Best Trucking Companies In Indiana – 2021 Ultimate Review

| Last Updated: June 28, 2021

Finding reliable trucking services in Indiana is quite easy. However, becoming a part of any of them can pose a challenge to individuals, especially if you’re a beginner.

Most reputable trucking companies have certain requirements that assess you as a potential candidate. If you get what it takes, then you are in the right place.

This article is all about some of the best trucking companies in Indiana. Read on to know the companies you can work for. 

How to Become a Truck Driver in Indiana

Indiana is one of those states that have fewer restrictions and requirements to become a truck driver. Most individuals try their luck in different trucking companies operating in the state as they offer great prospects. However, certain requirements need to be fulfilled before you can work as a truck driver. 

Minimum Requirements For CDL

Here are some basic requirements to get a Commercial Driver’s License in Indiana.

  • Having an Indiana driver’s license that is valid for at least one year.

  • Must be at least 18 years of age. In case of passenger vehicle endorsement added to your license, you must be 21 years of age.

  • Proof of U.S. citizenship. This includes documents such as U.S. birth certificate, passport, and Permanent Residence Card.

  • Must have two documents that prove your Indiana residency.
  • In the case of hauling certain materials, you need to apply for particular endorsements such as endorsement H, etc.

Physical Requirements

The following are physical requirements that must be fulfilled to work as a truck driver in Indiana.

  • Complete Medical Examination Report that approves your physical capabilities to drive.

  • Producing Medical Examiner’s Certificate to certify that you meet the requirements.

  • Self-certification to certify what type of driving you intend to do.

CLP Requirements

Before you can get your hands on your CDL, you must get a Commercial Learner’s Permit. The following are some requirements to obtain your CLP.

  • Producing documents that prove your U.S. citizenship and Indiana residence.

  • Providing all the necessary medical documents.

  • Passing an eye exam.

  • Passing the written test for CDL.

  • Disclose information about states where you have been licensed to drive in the past ten years.

What Makes Indiana So Great For Trucking?

Finding a job at a trucking company is a dream for many individuals. Indiana has always been the go-to option for ambitious individuals. It serves as the ideal place to start your trucking career. Here’s why:

More Opportunities

Many factors make a state good for trucking. Out of those, providing ample opportunities for drivers indicates whether a state is ideal for a trucking or not. Indiana houses some of the best trucking companies operating in the United States. These are positioned along key transportation routes that offer many opportunities for trucking.

State Regulations

State regulations are the key determinants to identify how well a company or its truckers will perform in the state. State regulations might affect smaller companies that have limited financial resources and have trouble adapting. The good news is that Indiana has fewer state regulations that govern its trucking companies. Therefore, the extra expenses incurred on personnel regulations or new equipment are minimized.

Income Tax

Income tax is a point to ponder for many people opting for a trucking career in a particular state. Different states have various policies for paying income tax. Indiana is among those few states that demand a lower income tax. This means you can earn more as compared to other states.

Review of the Best Trucking Companies in Indiana

Finding the best trucking services in Indiana is not hard. However, becoming a part of such prestigious organizations can be challenging. To help you find your dream job, we have listed some of the best trucking companies in Indiana that not only help you grow as an individual but also promise you a bright future.

Best Trucking Company in Fort Wayne, Indiana:
Hot Shot Trucking

  • Address: 111 West Ocean Blvd. 4th Floor Long Beach. CA 90802
  • Phone Number: 800-713-1000
  • Website:

Who is Hot Shot Trucking?

Hot Shot Trucking is one of the leading freight service providers operating in the United States. The consistent, reliable, and timely services are the reason behind its success. The company was founded by Dan Boaz, an innovative leader who led the organization by example and his intelligence. It is due to his efforts that the company has progressed this far in the trucking industry.

Hot Shot Trucking offers two basic types of services, standard logistics solutions, and emergency freight solutions. The latter is the specialty of this organization as it allows the customer to receive shipments very quickly.

Jobs Offered 

Maintaining a large transportation business is quite challenging in the modern era. When it comes to meeting customers’ needs and expectations, you must always be ready to do your best. From drivers to management staff, every individual has to play his role to ensure reliable services.

Keeping this in view, Hot Shot Trucking is looking to hire an experienced expeditor for responding to inquiry calls and emails. To ensure your customer is satisfied, effective communication is key. This is why the company seeks to acquire professional management staff who can attend to customer queries.

Salary and Benefits

Being a part of a prestigious organization means you can enjoy higher salaries and numerous benefits. Almost all successful organizations integrate financial rewards in their corporate culture to induce competition among employees. As a result, employees strive harder to achieve individual as well as organizational goals. 

Employees with better performance and track record are thus rewarded with higher salaries and pay scale increments. Not only this, but they are also offered multiple benefits, including short-term and long-term incentives. Life insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, 401k retirement plan, and paid holidays are some of the most commonly exercised benefits.

Best Trucking Company in Indianapolis, Indiana:
Knight Transportation

  • Address: 20002 N. 19th Ave Phoenix, AZ 85027
  • Phone Number: 1-888-992-5782
  • Website:

Who is Knight Transportation?

Knight Transportation is a renowned trucking company based in Phoenix, Arizona. It is a public traded company that offers truckload motor shipping carrier services to different parts across the United States. Like most successful organizations, it also promises a wide range of services to meet modern users' needs.

The company has laid the foundation of its operations on reliability, safety, and effectiveness. Knight Transportation offers you a wide range of services, including dry van, refrigerated, port and rail, and flatbed. All these services are provided while ensuring your shipment reaches its destination, safe and sound.

Jobs Offered

Trucking companies rely on their truck drivers for safe and timely delivery of shipments. In other words, you can consider them as a fundamental part of the organization. Acknowledging the importance of truck drivers, Knight Transportation is actively looking to hire the best individuals they can find. The company also promises great prospects for such drivers who finally become a part of their team.

Knight Transportation promotes a family culture, which attracts truck drivers from all over the country. These drivers are then paired with caring driver managers who help them find the perfect position. Currently, the organization seeks multiple truck drivers for its 30 nationwide service centers. These include trucking jobs for dry van, refrigerated, port, and rail and flatbed services.

Salary and Benefits

The success of Knight Transportation is owed to the fact that it works to keep its customers as well as employees satisfied. Employees are compensated with higher salaries and pay scales as compared to other companies. As a result, they are motivated and tend to work harder to achieve individual and, ultimately, organizational goals.

According to an estimate, a truck driver at Knight Transportation can earn as much as $846 per week. Similarly, driver managers are fully compensated with an average salary of around $46,875 per year. You also get to enjoy multiple benefits while being a part of this organization. Examples include life insurance, 401k, paid time off, monthly bonus, quarterly bonuses, and parental leave.

Best Trucking Company in Gary, Indiana:

  • Address: 1350 Michigan St, Gary, IN 46402
  • Phone Number: 1-888-215-8523
  • Email:
  • Website:

Who is HMD LLC?

HMD LLC is a reliable trucking service that was recently founded in 2018. Combining the experience of its top management, the company has succeeded in providing quality flatbed trucking services across the country. Its state-of-the-art machinery, paired with modern technology, allows it a competitive advantage over its competitors.

The drivers are provided with optimal routes to ensure maximum safety and timely delivery of services. The open culture of HMD LLC has also led it to become one of the most rapidly growing trucking businesses. 

Jobs Offered 

Truck drivers are the key to success for any trucking company. Prestigious organizations, including HMD LLC, invest a huge amount of money in recruiting the best truck drivers for maintaining their standard of services. 

Since the company promises flatbed services, it is always open to hiring flatbed truck drivers. These individuals must be professional, experienced, skilled, and knowledgeable enough to put modern technology and equipment to good use. The company’s fleet of modern Peterbilt trucks has allowed drivers a significant edge over those hired by other trucking services.

Salary and Benefits

To maintain the quality of its services, HMD LLC has introduced a monetary reward system based on its employees' performance to motivate them. The better the performance, the higher would be the rewards offered. Moreover, the company promises 65 cents per mile for truck drivers, which is far above what other trucking companies offer.

According to some reports, the average yearly income of a flatbed truck driver at HMD LLC is $74,101. Numerous benefits are also offered to employees, including bonuses for load securing or tarping, medical insurance, pet-friendly policy, maximum home time, and stable workload.

4. Baylor Trucking

  • Address: 9269 East State Route 48 Milan, IN 47031
  • Phone Number: 812-623-2020
  • Website:

Who is Baylor Trucking?

Baylor Trucking is a leader in the transportation industry that provides logistics solutions to customers. The organization is a third-generation family business that is based in Milan, Indiana. For over 75 years, the company has been offering trucking services to its customers with sheer dedication and commitment. 

Under the leadership of Cali Baylor’s granddaughter, the company is flourishing and rapidly expanding its services. Its modern equipment and fleet of trucks are involved in providing dry van and reefer services across multiple states. Its major areas of operation include Dakota, Houston, Florida, and east of Mississippi.

Jobs Offered 

Baylor Trucking is a reputable trucking company that offers freight solutions to customers in multiple states. To meet the expectations of modern customers, it is essential to hire competent individuals for their services. This is why Baylor Trucking focuses on hiring the best available truck drivers who can deliver shipments on time.

There are currently multiple driving opportunities available, including job positions for independent contractors, lease-purchase operators, company drivers, local drivers, and owner-operators. If you have the required set of skills, be sure to apply here!

Salary and Benefits

Most candidates pursuing a trucking career tend to apply in organizations that promise high compensation for employee services. If you are looking for one, consider Baylor Trucking. The company is known to provide attractive salary packages along with various incentives for its hard-working employees.

Company teams are promised 75 cents per mile, while solo drivers can make up to 56 cents per mile. The company claims that you can earn as much as $195,000 while being a part of the company team. Moreover, the company promises other benefits that include paid vacations, a 401k plan, medical insurance, and dental insurance.

5. Daum Companies

  • Address: Plainfield, IN 46168
  • Phone Number: 800-338-8935
  • Email:
  • Website:

Who Are Daum Companies?

Daum Companies is a leader in safety and reliability when it comes to offering logistics solutions. Operating since 1930, the company has been serving its customers for four generations. It is known for moving multiple types of goods across the United States and Canada. These include food, dry goods, perishables, hardware, bulk commodities, and air freight.

Currently, Daum Companies has extended its range of services. It excels in delivering services like dry van, refrigerated, flat, or tank trailer services. The fleet of trucks here is equipped with modern navigation systems that ensure the shipment reaches consumers timely and securely.

Jobs Offered

There is no doubt that truck drivers are the heart and soul of logistics companies. They are the key when it comes to delivering shipments to different parts across the country. This is one major reason why most trucking companies seek to hire the best drivers for this job. Daum Companies is also looking to hire potential candidates who can deliver their duties with full responsibility.

Daum Companies is currently looking for truck drivers, specifically, OTR truck drivers. Such individuals must possess the key abilities of a professional truck driver with a 'can-do' attitude. Moreover, competent individuals with prior driving experience and a clean track record are preferred.

Salary and Benefits

Financial rewards are almost always attractive to individuals seeking a future with a prestigious trucking service. Keeping this in view, successful freight solution providers offer handsome salary packages and multiple incentives to its employees. The environment of competition thus created motivates employees to achieve such perks. The same is the case here. 

Daum Companies has always been practicing a reward system like other trucking companies to fully compensate its devoted employees. It promises multiple rewards and incentives like weekly pay, paid vacations, life insurance, health insurance, and dental insurance. You also get to enjoy other benefits, including no-touch freight, assigned equipment, and Qualcomm navigation.

6. Venture Logistics

  • Address: 1101 Harding Court Indianapolis, IN 46217
  • Phone Number: 800-337-3607
  • Website:

Who is Venture Logistics?

Venture Logistics is one of the largest logistics companies operating in the United States. For several decades, it has been serving its customers as a privately-owned transportation service. With its expanding services and years of experience, it has always exceeded its customer expectations. With more than 5000 trailers and tractors, the organization promises effective logistics solutions nationwide.

As one of the largest freight services, Venture Logistics offers a wide range of services that serve millions of customers across the US. It particularly excels in providing asset-based logistics, dedicated fleets, and over-the-road transportation services. Its core values based on safety, integrity, and service have allowed it to become the number one choice of many customers.

Jobs Offered

Venture Logistics is the go-to option for many customers who seek reliable transportation services. But it's also a priority for those who seek a bright future at a prestigious trucking company. The company is always open to professional and competent individuals who can deliver timely services. Whether it's drivers or non-drivers, every individual is interlinked to meet customer expectations.

Moreover, to maintain such a vast network of services, a large workforce is required. It's not just the drivers that move the company but also the management staff who is responsible for seamless operations. For this reason, there are multiple job openings at this organization other than drivers, including vacancies in IT, Marketing, Office Administrations, and Operations.

Salary and Benefits

Nearly all successful trucking companies, including Venture Logistics, promise market-competitive salaries. It is to ensure that employees are completely satisfied. A satisfied employee would be motivated and more productive as an individual. This reflects in the overall productivity and quality of service offered by Venture Logistics.

According to an estimate, a truck driver here can earn an attractive $1149 per week. The pay scales stay attractive for non-driving jobs as well. Meanwhile, there are other perks you can enjoy, including 401k, paid holidays, casual atmosphere, life insurance, paid sick leaves, and more!

7. Fraley & Schilling

  • Address: 1920 South State Road 3 Rushville, IN 46173
  • Phone Number: 800-428-6640
  • Website:

Who is Fraley & Schilling?

Fraley & Schilling was established in 1955, under the partnership of Earl Schilling and Jack Fraley. The company started with a humble beginning but grew rapidly due to the sheer devotion and commitment of its founding fathers. Over time, the company grew to about 25 tractors when Robert Schilling took over in 1981.

Today, Fraley & Schilling is an industry-leading trucking company with more than 500 trucks! Operating over the eastern half of the US, the company offers a diverse range of services to its customers. These involve trailer spotting, trailer storage, shuttle services, warehouse solutions, and yard management.

Jobs Offered

Truck drivers are the backbone of any logistics company. Without professional truck drivers, you cannot guarantee or maintain your quality of services. This is why Fraley & Schilling invests a lot in its drivers. It invests more in acquiring the best drivers to join its team of professionals to meet the ever-expanding demands.

There are multiple job openings at Fraley & Schilling that promise a bright future for professional and experienced truck drivers. Candidates who fulfill the requirements can almost ensure that their future is in safe hands. The company offers driving opportunities, including flatbed drivers, flex drivers, independent contractors, ultralight van drivers, and bulk tank haulers.

Salary and Benefits

Fraley & Schilling knows that its professional truck drivers and management staff is its most valuable asset. To keep them fully satisfied, the company offers handsome salary packages and pay scale increments. This not only reduces employee turnover but also helps in increasing the overall productivity of the organization.

According to a report, an average truck driver here can earn an incredible $1441 per week. Similarly, an ultralight van driver can earn as much as $949 per week. You can also reap multiple benefits while being a part of the organization. Such benefits include paid holidays, paid time off, paid 34-hour rest, life insurance, medical insurance, FSA, and more!

8. Fitzmark

  • Address: 950 Dorman Street Indianapolis, Indiana 46202
  • Phone Number: 866-944-8717
  • Email:
  • Website:

Who is Fitzmark?

Headquartered in Indianapolis, Fitzmark is a third-party logistics company that offers a wide range of transportation services. For more than a decade, the company has excelled in safety and compliance while delivering shipments to their destinations. This is why a lot of people put their trust in this company when they seek to acquire freight solutions.

Fitzmark offers a wide array of services to meet the modern needs of transportation. These include full truckload, less-than-truckload, expedited, temperature-controlled, flatbed, warehousing, distribution, drayage, rail, and more! The company also claims to enhance its transportation services using its transportation management software known as Dash.

Jobs Offered

To operate such a widely spread transportation service, a large workforce is required, which includes both driving and non-driving individuals with competent skills and experience. Fitzmark actively seeks to acquire such candidates who fulfill their criteria for vacant job positions. Whether it's truck drivers or non-driver positions, prospects seem to be quite promising.

Fitzmark operates in multiple states all over the US. This is why it needs a team of professionals to maintain the quality of its services. At present, there are non-driving opportunities available for competent individuals. These include job vacancies for the position of Business Development Representative and Carrier Sales Representative.

Salary and Benefits

The average salary for employees working at Fitzmark is an incredible $68,631 per year. This is more than what conventional trucking companies pay in most states. Market competitive salaries are quite motivating for employees and are used to improve the company's overall performance. However, you can also enjoy various short and long-term incentives offered by the organization.

Fitzmark ensures that its employees are completely satisfied with their jobs. This is why they promise benefits other than higher salaries and pay scale increments. Benefits, including 401k plan, insurance plans, paid vacations, bonuses, and maximum home time, are some norms at this organization.

9. Magnum Transport Solutions

  • Address: 1540 South Perry Road Plainfield, IN 46168
  • Phone Number: 888-357-4544
  • Email:
  • Website:

Who is Magnum Transport Solutions?

Magnum Transport Solutions is a full-service freight solution provider established in 1989. The company has been known to provide reliable transportation services through customized and value-added logistic services. The company also claims to offer services at affordable prices to meet the needs of every customer.

Magnum Transport Solutions offers four major services: logistics, trucking, brokerage, and warehousing. All the services are delivered using modern technology and equipment for safe and timely operations. Magnum Transport Solutions operates effectively in Indianapolis while offering maximum customer value and satisfaction.

Jobs Offered

For any trucking company, truck drivers are the most important asset. Truck drivers play an important role as they interact with customers to deliver shipments timely and effectively. Magnum Transport Solutions is always looking to hire professional drivers who can fulfill the responsibility that rests on their shoulders.

Magnum Transport Solutions welcomes individuals who are not only skilled but also experienced with a clean track record. Such potential candidates are offered driving positions for pulling 53’ dry vans within a 250-mile radius of Indianapolis. Current job openings for driving positions include OTR drivers and local drivers.

Salary and Benefits

The average salary for a truck driver working at Magnum Transport Solutions ranges between $50,000 and $53,000 per year. Creating value and satisfaction for customers is important, but it's even more important to satisfy employees. Magnum Transport believes in this mantra of providing attractive salary packages to improve its overall productivity and performance.

Magnum Transport Solutions also offers multiple benefits to its professional workforce, who are dedicated to their jobs. These benefits include home every weekend, paid vacations, medical, vision, dental insurance, annual raises, weekly direct deposit, and more!

10. Carter Express Inc.

  • Address: 4020 W 73rd St, Anderson, IN 46011, United States
  • Phone Number: 1-765-778-6960
  • Website:

Who is Carter Express Inc.?

Carter Express Inc. offers supply chain solutions that are quite renowned in the logistics industry. Established in 1982, the company is known to provide excellent supply chain management to companies throughout North America and Mexico. Their effective supply chain services have led to a vast network of customer relationships built on trust and integrity.

The wide range of services offered by Carter Express Inc. has made it a leader in the trucking industry. It offers multiple services, including milk run, supply chain, cross-docking, truckload, LTL, expediting, intermodal, global solutions, and yard management. All these services are offered while following the motto of ‘customer comes first.’

Jobs Offered

Maintaining such a large network of services is not possible without a team of professional truck drivers. In fact, it requires an experienced and knowledgeable management staff who can ensure the effectiveness of freight operations. Keeping this in view, Carter Express Inc. offers job opportunities to skilled and professional individuals who can perform their duties responsibly.

Job openings here include driving as well as non-driving prospects. Professional truck drivers with prior driving experience can apply to become CDL A truck drivers and team truck drivers. Meanwhile, non-driving opportunities include team leader, systems engineer, dispatcher, and transportation specialist.

Salary and Benefits

Prospects for employees working at Carter Express Inc. seem to be quite promising. They are given not only higher salaries but regular pay increments and annual raises as well. As a successful trucking organization, keeping your employees' needs fulfilled is key to meeting customer expectations. Carter Express Inc. does so by offering full compensation and rewards in return for its employees' services.

According to some reports, a regional CDL A truck driver can earn a whopping $1250 per week. There are other benefits as well that you can count on while being part of this organization. These include a 401k plan, dental insurance, employee discounts, and health, vision, and life insurance.

Job Outlook and Salary for Truck Drivers in Indiana

Despite an economic downfall in the United States, truck driving opportunities have been on the rise. With the new businesses, the modern needs of customers, and a rise in online shopping, there is a higher demand for transporting raw goods and other materials. As a result, there is an even greater need for truck drivers who can deliver the shipment timely and securely. 

According to several reports, employment opportunities for tractor-trailer truck drivers is expected to grow by two percent from 2019 to 2029. Similarly, the average truck driver salary in Indiana is expected to increase by up to $50,000 with the increase in demand.

The following are different pay scales for truck drivers in Indiana that are categorized by entry-level, mid-level, and master-level jobs.


Entry-level jobs for truck drivers in Indiana might not seem very promising. However, the average salary is greater than what most states offer. According to some estimates, the average entry-level truck driver can earn up to $13.98 hourly or $29,075 per year.


Truck drivers having experience of two to five years are offered much better salary packages. They can easily earn $22.76 per hour or $47,342 annually.


As far as top-tier trucking jobs are concerned, individuals with experience of five to ten years are highly paid. The income for such truck drivers can be around $37.06 per hour or $77,085 yearly.

Indiana Cities With Highest Average Trucking Salaries

Indiana is among those few states that are quite promising when it comes to salary packages for truck drivers. Although the pay scales may vary from organization to organization, the salaries offered are greater than what most companies in other states offer. In this section, we will look at some cities in Indiana that offer the highest trucking salaries.


Valparaiso offers the highest recorded average truck driving salaries in Indiana. Reports suggest that an average truck driver here can earn as much as $74,687 per year.

South Bend

South Bend is second in our list of the most highly paying cities for truck drivers in Indiana. Here, an average truck driver can earn about $72,289 yearly.


The average truck driver salaries in Indianapolis are as high as $71,572. 

Fort Wayne

Fort Wayne seems to be quite promising when it comes to average truck driving salaries. Here, the average salary can reach a whopping $70,579 per year.

Burns Harbor

Reports convey that an average truck driver here can earn a decent $70,373 annually.


Pursuing a trucking career with a prestigious trucking service almost always yields positive outcomes. Unfortunately, becoming a part of such an organization has truly become difficult with so many operating businesses. To help you find a way to your dream trucking company, we have listed some of Indiana's best trucking companies. Becoming a part of any of these organizations would give you the perfect kick start you need to have a successful trucking career.

People Also Ask

Finding a job in a reputable trucking company has been a challenge for individuals opting for a trucking career. Similarly, acquiring the necessary information about such organizations is even harder. To ease the process, we have listed some commonly asked questions. These will ensure you find your way to a prestigious trucking company in Indiana.

Why Do Trucking Companies Register Their Trailers in Indiana? 

Most trucking companies get their trailers registered in Indiana. In most cases, such trailers are used for inter-state transportation services. According to the International Fuel Tax Agreement, the trailers must be registered in the company’s home state to be driven without any objections.

Are There Many Truck Driving Schools in Indiana? 

Indiana houses some of the best trucking services that you can find in the United States. Some of the credit goes to truck driving schools that provide individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge to become successful drivers. C1 Truck Driver Training, Safe Drivers Institute of America, and Truck Driver Institute are among the most reputable truck driving schools.

Which Flatbed Trucking Companies Indiana Are Good to Work For? 

Many flatbed trucking companies are operating in Indiana. These offer high salaries and benefits to compensate you for your time and services. Boyd Bros Transportation, Kaiser Transport, and Montgomery Transport are just a few flatbed trucking companies that promise you a bright future.

Where Does Swift Trucking Drive to in Indiana? 

Swift Trucking is considered one of the best trucking companies operating in Indiana. Its wide range of services allows it to serve a large customer base. Thanks to its quality of services, it has gained a reputation as an industry-leading transportation service. It offers services like dry van, refrigerated, flatbed, intermodal, and heavy haul throughout the US, Mexico, and Canada. Among other places, Swift Transportation drives to Gary in Indiana. 

Are There German Owned Trucking Companies in Indiana? 

Indiana is known for housing some of the best trucking companies operating throughout the US. Among these are some German-owned trucking companies such as BrookView Transport LLC, JC Freight Services, and Celadon Trucking Services as well.

Which Trucking Companies in Indiana Allow Family Members to Ride Along?

Driving with some of the best trucking companies is fun. The fun enhances when you are allowed to have family members ride along with you on your road trip. Hogan Transport, Continental Express Inc., and Knight Transportation are some companies that allow you to have family members ride with you. 

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