Best Trucking Companies In Illinois – 2021 Review

| Last Updated: June 28, 2021

Transporting is one of the businesses that form the backbone of an economy. Timely transport by reliable means is how markets get their goods. 

In this regard, trucking companies play a huge role in the United States as well. Illinois moves goods, materials, and services to and from different parts of the states. Hence, truck drivers are forever in demand. 

But what companies hire them? Let’s take a look at the trucking companies in Illinois.

How to Become a Truck Driver in Illinois

Illinois ensures that for someone to hold a commercial driving license, the one used for truck driving, they must be fully eligible. The following are the requirements one needs to fulfill to be able to apply for a truck driving license and become a truck driver.

  • The applicant must be at least 18 years of age for driving within Illinois. For driving between states, the minimum age requirement is 21 years.

  • They must hold a valid non-CDL driving license.

  • Proof of legal residence in the US is also required.

  • Applicants also should conform to the federal physical requirements of the States.

  • A medical examiner should declare them fit for driving under the federal regulations on a certificate.

  • There are also a few tests that the applicant needs to pass. These include a written knowledge test and a skill test.

  • A review of the driving record of the applicant for the past ten years must also be submitted. The record should be from all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

What Makes Illinois a Great Place to Start a Trucking Career? 

It is best to start a trucking career from a place that offers great training and job opportunities. Illinois has both. Here are further reasons why you should consider starting a trucking career here:

Certified Schooling and Training Available

You can easily find schools that offer high-end training and education for CDL driving. In these schools certified by the Secretary of State, the enrolled students are taught state-approved curriculum and given on-site training. This way, students get the most up-to-date training that will also help them in the license application process. These schools have professionals with extensive experience to teach their students.

Job Opportunities

Illinois has a variety of industries. From agriculture to oil and gas and manufacturing goods, the options are numerous. Consequently, this also increases the demand for CDL training to transport and supply goods to and from the state for smooth operation. Hence, the job opportunities are always there. 

Countrywide Driving License

If you get a CDL license from Illinois, it will allow you to drive in any other state as well. The application process conforms to all the federal requirements, and only the most eligible ones are given a license. Hence, the license acquired enables these drivers to drive anywhere within the United States.

Review of the Best Trucking Companies In Illinois

There are numerous trucking companies throughout Illinois. Here we will review the details about some of the best ones.

Best Trucking Company in Central Illinois:
Thrift Trucking

  • Address: 4425 Enterprise Dr. Bartonville, IL 61607
  • Phone Number: 309-697-8200
  • Email:
  • Website: 

Who is Thrift Trucking?

Working in Central Illinois for over 25 years, Thrift Trucking has developed numerous services to offer to its customers. It provides freight transportation services throughout Illinois and sends daily haul trucks to Chicago. Thrift Trucking prides itself on its well-trained and polite staff. The drivers at the company are professional and courteous. A very friendly operations staff is always ready to cater to customers. 

When it comes to customer services, Thrift Trucking again takes the lead. The customer service is always willing to help new and old clients. For this, they also have a Thrift employee at their helpline even after office hours working from 6.30 am to 9 pm. Thrift Trucking has a reliable solution for all storage, collection, and delivery needs.

Jobs Offered

Thrift Trucking offers very quick and fast delivery services, especially in Illinois. Next day deliveries to most parts of Illinois is one of its most trusted and used services. When possible, the company also offers hot-shot deliveries. Hence, for such a busy schedule, it is in need of reliable and skilled drivers. 

The company offers jobs for drivers who can drive haul trucks, storage trucks, trailers, and full trucks. These need to be delivered to residential or commercial areas, depending upon the customer’s demand. 

Thrift Trucking deals with all sorts of goods and services transport; hence it needs a complete background check on its employees. A history of previous accidents and/or any felonies is required prior to recruiting. You must also hold a valid license in CDL driving to be able to apply for a job.

Salary and Benefits

According to the basic pay scale for truck drivers, Thrift Trucking pays well. For truck drivers, it pays a mean salary of approximately $55,563 per year. However, the salary might increase depending on the length of the route and specialty of the vehicle driven. Previous employees reported that the work at Thrift Trucking is not too demanding and was well within their capacity. They did not feel rushed, pressured, or tense. In fact, the working environment was quite relaxing. 

The benefits at Thrift Trucking are suitably provided. There are also chances of job advancement, and job security is provided rather than firing drivers without notice or reason. 

Best Trucking Company in Rockford, IL:
A&B Freight Line Inc.

  • Address: 4805 Sandy Hollow Rd. Rockford, IL 61109
  • Phone Number: 800-231-2235
  • Email:
  • Website:

Who is A&B Freight Line Inc.?

Established in 1965, the A&B Freight Line Inc. is a regional carrier trucking company. It is a medium-sized family-owned business. Open for 24 hours through Monday to Saturday for 5½ days, they provide on-time services at competitive prices. 

They offer delivery services throughout Illinois and Iowa, with numerous points along with Wisconsin as well. They also have a few points in Indiana, Minnesota, and Missouri. The customers can place a pickup request online and also track their freight as all trucks are GPS equipped.

Jobs Offered

Since A&B Freight Line offers pickup to various locations, they need a dedicated team of individuals. Hence, they offer jobs for not only interstate and regional drivers, but they also need staff for their operations management. Technicians run their online system. 

The company also provides jobs for order confirmation, forwarding, and scheduling. Loading and unloading also require labor staff. Moreover, they hire accountants and customer services rep for a smoother flow of work and greater customer satisfaction.

Salary and Benefits

A&B Freight Line has its headquarters in Illinois. On average, Illinois has a larger pay scale for experienced truck drivers than most other states. Hence, the salary of A&B Freight Line drivers also lies in the range of $50,000-$55,000/year. They might also be eligible for paid time off and discounted fuel prices. 

Other jobs at A&B Freight Line are representatives from sales and customer services. Their salaries, on average, are valued at around $52,000 and $36,000 annually, respectively. They may enjoy benefits like mobile allowance reimbursement and paid off time as well as work from home and flexible hours when possible.

Best Trucking Company in Elk Grove Village, IL:
Merx Global

  • Address: 1454 Elmhurst Road, Elk Grove Village, IL 60007
  • Phone Number: 847-228-1288
  • Email:
  • Website:

Who is Merx Global?

An asset-based company, Merx Global, operates in 48 states. It offers dedicated services with the help of experienced professionals so that the customers’ cargo reaches its destination safely. Their services include hazmat, drop the trailer, and full truckload with a dedicated fleet. 

They have extensive resources to carry out each operation safely. From up-to-date tractors and machinery for loading and unloading freight to GPS-enabled trucks, they have it covered. Established in 2004, the company has experienced rapid growth ever since and is expecting to double its fleet in the coming years.

Jobs Offered

Merx Global is a rapidly growing company, which means there are quite a few job openings at present and also in the future. They recruit experienced drivers and courteous office staff for smooth day-to-day operations. 

For drivers, a CDL license is required. Also, the driver must be free of all charges at the time of application. Office employees should have a professional and helpful attitude when dealing with clients. All in all, responsible and dedicated individuals with the right training can apply for the jobs. Ex-military personnel is also encouraged to apply.

Salary and Benefits

Average salaries at Merx Global differ from driver to driver. For heavy truck drivers with full-loaded trucks or heavy cargo, the salaries are market-competitive. Since they have to cover long routes, they are paid an average of $1,297 per week. 

Van drivers have lighter vehicles and considerably smaller routes. They are paid $74,342 annually. And local drivers are used for quick and near deliveries. They are paid well, too, with $75.00 per day. The company allows for vacation and sick days to its staff as well as other benefits like fuel reimbursement, where applicable. 

Best Trucking Company in Decatur, IL:
McLeod Express LLC

  • Address: 5002 Cundiff Ct Decatur, IL 62526
  • Phone Number:1-866-379-8377
  • Email:
  • Website:

Who is McLeod Express LLC?

McLeod Express is another family-owned and family-operated business. They value their customers and staff the most and take special care of both. Here, drivers are not treated as a number; rather, they are considered a part of a big family. The staff is celebrated and appreciated. 

With over 30 years in the business, they have quite a niche in the market. They have over 400 employees and a wide client base. Customers can find all the transportation and delivery services here. They will be guided by friendly and helpful representatives from sales and customer services.

Jobs Offered

At present, McLeod Express is offering jobs for truck drivers. However, from time to time, openings for non-driving are also available. Dispatch managers work in close coordination with drivers to know them better and resolve any issues they might have. Drivers are trained and taught about safety procedures as well for their own safety. Employees at McLeod are valued and cared for.

Salary and Benefits

Quite a number of benefits are available to employees at McLeod Express. Drivers are also given proper education when needed, especially safety training. There are dental, medical, and vision fee coverage facilities available to the drivers. Family benefits are also provided. Once a year, the top employee is awarded and appreciated for his/her hard work and dedicated efforts. 

Moreover, performance-based incentives and referral bonuses are also in place and offered to deserving employers. Most importantly, they have one of the best pay scales for all their staff. Paid vacations are allowed to employees for relaxation and rest.

Best Trucking Company in Bloomington:

  • Address: 2 Access Way Bloomington, Illinois
  • Phone Number: 800-232-9243
  • Email:
  • Website:

Who is Nu-Way?

A comprehensive logistic solution tailored to best suit the customers is all that Nu-Way is about. They hold honesty, integrity, and performance as their core values. They give customized services to best satisfy their customers and enhance their workability. 

Owning some of the best equipment for the job, they have suitable containers to deliver goods. Tankers are used for delivering liquids, while full-load trucks carry cargo to various locations. Also, they drop hourly route updates in the customer’s inbox for full transparency with their customers. Operating at multiple locations throughout the state, they provide quick and reliable delivery services. 

Jobs Offered

There are both driving and non-driving positions offered at Nu-Way. Drivers for long-distance, regional and local routes are hired separately. Each needs to have a CDL license and must give a detailed background history of accidents and driving law violations.

Other than that, office staff such as line management, sales representative, and customer service staff are also hired. Workhouse labor is needed in all their locations for keeping a record, loading and unloading deliveries, etc. A minimum of one year of experience is preferred for applicants. Job postings are available online for anyone to have a look at.

Salary and Benefits

Nu-Way provides great salaries and benefits to its employees. This is the secret behind their rapidly expanding business and state-wide operability. Employees are also given medical and dental insurances. The company covers both on-duty and off-duty medical needs. A 401k with company match is also applicable under the right circumstances. 

The company ensures that the staff is paid regularly and on time. This is why they give weekly and direct deposits to their workers. Quarterly bonuses are also given, and life insurance is provided to dedicated employees. Also, to make sure that the staff gets a tension-free break when they need one, the company gives paid vacation days. 

Best Trucking Company in Bensenville, IL:
Geanto's Trucking

  • Address: 630 Supreme Drive, Bensenville, Illinois 60106
  • Phone Number: 630-595-5320
  • Website: 

Who is Geanto's Trucking?

With the goal of achieving 100% on-time delivery, Geanto’s Trucking is, by far, the best trucking company in Bensenville, Illinois. It not only offers trucking services but can also deliver your cargo via air freight. Hence, it provides a solution for all your transportation needs under one roof. 

It has over a hundred employees working to provide maximum customer satisfaction throughout their location. It is a successful family-owned business with considerable revenue generated each year. It invests a good amount in updating its technology and transportation methods to stay on top of the industry.

Jobs Offered

Geanto’s Trucking values employee satisfaction and provides a conducive environment for them to work. Most previous employees report that the work was always properly communicated, and they were helped with any problems that they might encounter. 

Jobs open for office staff, warehouse jobs, and drivers whenever needed. Accountants, representatives, sales managers, and other office staff are also some of the jobs that open at the company. Geanto’s Trucking ensures that the hired employees maintain a professional attitude towards clients so that they get the best experience.

Salary and Benefits

The pay for any job at Geanto’s Trucking is matched to the market’s rate at that time. Drivers are paid according to the skill level, vehicle weight, type, and route covered. Office jobs are also paid by the hour. 

As far as benefits are concerned, the family-owned business makes sure that all employees are taken care of. That is why they offer paid vacation days for which you can apply at any time in the year. Flexible hours to cater to the needs and availability of employees are also allowed to give maximum employee satisfaction. 

7. Beelman Truck Co.

  • Address: 1 Racehorse Drive East St. Louis, IL 62205, USA
  • Phone Number: 618-646-5300
  • Website: 

Who is Beelman Truck Co.?

In the trucking business, the older the company, the more experienced it is. This holds especially true for Beelman Truck Co. The company came into existence in 1906 and has been subsequently passed onto the next generation in the Beelman family.

Currently being run by the family’s third generation, the company has considerably expanded its operation and services. They have a large cliental thanks to their many transportation services. From trucking to river terminals to rock and granite quarries, they cater to all. They have ten trucks that, along with two river terminals, cover 48 states.  

Jobs Offered

The business at Beelman Truck Co. is vast and expanded. With over 70 million miles in a year, they have packed schedules. Therefore, they look for drivers who are dedicated to the tasks. The company is always hiring drivers; however other jobs open up occasionally too. Drivers can easily fill online applications and contact their career department in case of any queries.

 In addition to truck driving jobs, openings are also present in the workshop or the mechanic’s shop. After long runs, the trucks are treated to bring them back to their optimal form. The warehouse is another area that often accepts applications at Beelman Truck Co. Maintenance technicians, HR representatives, managers, and accountants are some of the jobs present at the company.

Salary and Benefits

Sufficient salaries for the job are provided at Beelman Truck Co. Drivers can make up to $58,000-$72,000 per year. Higher wages are for more experienced drivers who can drive heavier and fully loaded trucks to longer distances. Local drivers with small freight are paid according to their mileage. 

Since there are also a number of jobs available for mechanics and technicians, they also make a suitable amount of money every hour. Their wages range from $18.00-$20.00 per hour. Other benefits, like medical plans, paid off days, and flexible hours are also provided to all employees. 

8. Midwest Transport Inc.

  • Address: 205 S Cross St, Robinson, IL 62454
  • Phone Number: 618-544-3399  
  • Website: 

Who is Midwest Transport Inc.?

Providing services in Illinois, Pennsylvania, Florida, Tennessee, and North Carolina, Midwest Transport Inc. has a national presence. Interestingly, it is associated with the United States Postal Service for deliveries. Aiming to achieve the best in operation and customer services since the 1980s, the company has earned the trust of many customers as a reliable and timely transportation service in the states. 

Throughout its operation units, it has almost 650 employees and 450 power units. Based on its performance powered by the latest technologies and skilled staff, the company has also earned prestigious service awards like the Eagle Spirit Award.

Jobs Offered

Like all other trucking companies, Midwest Transport Inc. also has openings for skilled and dedicated drivers all the time. In addition, office staff and line management staff are also recruited by the company whenever needed. 

Clerks, sales representatives, HR personnel, service line managers, forklift drivers, warehouse staff, etc. are a few of the jobs provided by the company. For vehicle maintenance, repair technicians and mechanics are also hired. All employees must have a sound knowledge of their respective job and, above all, a polite, respectful, and professional attitude is required.

Salary and Benefits

Pays at Midwest Transport Inc. are given by hourly rates. Here too, the wages for drivers differ on the basis of their skill and experience level as well as the length of the route. Longer routes deliver heavier cargo often to more than one location in one route. Hence, long-distance drivers are paid the most at approximately $21.22 per hour. 

Smaller route drivers with intercity routes between adjacent locations make around $20.97/hour. And local drivers with very light freight and in-town deliveries make up to $19.71 by the hour. Additional benefits fit for each job are provided alongside. Employees are supported throughout their careers in job-related or personal problems. 

9. Jung Truck Service Inc.

  • Address: 10075 Progress Parkway
  • Phone Number: 618-566-2137
  • Website:

Who is Jung Truck Service Inc.?

Yet another family-owned business, Jung Truck Service, was established in 1977. In the hands of the third generation of the Jung family now, it has grown to significant expansion. It provides services for intermodal, heavy haul, and truckloads. It has depots around the St. Louis Area railroads that make transporting cargo even easier. 

The company has one of the largest intermodal fleets equipped with GPS and E-logs for real-time tracking. Its flatbed and step deck trailers are equipped with twist locks for safe transportation. Moreover, it is qualified to transport hazardous material.

Jobs Offered

Jung Truck Service operates with company-owned as well as private trucks. It hires company drivers but also collaborates with independent contractors. Hence, the jobs here are plenty. To maintain such a large fleet and cater to so many orders, it has a skilled staff of professionals. 

Jung Truck Service ensures that all the necessary technicians and professionals are available on-site, from transport line managers to mechanics. Moreover, employees are valued like family here. The family-oriented business has drivers who have been working with them for over ten years.

Salary and Benefits

Jung Truck Services matches the state wages for all its staff. Drivers, on average, are paid somewhere between $50,000 and $55,000. Other office and warehouse staff as well mechanics are also paid according to the state rate. 

In addition, the staff is celebrated and appreciated for their good work. They are provided with benefits applying to their jobs. Independent contractors are also paid suitable wages. All in all, the company values its staff and provides them with a good salary and many benefits.

10. HMD Trucking Inc.

  • Address: 10031 Virginia Ave, Chicago Ridge, IL 60415
  • Phone Number: 833-463-5627
  • Website:

Who is HMD Trucking Inc.?

HMD trucking is another trucking company that provides transportation and delivery services. Started and founded in 1998 by Henry MalukasIn and his wife Daiva, the company has now expanded to six areas surrounding Chicago. 

In business for over 20 years, they have developed quite a fleet of vehicles. During their time, they have delivered around 500,000 loads and cargo. The business aims to achieve customer satisfaction through quality services at a competitive rate and provides a nurturing and enriching environment for its workers. They provide delivery services for long-distance routes and also offer flatbed truck services. 

Jobs Offered

Driving positions are open at HMD Trucking Inc. They hire professional and experienced drivers with proof of residence in the United States. Prior to recruitment, drivers are needed to submit a history of road violations, convictions, and/or accidents. They are also required to give information about their previous employment. 

Recruited drivers work in one of four divisions. They may be hired as long-distance drivers having to cover hundreds of miles. Drivers for Mid West area deliveries move within the 500-mile radius around Chicago. Experienced individuals are also hired to drive flatbeds. 

Salary and Benefits

Based around Chicago, the salary prospects at HMD Trucking are quite attractive. Chicago offers the second-highest wages to truck drivers in Illinois. Hence, HMD Trucking maintains the competition that other trucking companies produce by paying its staff well. The average reported salary totals to around $71,000 annually for drivers. These values vary depending upon the level and route of the driver. 

There are numerous benefits also available on site. Drivers are provided accommodations with rooms equipped with Wi-Fi and TV as well as showers, etc. There is an on-site gym for employees. Other than that, paid holidays are also provided.

Job Outlook and Salary For Truck Driving in Illinois

Illinois is considered to be one of the busiest states when it comes to transportation. Cargo shipments or delivery of goods and services forms a large part of job prospects in the states. Trucking companies are numerous and scattered throughout. 

It is wise to consider the job prospects and salaries provided to truck drivers in such a region. Factors that influence the increase in wages and the type of work expected from each level of driver are also some of the factors worth considering. 

The average base salary for truck drivers in Illinois is valued at $67,428 annually. This amount matches the national mean wages for truck drivers. 

However, based on experience, the wages differ. For drivers with experience ranging between less than one year and five years, the wages range from $63,312-$66,453. 

For an experience expanding five years, there is a gradual increase in wage and demand. Drivers with six to nine years of experience are paid a mean salary of $71,992-$73,316. 

Drivers with experience of more than ten years get a mean salary of $76,163 annually.

Within a company, the hourly rates differ for drivers based on the length of their routes. 

Long-distance drivers are paid more than regional drivers. Local drivers with prompt and short delivery routes are paid less per hour because they have shorter distances and working hours. 

Additionally, drivers are provided with benefits like health plans, life insurance policies, paid vacation days, fuel subsidies, etc.

Overall, all drivers are paid handsomely for the transportation business is quite huge in Illinois, and drivers are always in demand.

A&B Freight Line Inc.

Illinois Cities With Highest Average Trucking Salaries

We already know that truck drivers are in demand in Illinois and they are also justly paid for their services. However, some cities within the state provide higher wages compared to other cities. 

Let's take a look at where the best rate of salaries for truck drivers is in Illinois. 

Elk Grove Village 

Elk Grove Village provides the highest salary to truck drivers. Their salaries surpass the national mean average as well. This is because the routes to and from Elk Grove Village might be longer and might require more experience tackling the road. The salaries for truck drivers here have a mean average value of $81,353 per year.


Following Elk Grove is Chicago with the second-highest wages in Illinois. The wages of the city also surpass the national mean average for truck drivers. Here, truck drivers can make around $71,831 per year. 


Quincy too has a higher wage rate for truck drivers than most other cities throughout the United States. Here, the average wage is $69,360.


Markham has the fourth-highest wages for truck drivers in Illinois. On average, drivers can earn an average of $68,387. 

Carol Stream

The fifth highest wages are given in the city of Carol Stream. Drivers can expect a handsome amount of $68,001 per average annually. 


Transportation greatly affects the economy of a country. Not only because it provides jobs but also because it carries goods and services from where they are assembled to where they are needed. 

In states like Illinois, where industries are numerous, trucking companies are also present in abundance. They provide some of the best wages in the nation and have robust services. The employees are rewarded, making Illinois one of the best states to work in. 

People Also Ask

You might have some queries regarding trucking companies in Illinois that still need answers. For this purpose, this section addresses some of the most commonly asked questions about trucking companies in the state. 

What is Considered Regional For Trucking In Illinois?

Regional travel or deliveries in Illinois refer to moving goods and services to cities within the state. Regional truck drivers carry cargo from one city in Illinois to another within the state and are paid according to the mile or the hour. 

Which Flatbed Trucking Companies Are Based In Illinois?

Many trucking companies that provide flatbed carriers are present in Illinois. From the countries discussed above, HMD Trucking Inc. and Jung Truck Services offer flatbed transportation services

What Companies in Illinois Will Hire With No Experience?

Many companies in Illinois hire individuals who have experience of less than one year. However, trucking jobs with no previous experience required are hard to find. This is because a loaded truck is very difficult to handle and requires rigorous practice to be driven safely. Inexperienced drivers might cause topple over accidents. Hence, it is best to gain at least a few months of experience before applying for a trucking company because most companies do not have the resources or time to train every new driver.

Which Trucking Companies In Illinois Will Train Drivers?

McLeod Express LLC is just one of the companies that provide schooling and proper education to its drivers. They have a school that provides education, sharpens the employee’s skills, and trains them to operate and safely drive a truck. Special focus is given to safety training so that both the driver and the customer’s cargo remain out of danger. The drivers then are given proper jobs at the company.

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