Best Trucking Companies With Guaranteed Pay – 2021 Picks

| Last Updated: June 28, 2021

As a truck driver, you have the potential to make not just good but great money.

However, this potential isn’t always realized. The fluctuations in demand for truck drivers can cause you to not be able to drive many miles. This can further cause you to not be able to pay bills.

Hence, going for companies that offer guaranteed pay is the smartest choice to make. 

What Does Guaranteed Pay Mean in Trucking?

In the trucking world, the traditional paying method was Cents Per Mile (CPM). It meant that, as a truck driver, you would have a variable pay, which will primarily depend on the number of miles you travel.

However, companies are adopting a new practice called Guaranteed Pay or Guaranteed Minimum Pay for the past decade. This means that every truck driver will earn a minimum pay irrespective of how many miles he did or didn’t drive in the previous time period.

This new practice has stabilized earnings for truck drivers, ensuring that they are paid properly even during relatively low demand periods.

Can You Really Find a Trucking Company Offering Guaranteed Pay?

Yes, you can very easily find not only one but many trucking companies that will offer you guaranteed pay.

A decade ago, this wasn’t true. Truck drivers were paid for the number of miles they drove. For most truck drivers, this meant highly unstable pay. A lot of them were even unable to make ends meet because of the variability of income. This caused them to opt for other jobs with more stable pays.

Hence, the trucking industry observed a severe shortage of truck drivers. To match the demand and supply of truck drives, guaranteed pay was introduced, so all companies who wanted to stay in business opted for this practice.

Review of the Best Trucking Companies With Guaranteed Pay

Out of the many trucking companies that exist, not all of them offer you guaranteed pay. Moreover, not all of them are the best. Hence, we have shortlisted some top companies that will offer you a great opportunity to grow and make money along the way.

1. My Truck Logistics

  • Address:  13328 TELECOM DR TAMPA, FL 33637
  • Website:
  • Phone Number: 937-949-4459

Who is My Truck Logistics?

My Truck Logistics was formed to fulfill the high demand for trucks in the U.S. It offers its customers a wide range of services.

It offers you various load capacities, whether you want to send a full truckload or go for a partial/LTL truckload. You don’t have to worry, even if you have an oversize load because the extensive network of My Truck Logistics efficiently gets permits across all states for all truckloads.

Hence, services offered by My Truck Logistics always remain in high demand. The company gets the job done efficiently and effectively without any mishaps.

Jobs Offered

The company offers several positions. From among those, you can further choose your preferred designation. The three primary categories are CDL driver, office job, and mechanic job.

As a CDL driver, you will be responsible for driving the trucks across the country and get the products in the trucks to their designations on time.

The office job mainly entails coordinating truck drivers and managing their trips. Furthermore, they ensure that the company’s administrative side runs smoothly.

Lastly, mechanics are responsible for maintaining the trucks and solving any problems that might arise with them.

Salary and Benefits

If you are looking for a guaranteed pay trucking job, then no one will offer you a better package than My Truck Logistics.

You will be making $1,778 per week on average, which means that annually, you will make $92,456. This is 59% more than what truck drivers get paid nationally. The pay you get is highly competitive.

Furthermore, you get a lot of benefits like quarterly safety bonuses, friend referral bonuses, reimbursement of all travel-related costs, etc. Moreover, the trucks you get are highly maintained, and a lot of them are also very new, which just adds to the experience.

2. Venture Logistics

  • Address:  Venture Corporate HQ 1101 Harding Court, Indianapolis, IN 46217
  • Website:
  • Phone Number: +1 317-787-1101, 800-337-3607

Who is Venture Logistics?

The purpose of Venture Logistics is to aid its customers to be better suppliers. Venture Logistics wants to provide its customers with a service that will help them deliver their products and their promises while realizing their potential.

Venture Logistics is a privately-owned company. It is one of the country’s largest full-service logistics companies. It takes a lot of pride in sticking to its heritage that it is super proud of.

While Venture Logistics sticks to the basics, it also believes in expanding its network so it can provide even better service to its customers.

Jobs Offered

There are various career options that you can opt for at Venture Logistics. You can become a CDL driver, accountant, AI developer, logistics coordinator, operations manager, etc. You will get to polish your skills in a lot of positions if you choose to work at Venture Logistics.

You can gain experience as a driver on the road while you ensure timely delivery to customers. Furthermore, you can show your corporate skills as a manager of various internal functions like finance, marketing, and operations in general.

Hence, starting your career with Venture Logistics will bode you well in the future.

Salary and Benefits

Venture Logistics pays its entry-level drivers a generous salary. You can easily expect to earn around $60,000 in your first year, which will obviously increase as you progress in your career.

Furthermore, you get a great workplace environment. The management is known to be highly supportive, and the co-workers also promote healthy competition instead of creating toxic politics as a part of the culture. You will also get many benefits like vacation bonuses, paid leaves, safety bonuses, sick days, etc. 

The compensation package isn’t the best in the industry, yet the great work environment and learning opportunities will make it worth it for you.

3. Global Logistics Freight Solutions

  • Address:  1979 Marcus Avenue, Suite #E102, Lake Success, NY 11042
  • Website:
  • Phone Number: +1 516 206 1328
  • Email:

Who is Global Logistics Freight?

If you want to broaden your horizons and get the opportunity to explore countries other than the US, then Global Logistics Freight will be a great choice for you. It is an independent international logistics company. It offers its services in the US, Canada, and the UK.

It was incorporated in 2005 in the UK. It offers its clients freight services by sea, air, and road. Furthermore, it provides services like distribution, customer clearance, and warehousing.

As a client, you will always get the best customized service. You will be an utmost priority, and you will be given a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Jobs Offered

Considering that Global Logistics Freight is a transportation company, the primary job that you can expect to get in it is that of a truck driver. You will be responsible for transporting the freight to its destination in the time required by the customers.

Another very important role is that of logistics coordinators. It is the most important supporting role. As a logistics coordinator, you will be responsible for coordinating the shipment dates and routes with clients and truck drivers. You will also be responsible for ensuring that all trucks reach their destinations timely.

Salary and Benefits

You will have great opportunities to develop your skills and get a great experience as a truck driver in Global Logistics Freight. You will also be well-compensated. You can expect to earn an average annual salary of over $64,000.

Moreover, this will increase as you develop your skills as a truck driver and take on longer routes. You will also have many benefits like free induction into training programs, safety bonuses, vacation bonuses, sick leave, paid leaves, and accidental insurance. Hence, you can trust this company to look after you as you look after their clients.

4. Bison Transport

  • Address:  Bison Transport, 1001 Sherwin Rd., Winnipeg, MB, Canada
  • Website:
  • Phone Number: 1 204-833-0000

Who is Bison Transport?

Given the close proximity of the US and Canada, many transportation companies have found it favorable for their business to transcend the boundaries. Bison Transport is also one of those companies. It is originally a Canadian transport company that expanded its customer base and entered the US.

It is known to be an innovative company that employs the latest technology available on the market. It has one of the most modern fleets available in the industry. Bison Transport has proven itself to be a valuable and dependable supply chain partner.

It provides various transportation, warehousing, and logistic services through North America and Canada.

Jobs Offered

Bison starts hiring people very early on in their lives. You can apply as a student and start getting real experience to figure out if you want to work in the transportation industry. You can get a summer job, a part-time job, a weekend-to-weekend job, or even a full-time job while pursuing your education.

Once you finally decide to go for full-time jobs, you will have to choose between driving and non-driving careers. If you choose a driving career, you will naturally spend your time on the road driving trucks to their destinations.

If you go for non-driving careers, you will be responsible for either managing the business's administrative side or fixing the trucks as a technician.

Salary and Benefits

At Bison Transport, the management believes in investing in its own human capital. Hence, the company offers competitive pay along with numerous benefits. The compensation packages are also relatively flexible, and hence you can customize them according to your personal needs.

The salary you can expect to get is an average of $51k annually, which can go up, depending on your experience and skill level.

Furthermore, you will be given various benefits like flexible health coverage, dental plans, optional life insurance, and group life insurance. Other benefits include group disability insurance, educational reimbursement program, wellness program, referral bonus program, profit sharing, and career development opportunities.

5. LCL Transport

  • Address:  1491 Zeager Road, Elizabethtown, PA 17022
  • Website:
  • Phone Number: 855-525-2855

Who is LCL Transport?

LCL Transport is a family-owned business. It serves various customers across Canada and the US. It particularly deals with kosher liquid food-grade carriers.

You can transport various kinds of liquid edibles in these containers, starting anywhere from liquid chocolate to cooking oil. However, LCL Transport has a strict policy against hazardous materials. Technology is the new trend in all industries these days, and when it comes to technology in the bulk tank food industry, LCL Transport is a distinguished leader.

It focuses on building long-term client relationships and focuses all its resources on providing its clients with the best service.

Jobs Offered

Like all the transportation companies mentioned on this list, LCL Transport provides you with the same job options. You can choose between driving and non-driving jobs.

Truck drivers across the board have the same job of driving trucks safely and ensuring timely delivery. LCL Transport carriers’ liquid edibles and hence the containers or trucks need to be driven with more care. Hence, you will be required to show proof of your skill. You can do this by either showing relevant experience or through a demonstration.

The rest of the jobs are administrative that involve managing clients and coordinating with them, along with maintaining the trucks.

Salary and Benefits

One of the best compensation packages is offered by LCL Transport. You will be making a lot of money along with the many benefits. 

You can expect to make $72,592 annually on average, which is 25% above the national average pay as a truck driver.

You will also be given many benefits. They include transition guaranteed pay, driving training, paid vacations, 401k plan, profit sharing, jury duty pay, funeral leave, yearly work boot allowance, weekly direct deposit, quarterly driver scorecard incentive program, and free TV and radio services.

6. Hogan Trucking Transportation & Logistics

  • Address:  Corporate Headquarters, 2150 Schuetz Road, St. Louis, MO 63146
  • Website:
  • Phone Number: 866-464-6426

Who is Hogan Trucking Transportation & Logistics?

This company was formed by two brothers in 1918. It started with a small carriage and now has one of the biggest fleets across the US. They believe that customer is king and that customer satisfaction is the most important pillar of any successful business.

Hence, Hogan provides its client with personalized services, and all clients are given plenty of time and attention. Furthermore, the company believes in using the most advanced and relevant technology to provide its customers with the best services.

This strong sense of commitment has taken Hogan to great heights of success.

Jobs Offered

Hogan doesn’t just hire employees; it aims at developing them. It tries to provide them with the right opportunity to grow personally so they will be truly motivated to execute Hogan’s vision of client management.

There are six main divisions that you can choose from. They include drivers, technicians and mechanics, administrators and corporate managers, logistics and sales coordinators, leasing and renting sales representations, and dedication and truckload sales representatives.

You can choose from any of these and hope to excel in your professional life. There are many opportunities for everyone, whether they are in the driving or non-driving side of the business.

Salary and Benefits

If you ever wonder which is the happiest truck driver company globally, then the answer you will find is Hogan Trucking Transportation & Logistics. Hogan believes that if it keeps its employees happy, then employees will keep customers happy. Hence, Hogan compensates its employees generously.

On average, you can expect to earn around $77,000 annually. You also get a hiring bonus of up to $10,000. Furthermore, top performers can earn over $80,000 annually.

Furthermore, you will be given various benefits like flexible health coverage, flexible dental plan, group life insurance, disability insurance, profit sharing, referral bonus program, and career development opportunities.

7. Leavitt's Freight Service

  • Address:  3855 Marcola Road, Springfield, OR 97477
  • Website:
  • Phone Number: 541-204-1902

Who is Leavitt’s Freight Service?

First founded in 1958, Leavitt’s Freight Service is a family-owned business started by the Leavitt family. It had humble beginnings. Initially, the company catered to two main industries; treated wood poles and laminated beams.

After decades of tirelessly working hard with great dedication, Leavitt’s Freight Service was able to become a huge and widespread flatbed trucking company. It owns and controls a fleet of 350 trucks and facilitates 48 states in America and Canada.

Even for the future, Leavitts’ has a plan of expanding further and further while maintaining its customer service and performance standards.

Jobs Offered

Normally, all trucking companies have the same designations, and Leavitt’s Freight Service is no different. There are the same basic jobs as mentioned above for all other companies. There are jobs for truck drivers, administrators, logistics coordinators, managers, accountants, sales staff, and mechanics.

However, there is one different job opportunity that Leavitt’s Freight Service provides you with. It is that of risk managers.

As a risk manager, you will be responsible for analyzing all kinds of risks and finding ways to mitigate them. These risks can be related to the demand for services or variables that might affect the company’s performance and efficiency.

Salary and Benefits

Leavitt’s Freight Service provides its customers with the best services and its employees with great compensation packages.

You can expect to make an average annual income of $75,772. This is around 25% above the national average. Moreover, it is a high income to earn to support a good standard of living.

Other than the salary, you also get various benefits like a sign-on bonus of $2,500, paid training, additional loyalty bonuses, a week worth of paid holidays per year, and per diem pay.

Pros and Cons of Guaranteed Pay For Truck Drivers

There are many pros and cons to this new paying practice. Let’s look at them.


Some of the main benefits of guaranteed pay are as follows.

Stable Income

One of the biggest cons of being a truck driver was an unstable income. You were paid per mile, and hence during the times when you didn’t drive for enough miles, you won’t get paid enough.

However, with guaranteed pay, you will have a more stable income. You will get a weekly base income, and hence even if you don’t drive enough miles, you will get paid.

More Autonomy Over Routes

Since money won’t be a problem, you will be able to select or reject the routes you will be driving on without a problem. You will have more autonomy and significantly less desperation. 

More Autonomy Over Work Hours

When truck drivers were only paid per mile, they were more reluctant to pass a job or give up the opportunity to drive a truck. This was mainly because they weren’t sure if they would get another job soon or not.

However, now that they know they will be getting base pay, which allows them to choose their work hours and pick their tours, they can focus at home too.


Better pay doesn’t really have any cons for the drivers. It’s the other side that suffers.

Expensive to Hire Drivers

As mentioned, there are no cons for the truck drivers. However, the trucking companies lose in this situation because now it is more expensive to hire a truck driver than ever.

States With Highest Average Guaranteed Trucking Salaries

There are 50 states in the US, and they are all independent entities in terms of laws, job outlooks, and salaries. Even the pays of the same job differ, depending on which state you live in.

Hence, let’s look at some of the states that will pay you the most for your services as a truck driver.

North Dakota

In North Dakota, truck drivers are paid the most. You can expect to make an average annual salary of $53,720. 


If you live in Wyoming, then there is good news for you. As a truck driver, you will be well compensated, even at the entry-level. You can expect to make $49,210 on average annually.


Another state that will pay you well for being a truck driver is Massachusetts. You can expect to earn an annual income of $49,920 on average.


Nevada isn’t behind many when it comes to paying well. You will be making an average annual salary of $49,590.


When it comes to topping the race, Alaska is only slightly behind with its annual average salary of $53,480.


To protect your and your family’s future, you must make a stable income. Previously, that wasn’t possible as a truck driver. But now, with the new practice of guaranteed pay, you can do it too. All you must do is look for a good trucking company that will offer you guaranteed pay.

People Also Ask

It has only been a decade since trucking companies started to offer its drivers with guaranteed pay. Hence, many people are still confused about how it works. To help clear some of that confusion, we have answered some most frequently asked questions just for you.

Do You Have to Be an OTR Driver to Get Guaranteed Pay?

No, all truck drivers can earn a guaranteed pay. It is not limited to OTR drivers. It mainly depends on your company if they are offering you guaranteed pay. However, since the supply for truck drivers is limited, you can easily pick and choose the company that you work for.

Why Are Some Trucking Companies Moving Toward Guaranteed Pay?

Most companies are moving towards guaranteed pay because they want to match their demand and supply of truck drivers. Not many people are willing to work on a per-mile basis, and hence to attract more people, companies decided to offer them guaranteed pay.

Can You Earn Overtime with a Guaranteed Pay Company?

Yes, you can earn over time, even with guaranteed pay. All you must do is exceed the work hours that you agreed upon in your contract.

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