Best Trucking Companies Hiring Drivers With Accidents – 2021 Round-up

| Last Updated: June 28, 2021

Driving will always involve accidents. This is the unfortunate reality that we all know exists because careless driving, speeding, impairment, distraction, tiredness, weather conditions or overloaded cargo, etc. will happen. But when there are thousands of pounds of steam and metal structures at accelerated speeds involved, the results can be catastrophic.

Companies need to be extremely careful; that is why they hire the best and most skilled drivers. Many companies understand that accidents are often non-preventable, and sometimes they are; in any case, a company might decide to let a driver go.

However, many companies would still hire you even if you have had such incidents on your record. We will be discussing this in detail and reviewing a few of the best companies you can drive for, provided you have the same record.

Why Do Some Trucking Companies Hire Drivers With Accidents on Their Record? 

Each individual company possesses a different perspective and outlook on such a matter and their approach to a trucker's history. The general attitude towards this is that companies who require prior experience for recruitment tolerate accidents, while companies who hire without any previous experience requirements do not tolerate accidents. 

To answer that question, companies might hire candidates with accidents for the following reasons:

  • Companies overlook accidents that are non-preventable and don't count them; hence, if you've been in one, your record or employment possibility won't be affected by it.

  • Next, if you weren't fired for those accidents that were committed, companies might overlook that, but if you were, that would severely limit your options.

  • According to some company policies, accidents don't appear on your DAC unless there were injuries involved, so you're safe for future employment opportunities if that's the case. Nonetheless, companies will hire if you're honest as accidents appear on every company's record, which all companies check.

  • Self-insured companies are more open to employing drivers with prior accident history.

  • Foreign companies will hire such individuals because they have different insurance plans with different rules.

  • Companies with lenient recruitment policies will hire drivers with accidents on their record.

  • If you've been terminated for safety reasons, companies don't count that as an accident, so they might hire you.

  • If the accident was your first real mistake, and apart from it, you have had a successful trucking career, companies will overlook it.

  • If your accidents do not cross the limit or fines set by each company, you meet the legal requirements, and you've passed the company's background/security check, you should be good to go.

Review of the Best Trucking Companies Hiring Drivers With Accidents

Now that we've covered the basics, let's jump right into the top trucking companies' reviews eager to hire you even if you've experienced some misfortunate incidents in the past.

1. Maverick Transportation LLC

  • Address: 13301 E Valentine Rd, North Little Rock, AR 72117
  • Phone Number: +1-501-945-6130
  • Email:
  • Website:

Who is Maverick Transportation LLC?

Steve Williams always had an eye for transit and freight, brought up by his father, he took his lessons to heart and chose this career in due course. In 1975, he was employed by Steel Haulers, Inc. in the city of Kansas. For quite some time, this carried on until the industry was deregulated after president Jimmy Carter signed the 'Motor Carrier Act of 1980'. Steve cashed on this opportunity to pursue his life-long dream and started the company with his co-worker.

Starting with just a small room labeled as their office, they went on to achieve greater things. In 1983, he purchased his partner's share of the company to become the sole owner of Maverick Transportation. Ever since its establishment, the company has put a prodigious focus on William's principles and values. He termed these qualities as the 'Maverick Way,' corroborating respect, integrity, and commitment. 

As time went by, by procuring several acquisitions, including Kissick Truck Lines, Jewett Scott Truck, Parrett Trucking, Schneider Specialized, Crossover Transportation, etc., the company sustained its steady growth. Now, by proffering unique customer solutions encompassing flatbed, dedicated, glass, brokerage, customer analytics, and sales and support, the company boasts over 1600 units, providing innovative solutions throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico.  

Jobs Offered

Jobs offered by Maverick Transportation include:

  • CDL A flatbed truck driver, CDL A regional dedicated and flatbed driver, CDL A student truck driver, CDL A dedicated glass flatbed driver, and CDL A dock worker.
  • Other jobs include accounts payable coordinator, diesel technician, FedEx delivery driver courier, inventory control coordinator, fleet manager, wash bay attendant, and network administrator.

Salary and Benefits

  • Class A truck drivers earn around $66,935 per year on average.
  • Drivers earn about $65,614.
  • OTR truck drivers earn approximately $57,702 per year.
  • Professional drivers annually make about $58k to $62k.
  • Dedicated drivers make $59K to $66K annually.

Moving onto the perks and benefits offered by this company, insurance and health benefits constitute health, dental vision, and life insurance. Financial and retirement plans encompass performance bonuses and 401 (k) plans. Plenty of vacations and paid time-offs are granted to employees during their employment duration. And lastly, drivers can enjoy special employee discounts.

2. Paschall Truck Lines Inc.

  • Address: 3443 U. S. HIGHWAY 641 S., PO BOX 1080, MURRAY, KY 42071
  • Phone Number: 866-740-3239
  • Website:

Who is Paschall Truck Lines?

Paschall Truck Lines is a route carrier shipping company started by L.W. Paschall and his wife Mary Frank Paschall in 1937. What began from one Ford truck to earn enough to put food on their table soon turned into a fleet size of over 3,000 trailers and more than 1,150 tractors. In 1973, the founder sold the company and left the transportation and logistics industry to enjoy his retirement. 

By 2019, their reported revenue was over $268 million, and they have been ranked in the Top 100 For Hire at 101 currently by The services that are included in the company portfolio include dry-van freight carrier services, truckload, and third party logistics solutions. 

Paschall Truck Lines is known for its Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), transferring 100% of its stock to the employees to keep the ownership local and inside the Murray community. 

Jobs Offered

Paschall offers a multitude of jobs in driving and non-driving related fields for all levels of expertise and experience. They have a great workplace environment that fosters challenges and development. So, the jobs that you can expect to be hired for can include:

  • Driving jobs such as truck driver, solo driver, company driver, OTR driver, van driver, driver trainer, recruiter, driver assistant, and driver.
  • Supporting titles may include but are not limited to mechanics, technicians and diesel mechanics, etc.
  • Other administrator and management roles can include fleet manager, planner, dispatcher, housekeeper, customer support representative, administrator, and operator, etc. 

Salary and Benefits

  • Truck drivers at Paschall Truck Lines are known to earn around $49,304 per year on average.
  • Company drivers reportedly earn around $74,982 per year on average.
  • Solo drivers can earn an average of $85,000 per year.

The common standard benefits offered at Paschall include health, medical, vision, dental, life insurance, and insurance coverage for long-term and short-term disability. Paid vacations, paid holidays, bonuses based on performance, and retirement plans such as (pension and 401k plans). It is a good place to start, and the ESOP program is quite attractive, but the rewards might not increase at the same pace as the experience.

3. Magnum Companies

  • Address: 3000 7th Avenue North, Fargo, ND 58102
  • Phone Number: 701-293-8082
  • Website:

Who are Magnum Companies?

Stationed in the state of North Dakota, the renowned headquarters of Magnum Companies are incorporated in the city of Fargo. The headquarters employs state-of-the-art technologies and equipment to provide innovative new deliverables to its consumers. The company manages this by commanding a network of terminals spread across seven different states throughout the States. Each terminal boasts a highly professional team of sales, terminal, and operations staff to remain highly diligent of the changing consumer needs. 

The first Magnum Truckload company was founded in 1978 under the name of Gadberry Inc. Ever since its initiation, the company has allowed its dynamic and unique customer solutions to map out the overall success for the company. This contributes to where the company stands today in the industry with a valuable asset of over 1000 employees spread across seven different states. This is precisely why the company has had the glorious opportunity of earning three different Carrier of the Year awards.  

Jobs Offered

Talking about the jobs that Magnum Companies offers to its employees, these include:

  • Class A line haul driver, P&D driver Class A CDL, Class A CDL yard/city driver, Class A CDL local hourly driver, Class A CDL rural route P&D driver, Class B P&D truck driver, and Class A CDL regional/maverick driver.
  • Other jobs include freight handler, PT office admin, material handler, dock worker, warehouse associate, billing clerk, customer service specialist, etc. 

Salary and Benefits

  • OTR drivers earn around $61k-$67k per year.
  • LTL drivers earn about $20-$22 on an hourly basis.
  • Linehaul drivers earn approximately $61k-$66k per year.
  • Yard drivers earn about $20-$22 per hour.
  • Professional truck drivers earn around $4000 per month.

Benefits and perks offered by Magnum Companies incorporate health, dental, vision, disability, life, and supplemental life insurances. Other benefits include 401(k) plans, reduced, or flexible hours, military leaves, and family medical leaves. Generous vacation and paid time-offs are given along with paid holidays or bereavement leaves. Other perks and discounts include employee assistance programs, gym membership, professional development, and job training

4. Western Express Inc

  • Address: 7135 Centennial Place Nashville, TN 37209
  • Phone Number: 800-316-7160
  • Website:

Who is Western Express Inc?

Western Express, Inc. is a company that provides transportation and logistics services throughout the United States since its inception by Wayne and Donna Wise in 1991. After the passing of Wayne Wise, the company was put under the existing management team's control. But in 2019, the company handed the opportunity of redeeming most of its shares to the Wise family. 

Today, the company boasts a massive fleet size consisting of over 7500 trailers and more than 3000 power units, all of which are entirely traceable through their extensive GPS network. 

This service-focused company is known to promote its values of being safe, being driver-friendly, doing more with less, thinking big, expect excellence, having fun, staying fit, taking care of each other, and being humble, hungry, & hardworking. Western Express Inc. offers web-based viewing of invoices, proof of delivery documentation, and is fully EDI capable.

Jobs Offered 

Western Express Inc. offers a wide palette of jobs and positions in all aspects and departments. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced expert, you will have a job role you can apply for her such as:

  • Driving jobs include driver, company driver, truck driver, van driver, entry-level driver, lease drivers, team drivers, solo drivers, etc.
  • Maintenance, installation, and support jobs may include mechanic, trailer mechanic, diesel technician, diesel mechanic, trainer, and driver assistant, etc.
  • Other management and administration assistance job roles may include fleet manager, dispatcher, planner, management trainee, retention manager, operations manager, administrative assistant, service coordinator, administrator, and data entry clerk, etc.
  • Other jobs can have HR titles such as recruiters and recruiting specialists, etc.

 Salary and Benefits

  • The average salary of a truck driver at Western Express Inc. is around $1,166 per week. 
  • Van drivers can reportedly earn around $791 per week on average.
  • Entry-Level drivers can earn around $85,000 per year, depending on division, hauls, miles, cargo, etc.

The common benefits known to be received by employees can include retirement & financial benefits (profit sharing, 401(k) plan, and defined contribution pension plan). Health & insurance benefits include dental, health, vision, life, long-term disability, and temporary disability insurance. Bonuses paid vacations, paid holidays are offered as well. 

They have an excellent feedback team as it was widely seen that they reply to current and former employee reviews. It is a great place to jump-start your truck driving career with good compensation packages, which can incrementally increase with experience, expertise, and performance.

5. Carolina Cargo Inc.

  • Address: 2310 Crowder Rd, Rock Hill, SC 29730
  • Phone Number: 803-385-7585
  • Email: Info@CarolinaCargo.Com
  • Website:

Who is Carolina Cargo Inc.?

Carolina Cargo started from extremely humble beginnings of a single truck pursuing a one-truck operation since its initiation in 1993. Now, it enjoys the reputation of being one of the top nationwide carriers, gloating an extensive professional fleet of over 200 trucks. 

The company's core philosophy revolves around continuously reinvesting in its transport fleet, empowering its team of professionals every step of the way, surpassing the industry's standards. 

Putting an intense amount of focus on speedy yet reliable freight conveyance from one coast to another for over 27 years, the company has managed to scale up its operations to become the country's renowned industry leader in frozen foods, packaging, and pharmaceuticals. Truckloads and LTL shipments constitute Carolina Cargo's core operations.

Jobs Offered

Employment opportunities for aspiring drivers are open at Carolina Cargo Inc. on the matter of:

  • CDL A Truck driver, OTR driver, driver manager, drivers for truckload or LTL, Long Haul driver, etc.

Salary and Benefits

  • OTR drivers earn around $2,000 per month.
  • CDL-A truck drivers earn approximately $1000 per month.
  • Driver managers make around $45k-$49k per year.
  • Class A truck drivers earn about $2000 per month.

Furthermore, Carolina Cargo offers plenty of benefits to its employees to ensure job satisfaction and financial assistance wherever necessary, all while providing ample relaxation time. These include medical and health insurance, satellite communication, no-touch freight, and incentives for top performers. 

The list further includes professional orientation, and off-road exam combined with hands-on long haul trucking and a final on-road exam for entry-level applicants. Drivers also enjoy five days off after three round trips.

6. TransAm Trucking

  • Address: 15910 S. Highway 169, Olathe, KS 66062
    2670 S. Goliad Street, Rockwall, TX 75032
    7750 Professional Place, Tampa, FL 33637
  • Phone Number: 913-782-5300
  • Website:

Who is TransAm Trucking?

TransAm was established in 1987, possessing an asset of around 70 tractors and 100 trailers; for most people, this would've been enough but not for Johnny and Trudy Jacobson. Invested in the concept of continuous amelioration to exceed even their own set benchmarks, the company owners worked meticulously towards customer satisfaction and superior services designed to transcend customer beliefs. With such elevated caliber, the company was bound to succeed, and so it did. 

It now prides itself on its assets constituting a fleet of over 1000 tractors and well over 1900 trailers, all while expanding its geographical regions (initially starting from Kansas).

TransAm specializes in maintaining a full staff at all its terminals, maintenance facilities, and driver's centers to provide optimal temperature-controlled freight amenities. These amenities include refrigerated, dry van, pop-up fleet, drayage, and yard management. All of this has enabled the company to earn its rank as the premier carrier in the mentioned industry.

Jobs Offered

The multitude of jobs offered by the company comprises of the following positions:

  • Local CDL A drivers, owner-operator truck driver, regional truck drivers for different locations, independent contractors, and long haul company drivers.
  • Customer account administrator, body shop technician, trailer technician, diesel technician, service technician, planning management trainee, fleet management trainee, reefer technician, and sales representative.

Salary and Benefits

  • Class A truck drivers earn around $48,364 per year.
  • OTR truck drivers make approximately $48,904 per year.
  • Drivers earn about $50,000 per year.
  • Regional drivers make around $45,000-$53,000 per year.

On the matter of benefits and perks, TransAm employees can enjoy benefits, including health, dental, vision, and life insurances. Retirement plans constitute 401 (k) plans while vacation and time-offs include paid holidays, a good number of vacation days, and paid time off work. 

Special perks and discounts involve employee discounts, gym membership, mobile phone discounts, and company social events. The company further provides professional support in terms of professional development and job training. 

7. Oak Harbor Freight Lines

  • Address: 1339 West Valley Highway North PO Box 1469 Auburn, WA 98001  
  • Phone Number: 1-253-288-8300
  • Website:

Who is Oak Harbor Freight Lines?

Oak Harbor Freight Lines is a transportation and logistics company that can be dated back to 1916 with its founder Ben Koetje. It started as a company that hauled manure for farmers with a single truck in their fleet. It soon became a family business when John and Gus Vander Pol purchased the company for $600 with all its debt in 1936. Soon their younger brother Henry joined, and over the year, it became a full-fledged family-owned and operated business.

Today, the company has over 35 terminals, over 1650 employees, and annual revenue of more than $300 million. Oak Harbor Freight Lines has a wide range of services such as warehousing, truckload and custom motor freight, rate software, tracing, credit application, bill of lading, pickup, and delivery notification services. Recently, the company celebrated its 100th anniversary. This is more than just another carrier company; it's an integral part of American business history.

Jobs Offered

Oak Harbor Freight Lines encourages interested candidates to apply for the following mentioned jobs: 

  • Linehaul driver, P&D driver, CDL A P&D driver, monthly line driver, daily line driver, Class A driver, Class B driver, Class A city driver, Class A truck driver, truck driver Class C, and forklift driver.
  • Other jobs may include service desk analyst, inbound FT dock worker, diesel mechanic, shop lead, PT dock worker, clerical staff, and logistics specialist.

Salary and Benefits

  • P&D drivers earn about $21-$25 on an hourly basis.
  • Linehaul drivers make around $61,000 to $81,000 per year.
  • Truck drivers have an hourly income of $20-$26 per hour.
  • Delivery drivers earn $23-$25 per hour.
  • Local truck drivers earn approximately $58,000 to $63,000.
  • LTL drivers make $20-$21 per hour.

Benefits offered by Oak Harbor encompass health and dental insurance, 401(k) plans, maternity and paternity leaves, vacations, and paid time off days. Paid holidays, sick days, and job training for professional development are also included in the package. Hence, the company not only focuses on short-term perks but also plans that'll aid the employees in being successful in their careers in the long run.   

8. J&R Schugel Trucking

  • Address: 2026 N. Broadway St. New Ulm, MN 56073
  • Phone Number: 800-359-2900
  • Website:

Who is J&R Schugel Trucking?

J&R Schugel Trucking is a logistics and cargo hauling company that is 100% owned by employees. This makes their drivers' well-being and happiness essential to continuing their 40 years legacy of success. They pride themselves on being well-integrated into state-of-the-art technology with the average age of most of their equipment, such as tractors and trailers being one to two years. 

J&R Schugel Trucking is a third-generation family-owned business with driver safety, strong financials, and a commitment to service, making them one of the trucking industry leaders. They have two main divisions, which are Temperature Controlled Division and Dry Van Division. 

Jobs Offered

The different job positions that one can avail and become a valuable asset at J&R Schugel include:

  • CDL A OTR truck driver, CDL A team truck driver, CDL A company truck driver, local tractor-trailer driver, Class A CDL lease purchase truck drivers, OTR mile with regional, CDL truck driver, CDL A OTR truck drivers hauling expedited freight, owner-operator, and student driver.
  • Other jobs might constitute entry-level customer service representative, driver recruiter, wash bay attendant, fleet manager, fleet dispatcher, janitorial handyman, and data entry account manager.

Salary and Benefits

  • Truck drivers earn $30,000 to $38,000 per year.
  • OTR driver contractors earn approximately $42,000 up to $45,000 per year.
  • Professional truck drivers earn around $18-$19 on an hourly basis.
  • Class A truck drivers earn $58,000 to $63,000 per annum.
  • Lease operators’ yearly earnings constitute $138,000 to $150,000.

Moving on from the base salary to the added benefits and incentives, employees can enjoy health, disability, and dental insurances. Pension plans include 401(k)s. Other than that, employees can enjoy vacation leaves, sick leaves, paid holidays, and paid time off work.

9. CRST Inc.

  • Address: 201 1st St SE, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52401
  • Phone Number: 866-646-2991, 866-642-9698, 866-679-6406
  • Email:
  • Website:

Who is CRST Inc.?

Cedar Rapids Steel Transport was started in a refurbished chicken coop turned into a transportation and logistics business in 1955 by Herald and Miriam Smith. It started out without trucks or drivers and contracted owner-operators for different firms who trusted that Herald could save them money. 

Fast forward to today, CRST International Inc. is one of the leading national transportation companies in the U.S., with a fleet size of over 4,500 trucks and revenue exceeding $1.5 billion annually. They own a multitude of subsidiaries, such as CRST Expedited, Inc., CRST Logistics, Inc., Gardner Trucking, Inc., CRST Specialized Transportation, Inc., NAL Group, Inc., CRST Malone, Inc., Besl Transfer Co., Pegasus Transportation, Inc., and Pegasus Transportation Group Inc., etc.  

Jobs Offered 

CRST Inc. invites candidates to apply for any of the following job positions:

  • Dedicated Class A CDL truck driver based on many geographical locations, experienced OTR teams, solo dedicated drivers, and experienced Class A CDL drivers. 
  • Others may include enterprise sales director, CDL permit instructor, diesel technician, remote driver recruiter, recruiting coordinator, capacity executive, transportation coordinator, fleet manager, driver manager, accountant, supervisor, dispatcher, customer service representative, etc.

Salary and Benefits

  • Class A truck drivers earn about $46,153 per year.
  • OTR truck drivers earn around $30,401 on an annual basis.
  • Truck drivers make approximately $65,724 per year.

Furthermore, CRST offers several perks and benefits to its employees like health, dental, vision, life, disability, and supplemental savings accounts. It also offers a flexible spending account and a health savings account. 

Financials and retirement constitute performance bonuses and 401(k)s, respectively, while ample family and parenting policies are exercised at all times. These include maternity and paternity leaves, dependent care, family medical leave, military leave, and unpaid extended leave. Employees enjoy vacations, paid holidays and time off work, sick days, and bereavement leaves. 

Lastly, perks and discounts are generously offered, including employee discounts, employee assistance programs, gym membership, mobile phone discounts, company social events, etc.

10. Werner Enterprises

  • Address: 14507 Frontier Road, Omaha NE 68138
  • Phone Number: 800-228-2240, 402-895-6640, 866-620-8281 
  • Website:

Who is Werner Enterprises?

Clarence L. Werner started Werner Enterprises in 1955 with a single Ford gasoline-powered truck. This transportation and logistics company started small, hauling cargo for other companies and expanding one truck at a time gradually. Currently, Werner Enterprises is one of the largest truckload carriers in the U.S. with a fleet size of 13,000 employees, over 24,000 trailers, and more than 8,000 trucks. Their annual revenue exceeds $2.12 billion. They serve Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, South America, and of course, North America. 

They have an incredibly large portfolio of subsidiaries from Werner Management Inc, Werner Leasing Inc, Werner Cycle Works Inc to Frontier Clinic, Inc, Fleet Truck Sales Inc, and many more. They are present over air, road, and ocean with the latest technology and equipment available in the industry. 

They have an incredible workplace environment that serves to assist, guide employees, and extensively promote sustainability. The company's culture nurtures safety and excellence in all aspects of every division.

Jobs Offered

Applicants can avail the following jobs at Werner Enterprises:

  • Quality truck drivers with a CDL, CDL A company truck driver, trailer hostler, CDL A team truck driver, company driver, van driver, and class A company driver.
  • Business project analyst, intermodal carrier planner, transportation optimization engineer, shipper sales representative, maintenance analyst, executive assistant, tractor technician, tractor mechanic, and carrier sales representative jobs are offered. 
  • The company also offers jobs for trailer body mechanic, service truck technician, assistant logistics controller, road breakdown, agent, and fleet coordinator. 
  • Safety supervisor, logistics specialist, terminal assistant, trailer mechanic are some other job positions offered by the company. 

Salary and Benefits

  • Class A truck drivers earn around $48,834 per annum.
  • Truck drivers make approximately $45,466 per annum.
  • OTR truck driver’s yearly salary constitutes around $48,818.

The benefits offered at Werner Enterprises are great; the perks they provide are ones you would expect from a renowned trucking enterprise. These include health, dental, visions, and life insurances. 401(k) plans, employee stock purchase programs, family medical leaves, and paid time off work are offered as well. 

The benefits further include paid holidays, vacation days, and sick leaves. Deserving employees can enjoy employee assistance programs, gym membership tuition assistance, and job training.

What You Can Do to Increase Your Chances at Getting Hired Even if You’ve Had an Accident 

Accidents are a terrible inevitability on the road. This may be due to faulty equipment, irresponsibility, and recklessness of drivers, weather conditions, or just plain bad luck. If the accidents were non-preventable, most companies wouldn't even count them, but preventable accidents are not a good look as they may make you seem like a high-risk driver. 

If you're asking this question, you have been most likely fired by a company after an accident. If so, this does make it quite hard for companies, especially bigger ones, to hire you as their driver since you will be the company on the road, meaning the company will be liable in case of any accidents and/or cases. A few things which can be done according to similar truck drivers involved in such situations are:

  • Waiting for some time before going back to drive, especially solo driving. For example, a year's break is recommended.

  • Applying to a company that does not operate under the American Trucking Association (ATA) or a foreign company that might not be as strict.

  • Some companies might have let you go over a minor accident where you didn't even receive a ticket.

  • Some companies might have a clause in their hiring paperwork about the maximum amount of damages they would tolerate, and over that would mean termination. For example, the accident you might be involved in had damages of $6k, whereas the clause limit was $5k. Explaining this might help though it would appear on your company records.

  • Working as a lease or owner-operator driver where the company contracts you can help take much of the liability off the company, even to an extent where they might be more comfortable hiring you.

  • Research companies that give second chances. Some companies make an effort to promote their acceptance and understanding of such incidents and that they do happen and might be more open to give second chances.


We know how difficult and threatening it can be for your career once your record has been tainted by a few minor, preventable or non-preventable accidents. Finding a job with a reputable company can become extremely grueling, and you might even remain unemployed for long periods.

Nonetheless, you have nothing to worry about because we devised this review guide specifically for your needs, provided you've had the misfortune of engaging in an accident. After reading this article, we hope you'll be liberated from the employment stress you're experiencing and go on to achieve greater things.

People Also Ask

If you have any further questions in your mind, be sure to check out the following guide to resolve them. 

How Many Accidents Can a CDL Driver Have?

There's no set limit or margin for drivers to commit accidents. Each accident is dealt with a different approach, depending upon the severity and the specifics. Each degree of violation is subjected to a different disqualification period. 

First-degree offenses are generally more lenient than second or third-degree offenses. Nevertheless, committing a series of violations one after another in a set time frame can get your license revoked for a significant amount of time.

Can You Lose Your CDL For an Accident?

If the driver is involved in two different (and serious) traffic accidents that violated the rules, their license will get suspended for 60 days during a three-year time frame. If the number increases to three violations, the suspension period is 120 days. 

Other than that, out-of-service violations or railroad and highway-grade crossing offenses each have their own degree of violations (first, second, and third offense) to suspend your license for the relevant time. 

Whether or not you lose your license depends upon the individual details and specifics in your case; only a professional attorney can help identify the specifics and defend you against your license revocation.

How Long Does an Accident Stay on Your CDL Record?

Generally speaking, accidents will stay on your CDL record for a time frame of three years. If, however, you've been involved in relatively larger violations like a DUI or a hit and run, these offenses will appear on your record for ten years.

Do All Trucking Companies Use DAC?

For the most part, companies do check a driver's DAC before employing him. If you want to avoid that, look for companies that don't do this. However, this is not a dependable course of action as companies can order the DAC report, down the line, if they wish.

After spending years on the road, I had a lot of time to think about the hardships that came with the trucking industry. I realized there was an opportunity to lend a hand a create a resource for truckers by truckers. With the help of my tech-savvy son, I built Trucker Geek as a way to show people that becoming a driver doesn’t need to be a stressful headache.