Highest Paying Trucking Companies – 2021 Top Picks

| Last Updated: June 28, 2021

Starting your trucking career with a prestigious trucking company can prove to be beneficial in the long run. You can not only reap the benefits of a professional environment but also earn some quick money.

Renowned trucking companies offer high paying opportunities that keep their employees motivated to ensure the quality of services. Therefore, such prospects must be grasped for a successful trucking career. 

In this article, we have compiled a list of the highest paying trucking companies that you can apply for.

Job Outlook and Salary For Truck Driving

With the increasing demand for transportation services, there has been an increase in the demand for truck driver jobs. A lot of different businesses rely on the timely distribution of products and services for effective operations. At the same time, residents all around the country might just also seek various trucking services.

To cater to all these consumer needs, trucking companies have to be more proactive, vigilant, and responsive. The good news is that trucking companies are always on the lookout for professional truck drivers to meet modern demands. It is expected that the demand alongside job opportunities will rapidly increase in the next few years. Also, truck drivers would receive a relatively higher income than before.

What is the Average Salary of a Truck Driver?

A truck driver's average salary with two to three years of driving experience and a Bachelor’s degree is $60,911 annually. This might vary according to the state you are living in.


For a truck driver with an experience of up to one year, the salary is around $57,193 per year.


If you have a driving experience of more than five years, the average salary can be as high as approximately $65,034 yearly.


With more than ten years of driving experience, you can earn approximately $68,777 annually.

Review of the Highest Paying Trucking Companies

Finding the right company to pursue your trucking career can be a difficult task. However, with some knowledge and thorough guidance, you can easily find your dream workplace.

Such opportunities not only ensure a bright future but also offer you a headstart. This is why we have listed some well-known trucking companies that are reliable and high paying at the same time.

1. Walmart

  • Address: 702 S.W. 8th St. Bentonville, AK 72716
  • Website: https://careers.walmart.com/drivers-distribution-centers/drivers 
  • Phone Number: 1-800-925-6278

Who is Walmart?

Walmart is one of the leading and rapidly growing global digital enterprises that serve people all around the world. With more than 11,500 stores all over the globe, Walmart is one of the most trusted and renowned organizations. Walmart first came into being in 1962 with the sole mission of helping people save money for a better living.

Sam Walton was the founder of Walmart and started with just one store located in Rogers, AR. Since then, Walmart has been continuously growing to become one of the largest chains of stores. Walmart drivers travel millions of miles yearly to deliver countless products to Walmart and Sam’s Club locations across the United States.

Jobs Offered

Walmart heavily relies on its timely delivery of supply and distribution services. Its large fleet and professional drivers are committed to delivering all tasks quite effectively. The good news is that Walmart is almost always open for professional truck drivers. Drivers with a clean driving record and experience are welcome to join the professional team here.

Since Walmart doesn’t compromise on the quality and efficiency of its services, it seeks competent individuals. Drivers are obviously one of the most prioritized positions; however, there are other job openings as well at Walmart.

Salary and Benefits

Being recognized as one of the best trucking companies worldwide, Walmart employees are its most valuable assets. This is why it cares so much about its employees who work tirelessly to ensure smooth operations. Employees not only enjoy leading industry pay but also benefit from numerous other perks and benefits.

Walmart promises its employees many benefits alongside handsome salary packages. Earning PTOs, 401k, medical, dental, life insurance, short-term disability, and paid safety days are some major highlights at Walmart. In addition, safe driving bonuses, paid training and activity, versatile working schedules, and weekly home time are also available.

2. Sysco

  • Address:  10710 Greens Crossing Blvd, Houston, TX 77038
  • Website: https://careers.sysco.com/
  • Phone Number: 1-713-672-8080
  • Email: syscocareers@corp.sysco.com

Who is Sysco?

Sysco is a world-famous organization that excels in vending, marketing, and dispensing food products worldwide. The bulk of food products are being supplied to various restaurants, healthcare, and educational institutes. Sysco also provides equipment and supplies that are required for reliable food services and other industries.

Being a leader in providing food services, Sysco currently serves 90 different countries around the world. It has over 69,000 associates and 320 distribution facilities that serve nearly 650,000 different customer locations in these countries. With its robust network of services, Sysco was able to generate a huge revenue of $60 Billion in 2019.

Jobs Offered 

Offering distribution services worldwide requires professionalism and a dedicated attitude. This is why Sysco welcomes individuals who possess such traits. Delivering food products from one place to another requires professional drivers who can timely deliver the products to the desired locations. Therefore, Sysco actively searches and hires professional truck drivers who are capable of delivering the task effectively and efficiently.

Being such a huge network, drivers are not the only individuals the company is looking for. To maintain such a vast network of food services, individuals with various skillsets are required for seamless operations. As a result, there are job openings for different departments, including maintenance, warehouse, sales, merchandising, and information technology.

Salary and Benefits

A prestigious organization such as Sysco always compensates its employees for their commitment and hard work. They do so by offering competitive salary packages and several benefits to their employees. This not only helps employees become motivated but significantly improves the overall performance of the company.

A truck driver working at Sysco can earn as much as $90,000 per year. Similarly, an Administrative Assistant can earn anywhere around $30,405 annually. However, pay scales and benefits vary with different positions and your career experience. For example, a Development Operations Engineer can earn as much as $150,105 per year! Other benefits include paid time off, retirement plan, healthcare insurance, and more.

3. Brady Trucking

  • Address:  5130 S 5400 E Vernal, UT 84078
  • Website: https://www.bradytruckinginc.com/
  • Phone Number: 435-781-1569

Who is Brady Trucking?

Brady Trucking is one of the most reliable and secure trucking services in the United States. Founded by Larry Brady in 1980, the company has been a symbol of quality and excellence. After being established in 1996, the company has been providing superior transportation services for nearly three decades. Today, it owns a large fleet of trailers to deliver any task at hand.

The company excels in offering a wide range of dependable trucking solutions. These include local, regional, and long-haul trucking services to its customers. Brady Trucking also specializes in the timely delivery of specialized equipment solutions.

Jobs Offered

We can all agree that the truck drivers are the heart and soul of any trucking company. They are one of the most vital assets of the company that can ensure timely delivery of services. In order to do so, a positive mindset and a professional attitude are required to achieve success. Therefore, Brady Trucking believes in the mantra of hiring professional truck drivers.

Although drivers are a vital part of any trucking company, we cannot ignore the importance of other staff members. Different departments housing employees with different skill sets other than driving ensure flawless operations and communication. Brady Trucking is open for owner-operators, drivers, and non-drivers who can deliver the required services.

Salary and Benefits

Most successful organizations believe that their employees are their prime investment. For this reason, companies focus on employee satisfaction. One way of achieving this is by providing monetary benefits. Different organizations, including Brady Trucking, offer relatively higher salaries to their hard-working employees.

On average, a truck driver here can earn $37,541 per year. Meanwhile, an Over-the-Road Truck Driver can earn an impressive $76,796 per year. Apart from that, other benefits include healthcare benefits, retirement plans, mentoring, family time, and more.

4. Epes Transport System LLC

  • Address: 3400 Edgefield Ct, Greensboro, NC 27409
  • Website: https://www.epestransport.com/ 
  • Phone Number: 800-869-3737
  • Email: customerservice@epestransport.com

Who is Epes Transport System LLC?

Epes Transport is one of the largest private trucking companies operating in North Carolina. Initially known as ‘The Transport Company,’ Epes first started business operations in Blackstone, Virginia, in 1931. The business was family-owned and operated for more than 55 years. In 1987, the company was purchased by Epes Carriers Inc., located in Greensboro, North Carolina. Later, it was acquired by Penske Logistics in 2018.

Epes Transport believes in providing cost-effective services, which are reliable and safe. Their mission is to achieve excellence in transportation services and to become their customers’ first choice. Currently, Epes Transport is offering short-haul regional trucking services in a 250-mile radius of their located terminals.

Jobs Offered

Epes Transport is a reliable trucking service that believes in providing the ultimate trucking solution to its employees. It is only possible if employee goals are aligned with that of the company. To make sure of that, Epes Transport manages many departments to ensure quality and excellence in all fields of service. It is not just the drivers but the entire team that is responsible for the timely delivery of services.

The company has a wide range of job openings for individuals possessing diverse skill sets. These include vacancies in operations, customer service, planning, driver management, accounting, human resources, sales, maintenance, driver recruiting, and safety departments.

Salary and Benefits

Nearly all organizations that share a successful journey dedicate their success to their employees. A successful organization is all about the professional and dedicated teamwork of its employees. Epes Transport is one of those organizations. To ensure its employees are satisfied, the company has an effective reward system.

Highly performing employees are offered higher salaries and benefits depending on their services. Incentives and other benefits like 401k, healthcare insurance, retirement plans, and training programs are offered at Epes Transport. For reference, the salary ranges from $36,896 annually for a driver to a whopping $163,100 for owner-operators.

5. Acme Truck Line Inc.

  • Address:   200 Westbank Expy, Gretna, LA 70053
  • Website: http://www.acmetruck.com/
  • Phone Number: 1-504-368-2510

Who is Acme Truck Line Inc.?

Established in 1960, Acme initially operated as an oilfield hauler. At that time, the company only owned six trucks, three employees, and two sheds. Over time, the company grew and became one of the most trusted trucking companies in the United States. Today, Acme is considered an industry leader in trucking services, while owning a fleet of more than 1500 trucks.

It operates nearly 80 different offices across the country and 40 different service points for quality services. Headquartered in Gretna, Louisiana, Acme provides reliable trucking solutions for interstate delivery of equipment, products, and other supplies.

Jobs Offered

There is no doubt that drivers are the backbone of any trucking company. Acme has always been relying heavily on its drivers and owner-operators for the quality of services. But that doesn’t mean that it is only the drivers that run the company. Acme has a team of dedicated staff members, who are committed to delivering at any instance.

Even if you don’t possess driving skills, you can always become a part of sales, support, safety, or other teams. However, if you’re a professional driver with a proven track record, don’t miss out on the opportunity to become a driver or owner-operator at Acme.

Salary and Benefits

A truck driver at Acme can earn approximately $74,236 per year, while an owner-operator can earn as high as $121,144. These stats suggest that employees at Acme are well catered for their services. All reputable and dependable trucking services ensure their employees are well taken care of. However, the interesting fact is that it’s not just the financial benefits you get with Acme.

There is a list of benefits that the company promises its employees based on their performance and services. Like any other qualified trucking service, Acme provides its employees with various short-term and long-term incentives. These might include various insurance and retirement plans.

6. Mercer Transportation

  • Address: 1128 West Main Street Louisville, KY 40203
  • Website: http://mercer-trans.com/
  • Phone Number: 502-584-2301

Who is Mercer Transportation?

Mercer Transportation was founded in 1977 to deliver safety and service. Over the last four decades, the company has emerged as one of the leading trucking companies in the United States. The company promises reliable transportation services that are delivered timely and safely. With a large fleet of nearly 2300 trucks and 11,000 carriers, Mercer Transportation offers unrivaled trucking services.

The company provides trucking services to the commercial and military sectors by delivering various equipment. With a network of more than 90 agents across the country and a competent customer support service, you can expect reliable services.

Jobs Offered

Trucking companies like Mercer Transportation are always open for veteran truck drivers who can do the job effectively. The truck drivers of any trucking company are the make-or-break deal, which is why most trucking services seek reliable and professional drivers to fulfill numerous consignments across the country.

Mercer Transportation is one of those trucking companies that heavily relies on its truck drivers. They not only actively search for competent individuals but also hire professional candidates. Like any other organization, it is not just the drivers but a full team effort of various departments that make timely services possible. Therefore, there is always a possibility of joining Mercer Transportation other than truck-driving jobs. These include permit clerk, truck inspector trainee, coordinator/customer service, ELD camera installer, and more!

Salary and Benefits

At the back of a successful organization is a competent and dedicated team of professional employees. Such organizations ensure that their employees’ needs are fulfilled, and they are satisfied. Therefore, companies introduce financial rewards and numerous other benefits for their employee services.

Decent salary packages and various incentives is a common way of compensating for employee services. Several other benefits like healthcare, insurance policies, retirement plans, and work/life balance are also offered. All these perks, along with an attractive salary package, are offered at Mercer Transportation. On average, an owner-operator at Mercer Transportation can earn as much as $157,359 per year!

7. Anderson Trucking Service (ATS)

  • Address: 725 Opportunity Dr., St. Cloud, MN 56303
  • Website: https://www.atsinc.com/
  • Phone Number: 1-800-633-8287

Who is Anderson Trucking Service (ATS)?

Anderson Trucking Service is a family-owned business operating since 1955. The company is dedicated to offering reliable transportation solutions to multiple sectors across the United States and even abroad. Its sole aim is to the ultimate trucking company and to fulfill customer expectations at every instance.

Anderson Trucking Service deals in a variety of interstate product and equipment delivery. Their major services include dry van, emergency, specialized flatbed, heavy-haul, international, LTL, pad-wrapped, and temperature-controlled shipping. All these services are provided with the assurance of timely and secure delivery of products and various equipment.

Jobs Offered

Becoming a well-reputed trucking company demands a lot. Out of the many, acquiring a professional staff with a positive mindset is the key to success. Therefore, Anderson Trucking Service welcomes competent individuals who possess the required skills to join an industry-leading company. Here, individuals with different skill sets are required to ensure smooth day-to-day operations.

Anderson Trucking Service welcomes not only professional truck drivers but also individuals who seek a corporate career. The company actively hires professional candidates for different job openings. These include technicians, sales representatives, and more!

Salary and Benefits

Nearly all organizations that share a success story like Anderson Trucking Service have competent employees at its back. These are highly skilled and motivated individuals who are dedicated to the cause. As a result, companies do their best to retain them. To do so, they provide a number of monetary benefits.

Such benefits include medical insurance, accident plan, dental and vision insurance, FSA, disability insurance, 401K, Employee Assistance Program, and more! Anderson Trucking Service also promises numerous perks depending on the performance level of the employees. The greater the performance, the better will be the benefits offered.

8. Trimac Transportation

  • Address:  4062 Ogden Rd SE, Calgary, AB T2G 4P4, Canada
  • Website: https://www.trimac.com/
  • Phone Number: 403-298-5100

Who is Trimac Transportation?

Established in 1945, Trimac Transportation is an industry-leading bulk carrier across the United States. Its fast and reliable trucking solutions make it one of the most reliable transportation services. Built on the foundations of delivering their customers with safe and reliable service, Trimac Transportation is second to none. It has always been able to meet the demands of bulk transportation, logistics, and other related services for several decades.

With over 100 branches established across the United States, Trimac is qualified to meet the most modern demands. Their timely and effective transportation services ensure maximum customer satisfaction and reliability whenever required.

Jobs Offered

Reliable trucking companies such as Trimac depend on their professional workforce for effective delivery of services. Their professional drivers are ready to fulfill any task thrown at them. Like most trucking companies, Trimac also seeks professional drivers for their services and is always open for talented and competent truck drivers across the United States.

Currently, there are a number of job openings. If you wish to pursue your trucking career, Trimac is a perfect way to get started. Even if you don’t have driving skills, you can always become a part of the corporate sector. Some of the major job openings here include professional drivers, owner-operators, maintenance, and industrial and office careers.

Salary and Benefits

Trimac Transportation keeps its employees well compensated for the quality of services they provide. They are provided with industry-leading salaries along with some perks and other benefits. All these financial rewards are promised based on employee performance and previous records.

Benefits include a 401K plan, dental insurance, employee discounts, health, life, and vision insurance. Moreover, the average salary of a truck driver here is as high as $70,677 per year.

9. Western Express

  • Address:  7135 Centennial Place Nashville, TN 37209
  • Website: https://www.westernexp.com/
  • Phone Number: 800-316-7160

Who is Western Express?

Founded in 1991, Wayne and Donna Wise laid the foundation of Western Express. For more than two decades, the company has been striving to provide customers with reliable trucking services across the country. Their large fleet of nearly 3000 power units and over 7500 trailers are enough to meet modern customer demands. The company also implements the use of modern technology for their customers.

Headquartered in Nashville, TN, Western Express owns a fleet that is completely GPS trackable. Their services include long-haul, short-haul, flatbed, and various logistics services to commercial and public sectors.

Jobs Offered

Truck drivers are a vital asset of a trucking company. Without them, it won’t be possible for them to provide trucking services. This is why many trucking companies, including Western Express, focus on hiring the best individuals for truck driving. They seek professional attitude, experience, and a clean track record to ensure timely delivery of services.

The good thing about Western Express is that it offers a diverse range of job openings for drivers alone. These include dry van, flatbed, regional, OTR, lease, or owner-operators, according to your desire. Moreover, if you have skills other than driving, you can always apply for corporate vacancies.

Salary and Benefits

Paying market-competitive salary packages with other benefits is a long-term strategy to seek success. Companies like Western Express believe in providing customers with reliable trucking services. At the same time, it also takes measures to ensure their employees are well-catered. Therefore, Western Express practices the norm of providing relatively higher salary packages to its employees.

Employees are also able to reap various other benefits according to their employment contracts. These include paid vacations, a 401K plan, flexible routing, and versatile job options. All these benefits combine to promise a bright and successful career at Western Express.

10. DOT Transportation Inc.

  • Address: 1 Dot Way, Mt Sterling, IL 62353
  • Website: https://drivefordot.com/
  • Phone Number: 877-896-1692
  • Email: DTIhiring@dotfoods.com

Who is DOT Transportation Inc.?

DOT Transportation Inc. is one of the leaders in the trucking industry. The organization first started its services in 1960 thanks to its founder Robert Tracy making the first deliveries back then. Now, the company has grown rapidly into one of the largest transportation services in the United States.

With a fleet of more than 1300 trucks, 12 distribution centers, and over 2000 employees, DOT Transportation is more than capable of meeting the modern demands of its customers. For over 29 years, the company has yet to witness its first lay-off. It is because DOT Transportation believes that all its employees are valuable assets.

Jobs Offered

Hiring professional truck drivers as a trucking company is essential. This is why DOT Transportation believes in hiring the best of the lot. Since trucking companies rely on their truck drivers, they ensure these individuals are reliable for adequate services.

The company offers several job positions to individuals seeking to start a career with a pristine trucking service. Professional truck drivers are some of the highest in-demand vacancies. DOT Transportation has job openings for both regional as well as local truck drivers. If you have some good truck-driving skills, you can become a part of the team at DOT Transportation.

Salary and Benefits

Every trucking company understands that truck driving isn’t an easy job by any means. Rather, it is quite hard and difficult to maintain a similar quality of service throughout your career. Keeping this in mind, DOT Transportation has found a reliable way to compensate its employees for their services, including high salaries as well as numerous perks for their services.

A transport driver at DOT Transportation can earn as much as $78,000 per year, which is quite impressive. One can also reap several other benefits at this organization. These include medical plans, 401K plan, profit sharing, paid vacations, tuition reimbursement programs, and incentive-based pay.

States With the Highest Average Truck Driving Salaries

Trucking companies are now booming with a high demand for trucking services required from one state to another. Regardless of the location, trucking companies can generate huge revenue with quality and timely delivery of services. In the United States, countless trucking companies operate effectively to ensure your equipment reaches its destination.

Once the services are delivered satisfactorily, truck drivers are paid handsomely for their attitude and services. This section lists some of the highest average truck driving salaries in different states.


Wyoming is considered as the highest paying state when it comes to truck driving salaries. With an approximate hourly rate of $23.66, you can earn as much as $49,210 per year.

New York

New York is second in the list of high paying states for truck driving. You can earn $23.26 per hour as a truck driver with an annual income of $48,390.

New Jersey

With an annual truck driving income of $47,990 at an hourly rate of $23.07, New Jersey is among the highest paying states.


With pay of $22.80 per hour and $47,420 per year, Connecticut is also a high paying state for truck driving.


Colorado is the last in our list for states with the highest average truck driving salaries. Here, the hourly rate is $22.76, making it $47,340 per annum.


Highly paying job opportunities are almost always motivating for employees pursuing a trucking career. However, finding such prospects requires you to become a part of a well-established trucking company. This article lists some of the most reputable trucking companies that you can join. These organizations not only promise a bright future but also keep their employees compensated for their services.

People Also Ask

Individuals who are seeking to pursue a successful career in a trucking company have several questions in mind. These are mostly related to prospects, monetary benefits, and the various services offered by trucking companies. Keeping this in view, we have listed a few commonly asked questions to help you find the right answer to your query.

Can Truck Drivers Make 100k?

Various companies offer different pay scales to their employees. These are defined based on your skills, experience, responsibilities, and the position in the organization. It is not easy to make 100k as a truck driver. However, with increasing demand, experience, training, and joining the right company, you can make as much as $80,000 a year.

What State Pays Truck Drivers the Most?

The trucking business has been booming lately, with a high demand for trucking services. High demand means higher revenue generation. For this reason, most trucking companies pay their truck drivers quite handsomely. However, Wyoming is the leading state when it comes to truck driver salaries. Here, you can make $49,210 annually with a rate of $23.66 per hour.

What Loads Pay the Most in Trucking?

Different trucking companies offer numerous trucking services to their employees. Some companies excel in oversized hauls while others excel in delivering fragile equipment. Ideally, as a truck driver, you would want to become a tanker hauler driver as they are the highest paying. Other highly paying loads include oversized hauler, hazmat driver, and ice road trucker.

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