Best Trucking Companies In Maine – 2021 Round-up

| Last Updated: June 28, 2021

Starting a trucking career at one of the best trucking companies is a dream for ambitious individuals. If you are looking for a perfect way to kickstart your trucking career, Maine might be the place for you.

Many well-reputed trucking companies operating in Maine offer a bright future for truck drivers.

If you are a professional truck driver, then it's time to join some of the best trucking companies in Maine. If you’re looking for options and are wondering how to apply for a job, this article will tell you everything you need to know. 

How to Become a Truck Driver in Maine

Maine is among those states that don’t have strict rules and regulations for becoming a truck driver. However, like any other state, some requirements must be fulfilled to drive legally. 

Minimum Requirements

Requirements to obtain a valid CDL as a truck driver are:

  • Obtaining a valid driver’s license

  • Must be at least 16 years of age to acquire a CDL and 21 years to move hazardous materials

  • Should be able to prove US citizenship 

Physical Requirements

Here are some physical requirements that must be fulfilled to operate as a truck driver.

  • Visiting a doctor approved by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

  • Completing the Medical Examiner’s Certificate

  • Self-certification about your fitness as a truck driver

Be mindful that to get your CDL license, you must obtain a Commercial Learner’s Permit. Without a valid CLP, you will not be eligible for driving in Maine.

CLP Requirements

The following are the requirements to get a valid CLP before obtaining your CDL license.

  • Passing all the written examination for the type of CDL you want

  • Passing the vision test

  • Producing two documents of identification

  • Having all the medical paperwork

What Makes Maine a Great Place to Start a Trucking Career?

Finding a dream job at a reputable trucking company is the ultimate goal for anyone starting a trucking career. If you are an ambitious individual, Maine offers you the opportunity to do so. 

The following are some reasons that make Maine a perfect place to start your trucking career.

Renowned Trucking Organizations

Maine houses some of the best trucking companies currently operating in the United States. These companies offer a bright future to anyone possessing the required skills and talent to pursue a trucking career. They allow you the opportunity to grow not only as an employee but also as an individual. You can reap multiple benefits like attractive salary packages, benefits, compensations, and more!

In-Demand Transportation Services

Maine is home to numerous businesses. Whether they are family-owned or multinational conglomerates, acquiring transportation services is their necessity. This is good news for individuals pursuing a trucking career. More demand means more jobs and a greater chance of getting employed.

Fewer Requirements

Most states in the US have their own rules and regulations when it comes to pursuing a trucking career. Fortunately, Maine is among those states that have minimal requirements to be eligible for a trucking career. Consequently, your chances of getting employed rise significantly.

Review of the Best Trucking Companies In Maine

Finding the right trucking company to start a trucking career can be quite difficult, especially when many different companies are looking to hire people. However, our list of the best trucking companies offers you the best prospects as a truck driver. 

Here are our top picks for the best trucking companies in Maine.

1. Hartt Transportation

  • Address:  262 Bomarc Rd. Bangor, ME 04401
  • Website:
  • Phone Number: 800-341-1586

Who is Hartt Transportation?

Hartt Transportation is a family-owned motor carrier service that was founded in 1948. The company’s founder, Delmont Hartt, and his son William have been the major contributors to its success. The trucking company has set an example of providing professional, consistent, and safe motor services to Maine and other states.

The safety of equipment and its employees has always been the utmost priority for Hartt Transportation. Initially, it had very limited resources and started with a single truck that used to haul gravel and pulpwood. Over time, it has grown quite rapidly and now maintains a fleet of more than 400 tractors, 2000 dry vans, and thousands of employees.

Jobs Offered 

There is no doubt that truck drivers are the main asset of trucking companies. Keeping this in view, Hartt Transportation is always open for professional and experienced truck drivers with a ‘can-do’ attitude. Competent individuals are given a chance to join their professional team of truck drivers and are offered training, if necessary.

Hartt Transportation also needs a dedicated management staff for seamless transportation services. There are multiple non-driving opportunities available here if you have skills other than driving. Job openings include positions for broker assistant, safety clerk, warehouse driver, CDL truck driver, and flatbed driver.

Salary and Benefits

Financial rewards are almost always propelling for employees. Most organizations use monetary rewards as a tool to motivate employees to strive harder. Employees who perform better are rewarded financially to keep them highly-motivated. Hartt Transportation believes in motivating its employees by offering market-competitive salaries and higher pay scales.

According to an estimate, an average truck driver at Hartt Transportation can earn about as much as $46,889 per year. But it’s not just the higher salary that you can enjoy. Benefits like 401k plan, dental insurance, life insurance, weekly pay, and maximum home time are also offered.

2. H.O. Bouchard

  • Address:  349 Coldbrook Road Hampden, ME 04444
  • Website:
  • Phone Number: (207) 850-7975

Who is H.O. Bouchard?

H.O. Bouchard is one of the leading transportation services in the United States. Founded in 1958, Harold Bouchard laid its foundation on the principles of reliability, integrity, and safety. Since its establishment, the company has been providing hauling services to multiple states across the country.

The company also excels in providing transportation services and 18-wheeler truck maintenance to various states, including New Hampshire, Quebec, and Brunswick. H.O. Bouchard has always maintained its quality of services. Its dedicated management staff and truck drivers work tirelessly to ensure modern transportation needs are met. As a result, H.O. Bouchard is the number one choice for many Americans.

Jobs Offered 

H.O. Bouchard is a prestigious trucking company that welcomes hard-working and committed individuals to join its professional team. As expected, the primary job openings are for truck drivers. However, there are other job opportunities available, as well. You can either join as a professional truck driver or become a part of the maintenance staff.

If you have professional driving skills and proven driving experience, then H.O. Bouchard is the right place for you. The company is currently offering job opportunities to professional truck drivers as well as individuals for maintenance duties. These include welders and mechanics.

Salary and Benefits

If you like to enjoy higher pay scales and other benefits, then H.O. Bouchard is the place for you. The trucking company promises various financial and non-financial rewards for its dedicated employees. These rewards and benefits are provided to ensure employees are motivated to maintain the quality of services.

Prestigious trucking companies, like H.O. Bouchard, keep their employees compensated by offering various incentives. These include not only higher salaries but also numerous benefits, such as a 401k plan, life insurance, medical insurance, paid time off, and more!

3. Lynch Logistics

  • Address:  78 Rice Street Bangor, Maine 04401
  • Website:
  • Phone Number: 1-800-639-9704
  • Email:

Who is Lynch Logistics?

Lynch Logistics is a leader in the trucking industry. It was established in 1970 to serve the community with its reliable transportation services. Due to the sheer dedication and commitment of the management, the company has expanded its services to a wide region. It is well-known for providing multiple services, including transportation, warehousing, and freight brokerage.

For more than thirty years, Lynch Logistics has been serving customers throughout the United States and Canada. Its primary goal is to provide reliable logistic services safely and on time. Today, Lynch Logistics owns a large fleet of trucks and many employees to meet transportation demands.

Jobs Offered 

Every trucking company wishes to acquire the best individuals and promote attractive pay and benefits. Since truck drivers are the heart and soul of trucking companies, most organizations focus on retaining the best truck drivers. Professional and skilled truck drivers are what Lynch Logistics seeks throughout the year.

For a trucking company, hiring customer-oriented people is the way forward. This is why Lynch Logistics is always looking to hire competent individuals to join their Class A-Team. Currently, the company is looking for a Class A CDL OTR driver. If you have good driving skills and a clean track record, then don’t forget to apply.

Salary and Benefits

Lynch Logistics sets an example in reliability and consistency when it comes to transportation services. Its trustworthy logistics services reflect the devotion of the professional management staff and truck drivers. To maintain the standard of services, these employees are adequately compensated for their services. Compensation involves attractive salary packages and various other incentives.

Regardless of your position at Lynch Logistics, you can enjoy numerous benefits as a part of the company. Such benefits include insurance policies, paid vacations, work-life balance, a friendly atmosphere, and retirement plans.

4. Hutchins Trucking Co.

  • Address:  75 Dartmouth St., South Portland, ME 04106
  • Website:
  • Phone Number: (207) 767-1692

Who is Hutchins Trucking Co.?

Established in 1960, Hutchins Trucking Co. is a family-owned business that provides logistics services in Maine. Based in Portland, the company excels in hauling refrigerated products as well as operating several dry vans. Initially, the organization hauled various commodities like paper products, machinery, and grocery. Over the years, it has gained a reputation for delivering consistent and timely services.

For more than 60 years, Hutchins Trucking Co. has been serving its customers and ensuring maximum satisfaction. Its quality of services, safety, and professionalism has allowed it to become one of the country's best trucking services.

Jobs Offered 

Hutchins Trucking Co. relies on its professional truck drivers who are responsible for delivering your equipment timely and safely. To maintain its quality of hauling operations, the company is open to experienced and skilled truck drivers. Individuals having prior driving experience and a good track record are welcome here.

Currently, Hutchins Trucking Co. is looking for professional truck drivers. You must have a positive mindset and attitude as a truck driver to deliver consignments on time. If you have what it takes to be a part of a prestigious transportation service, then this opportunity is a perfect start.

Salary and Benefits

It is quite obvious that without the right skills and mindset, achieving your goals is impossible. As a transportation service provider, focusing on finding the right fit is key to success. However, it's more important to retain your experienced and professional staff members and drivers. 

This is why Hutchins Trucking Co. fully compensates its employees for their services through higher salaries or other benefits. Paid vacations, sick leaves, insurance plans, 401k, weekly pay, and employee wellness programs are some of the benefits offered at this organization.

5. J.D. Raymond Transport

  • Address:  256 Summer St. Dover-Foxcroft, ME 04426
  • Website:
  • Phone Number: 207-564-2186
  • Email:

Who is J.D. Raymond Transport?

John Raymond founded J.D. Raymond Transport in 1999. The company started with humble beginnings and initially hauled raw bark from Massachusetts to Maine. However, the broad vision and ambitions of John Raymond to grow the business led to the organization’s success. In 2004, the trucking company progressed rapidly and started buying and selling raw bark.

Now, with a team of dedicated owner-operators and modern trucks, J.D. Raymond Transport is ready to fulfill modern transportation needs. It is currently involved in hauling a variety of products, including bark, mulch, wood chips, construction debris, and solid waste.

Jobs Offered 

Trucking companies compete with one another based on their quality and timely delivery of services. They can only excel from their competitors if they have competent drivers who are ready to serve customers. To ensure it is second to none, J.D. Raymond Transport actively seeks professional drivers for hauling operations.

Moreover, the management staff is equally responsible for ensuring customer satisfaction. With effective communication, you can promise to deliver value to customers and meet their expectations. J.D. Raymond Transport is currently open to hiring truck drivers and experienced loader operators. If your skills and experience match the job requirements, now is the time to apply.

Salary and Benefits

Most trucking companies fail to compensate their employees for their services, which can adversely affect their performance. However, J.D. Raymond Transport ensures its staff is motivated to maximize productivity. The company has introduced monetary rewards for its high-performing and dedicated employees. Moreover, it promises several benefits to take care of its workforce.

Higher salaries are a norm at J.D. Raymond Transport. According to an estimate, a truck driver here can earn about $34,000 annually. You can also reap multiple benefits, including medical insurance, paid time off, 401k, dental insurance, and more!

6. Pottle's Transportation

  • Address:  15 Page Road West, Bangor, Maine 04401
  • Website:
  • Phone Number: 800-370-5623
  • Email:

Who is Pottle’s Transportation?

Pottle’s Transportation is a family-owned transportation service founded in 1962 by Clifton Pottle. The organization itself has been quite safety-focused since its formation to deliver exceptional trucking services. Like any other trucking company, Pottle's Transportation had limited resources at the time of establishment. 

However, after purchasing the company from his father, Barry Pottle was able to increase the fleet's size to 160 trucks and 600 trailers. Pottle’s Transportation is currently offering multiple trucking services to its customers, including truckload, logistics, yard management, and warehousing. For more than three generations, the company has been offering excellence when it comes to reliable logistics solutions.

Jobs Offered 

For Pottle’s Transportation, truck drivers are its real heroes who move the company. Its professional and dedicated truck drivers strive hard to ensure secure and timely delivery of services. However, acquiring the best drivers has always been a never-ending process for the company, and it is always looking for professional truck drivers who can join its team of professionals.

There are currently multiple job openings for the position of CDL truck drivers. If you have the required skills and prior working experience, this opportunity can ensure you a bright future.

Salary and Benefits

High salary packages and benefits are offered by successful trucking companies to ensure that employees are satisfied with their jobs so that, in turn, they can keep customers happy. There is no doubt that acquiring a dedicated team of professionals is the ultimate road to success. But retaining such talent is extremely important for positive outcomes.

This is why Pottle’s Transportation offers high compensation packages to its employees. Accompanying higher salaries, the company also offers many benefits, including health insurance, Health Savings Account, Health Reimbursement Arrangement, dental and vision insurance. Moreover, you can enjoy life and disability coverage, a 401k retirement plan, and more!

7. SPC Transport

  • Address:  224 West Hardscrabble Road Auburn, ME 04210
  • Website:
  • Phone Number: (207) 376-0064
  • Email: 

Who is SPC Transport?

SPC Transport has been operating in the trucking industry since 1986. With more than thirty years of experience, the company is one of the leading transportation services in the United States. Reliability, safety, and customer value are the ultimate goal that SPC Transport strives to achieve. Its experienced staff members ensure customer value and satisfaction in all instances.

As a trucking company, SPC Transport offers services in three different areas: logistics, step deck, and dry vans. The company focuses on utilizing modern technology and state-of-the-art equipment to deliver exceptional freight management and logistics solutions.

Jobs Offered 

When it comes to hauling operations, truck drivers are the ones on whom trucking companies rely on. Most successful trucking companies have several professional truck drivers who ensure your equipment reaches its destination timely and effectively. But acquiring a team of the best truck drivers can be a challenge for many trucking companies.

SPC Transport is one of those companies that seek to expand its team of experienced truck drivers. To maintain its quality of services, the company advertises multiple job openings for competent individuals. Candidates with ample knowledge and experience are welcome to join and serve as CDL truck drivers and owner-operators.

Salary and Benefits

Prestigious trucking companies almost always ensure customer value and satisfaction. But to exceed customer expectations, having a professional and devoted workforce is key to success. Therefore, SPC Transport doesn’t compromise on its employees. They are promised attractive salaries and benefits depending on their performances.

A CDL Class-A truck driver here can earn a whopping $38,480 to $81,770 a year. This clearly shows how the company manages to retain its professional staff. But it's not just the pay scales that it offers. Benefits like no-cost employee health insurance, paid holidays, referral bonuses, detention pay, and safety bonuses are also offered.

8. Richard Carrier Trucking Inc.

  • Address:  42 Industrial Park Rd., Skowhegan, ME 04976
  • Website:
  • Phone Number: 207-474-6293
  • Email:

Who is Richard Carrier Trucking Inc.?

Richard Alain Carrier laid the foundation of Richard Carrier Trucking Inc. in the late 1980s. For more than three decades, the company has been serving as a leader in the transportation industry. With its team of professional truck drivers and management staff, Richard Carrier Trucking Inc. offers the ultimate logistics solutions.

It offers a wide range of logistics operations, including flatbed, long haul, and short-haul services. All these operations are well-maintained, thanks to its employees' sheer dedication and commitment. The company promises reliable transportation services in Maine and many other states as well.

Jobs Offered 

All transportation services rely on truck drivers as they play an important role in the adequate delivery of services. This is why Richard Carrier Trucking Inc. focuses on acquiring and expanding its team of professional truck drivers.

Individuals having a positive mindset and prior driving experience are offered multiple job opportunities. These prospects include positions for Class A drivers for short-haul chip trucks and regional flatbed services. If you are a professional truck driver, a bright future awaits you here. 

Salary and Benefits

Richard Carrier Trucking Inc. is one of those trucking companies that fully compensates its employees. Whether it's offering handsome salary packages or other non-financial benefits, employees seem to be quite satisfied. According to an estimate, a truck driver at this organization can earn an incredible $63,335 annually. That’s far more than the national average for truck drivers!

It's not just the competitive wages that you enjoy; you also get multiple benefits. Employees who perform better are offered health insurance soon after their enrollment. Vacation pay is also promised and is paid twice a year. Moreover, a sign-on bonus is provided after three months of employment.

9. R.C. Moore Incorporated

  • Address:  8 Ginn Road Scarborough, ME 04074
  • Website:
  • Phone Number: 800-831-6362
  • Email:

Who is R.C. Moore Incorporated?

R.C. Moore Incorporated is a leader in trucking and logistics. The company has been operating in the trucking business for about 15 to 20 years. The sheer excellence and quality of transportation services have helped it emerge as a leading trucking company in the United States. The diverse range of solutions it offers has further led to its reliability and success.

The company offers many services, including transportation, warehousing, distribution, and brokerage to multinational and family-owned businesses. It values its customers and their satisfaction. This is why it implements modern technology to meet transportation needs.

Jobs Offered 

Truck drivers play a vital role in the success of any trucking company. They are responsible not only for the timely delivery of services but also for delivering them safely and securely. This is why most logistics companies emphasize recruiting the best truck drivers for their services. R.C. Moore Incorporated also believes in obtaining the best truck drivers to enhance their quality of services.

However, it's not just the drivers alone who move the company; management staff is also necessary. To operate and offer a wide range of services, competent individuals having diverse skills and knowledge are required. Therefore, R.C. Moore Incorporated offers multiple job prospects, including service writer, CDL truck drivers, customer sales representative, and shipping clerk.

Salary and Benefits

Becoming a part of a prestigious trucking company almost always pays you in the long run. Whether it's acquiring handsome salary packages or other benefits, you can enjoy both. R.C. Moore Incorporated promises great salary and incentives for its hard-working employees. This is why most individuals strive to become a part of this organization.

According to some reports, the company is among some of the highest paying trucking companies. The average annual income of a truck driver at this organization is $63,470, while it's $72,457 for a company driver. Moreover, benefits offered include full medical coverage, paid vacation, low driver handling, referral bonus, and safety bonus.

10. PAF Transportation

  • Address: Address: 75 Postal Service Way Scarborough, ME 04074
  • Website:
  • Phone Number: 207-510-6900
  • Email:

Who is PAF Transportation?

PAF Transportation is a leader in safety and compliance when it comes to logistics solutions. The company started its journey in 1950 as a one-man operation. Due to the commitment and sheer devotion of the management, it rose to new heights. Today, the company serves many different states, including Maine, New Hampshire, and Eastern Massachusetts.

Offering a wide range of transportation services, PAF Transportation is known for its quality of services. Its areas of service include volume LTL and short-haul truckload. With more than 100 employees and five different terminals, the company seeks to offer reliable services to multiple states.

Jobs Offered

PAF Transportation is a driver-friendly company that offers multiple employment opportunities for LTL and truckload drivers. Truck drivers are the backbone of the transportation industry. This is why most companies seek to acquire the best drivers, including PAF Transportation. 

There are currently multiple job openings here. The company is actively looking to hire full-time CDL A drivers. Individuals with a great track record and work experience are encouraged to apply. Moreover, the company tends to retain such employees by offering numerous short-term and long-term incentives. If you are a professional truck driver, this is an opportunity to grasp.

Salary and Benefits

Bright prospects are awaiting those who are lucky enough to become a part of PAF Transportation. The high salary packages and pay scales attract many competent individuals from all over the country. Where most companies fail to deliver, PAF Transportation promises reliable logistics solutions backed with handsome salaries.

A truck driver here can earn $20.93 hourly on average. Meanwhile, the annual income of these truck drivers goes as high as $55,744. You are also offered numerous benefits, including hourly pay, home daily, health, vision, life, dental insurance, 401k, and long-term disability.

Job Outlook and Salary for Trucking in Maine

Maine is among those few states that are very promising for individuals pursuing a trucking career. With the advent of modern technology, the need to transport advanced machinery and equipment has become a necessity. This is where transportation service providers come in handy. 

According to a rough estimate, the average salary for a truck driver in Maine is about $38,300 per annum. Moreover, it is estimated that job prospects in Maine are going to increase rapidly in the next decade.

Let’s have a look at entry-level, mid-level, and master-level salary packages offered in Maine.


If you are new to the trucking industry, the average salary might not be promising at first. However, with the increasing experience and years of service, the pay scales rise gradually. The entry-level salary for truck drivers with up to one year of experience is $12.31 per hour or $25,600 per year.


Individuals with two to five years of experience are offered much higher salaries. According to some reports, a truck driver's average salary can be as high as $18.42 per hour or $38,000 per year.


Salary prospects are the most promising for individuals having more than five years of experience. A master-level truck driver can earn a whopping $27.90 per hour or $58,030 yearly.

Maine Cities with Highest Average Truck Driving Salaries

Maine promises great prospects for those looking to join a trucking company. With so many prestigious trucking companies operating in Maine, your chances for a bright future increase. It's not just the higher pay scales but also numerous opportunities that Maine offers to truck drivers. Here are some of the highest paying cities in Maine that are considered ideal for truck driving:


Bangor is the leading city in our list of the highest average truck driving salaries in Maine. Here, the average truck driver can earn about $75,467 per year.


Portland is not far behind when it comes to the highest paying cities for truck drivers in Maine. According to an estimate, the average salary for a truck driver here is about $66,821 annually.


The average salary of a truck driver in Scarborough is about $63,909 per annum. 


Westbrook also promises handsome salary packages for truck driving jobs. Here, an average truck driving job can help you earn about $63,509 per year.


Another city that must be added to the list is Lewiston. Here, the salary goes up to about $63,145 annually.


Becoming a part of a prestigious trucking company is beneficial for anyone looking to pursue a trucking career. However, it becomes truly difficult as there are so many trucking businesses operating here. Maine offers a perfect place to start your trucking career as it has prestigious trucking companies promising a bright future.

People Also Ask

Finding a place in a renowned trucking company can be a challenge for many individuals. It's even more difficult to acquire specific information about such transportation services. To ensure you find your way to a great trucking company, we have laid some commonly asked questions. These will help you find the answers you are looking for.

Are There Flatbed Trucking Companies in Maine? 

Many trucking companies operating in Maine offer a diverse range of services. Examples include Anderson Trucking Service and Prime Inc.

Can I Use a Rental Truck To Take My Class B CDL Driving Test in Maine? 

Yes, you can use a rental truck to take your Class-B CDL driving test in Maine. However, before you proceed, it is necessary to have a valid registration card for that vehicle. As for rental vehicles, photocopies of the registration card are also enough.

Which Refrigerated Trucking Companies Are Based in Maine?

Various trucking companies offer numerous transportation services to customers. When it comes to refrigerated trucking companies in Maine, R.C Moore Inc. and Hartt Transportation Systems Inc are well-known. These companies maintain their quality of refrigerated trucking services using state-of-the-art machinery and modern technology.

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