issues.

L. E. Tucker and Son Salary and Benefits

Again, there isn't much salary information when it comes to being a truck driver at L. E. Tucker and Son. The best we found was that truckers on average make about $3,000 a month, which comes to $36,000 a year. Pretty standard. There isn't much information about benefits either, but their website assures all potential employees they will have great benefits. Also, they ensure everyone who works with them will have weekly home time.

Job Outlook and Salary for Truck Driving in Mississippi

Now, onto the job outlook and the salaries of truck driving in Mississippi. 

The average salary for a truck driver in Mississippi is $39,500 per year, although that is not the starting salary, and it certainly won't be what you make after years of experience in the trucking industry. Our sources found that (the following figures are on a per-year basis):

  • An entry-level truck driver makes an average of $24,270

  • Junior level truck drivers make an average of $31,170

  • Mid-level truck drivers make an average of $39,500

  • Senior-level truck drivers make an average of $51,620

  • Top-level truck drivers make an average of $62,620

Now, the disappointing part. There have been reports that there have been shortages of drivers in Mississippi in recent years. It's a good news-bad news type situation: the good news is there will be plenty of openings for the job.

The bad news is that some companies may have to shut down due to the lack of drivers. Should you decide to become a driver in Mississippi, they will be helping out an industry in danger!

Mississippi Cities with Highest Average Trucking Salaries 

There are many different trucking companies in Mississippi, and there are a lot of different cities. Luckily, we have found some of the highest paying cities in the state. So, if a driver wants to work in Mississippi, they may want to reconsider where they live. Remember the old saying: go where the money is. 

(Keep in mind the following figures are for seasoned truck drivers, not entry-level positions).

Jackson, Mississippi

Average Salary: $69,584 per year.

As the capital of the state, it's no doubt that Jackson has the highest-paid truckers. There are likely the most truck companies out there as well, meaning there is more competition.

Natchez, Mississippi

Average Salary: $67,989 per year.

While it may be the 25th-largest city, it certainly knows how to treat its truck drivers with the second-highest-paid truckers in the state. It could be attributed to their relative closeness to Louisiana, or they could have a lot of truck companies out there.

Ellisville, Mississippi

Average Salary: $65,139 per year.

While they may be a fairly small town, their proximity to lumber and textile mills may be the reason for their high paid truckers.


And so, this article must come to an end. There has been a lot learned about the trucking industry in Mississippi today, and if you have decided to start a career there we can only hope they are now much more well informed. Now go out there truckers, hit the road! 

People Also Ask

Here are some questions:

Does Mississippi Have Any Good Flatbed Trucking Companies?

Short answer: yes. Long answer: yes, of course, they do! Powell Transportation Company is the one we would recommend, as they specialize in flatbeds. However, most of the other companies on this list do flatbeds as well, so it's really hard to go wrong when choosing a company for flatbeds in Mississippi.

Which Trucking Companies in Mississippi Provide Training?

Honestly, pretty much all of them. Three out of five on this list do, specifically KLLM Transport Services, Total Transportation of MS, and Royal Trucking Company. However, don't be afraid to check in with any trucking company for which you may be applying. You never know, they like to train their future employees.

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What Are Some Good Companies for Entry Level Drivers in MS?

The sad truth is a lot of companies usually would rather hire experienced drivers. However, how's a driver supposed to get experience if they can't get a job? And with the decline in truckers in Mississippi, there are a lot of opportunities. If we had to choose– KLLM. They are great with new drivers.

What Trucking Companies Hire Felons Will Train In Vancleave, MS?

There aren't a lot of trucking companies that will hire convicts in general. However, KLLM hires with no experience, as does CRST Dedicated East (this one has a dispatch in Vancleave, MS). Good luck out there convicts, we know you've had a hard shake at life. Hopefully, someone gives you a chance!

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