Best Trucking Companies in Georgia – 2021 Guide

| Last Updated: June 28, 2021

Georgia houses some of the best trucking services available in the United States. Whether you want to acquire such services or become a part of one, Georgia is a great place to get started. 

Starting your trucking career at a respected trucking company can pave your way towards success. You will be able to grow not only as an employee but also as a person.

Here are some of the best trucking companies in Georgia, which you can join for a bright future.

How to Become a Truck Driver in Georgia

Like any other state, Georgia has its own rules and regulations when it comes to driving. After fulfilling the numerous eligibility criteria and other requirements, you can become a truck driver in Georgia.

How to Obtain Trucking License in Georgia

To drive a truck in Georgia, you have to pass a series of tests to qualify for a CDL license. There are four different types of CDL licenses; Class A, Class B, Class C, and Class D. 

Eligibility Criteria for CDL in Georgia

Before you proceed, make sure you fulfill the eligibility criteria, which is as follows.

  • Must possess a valid driving license

  • Should submit to health checks

  • For special endorsements, you are obligated to take part in the CDL education course

  • Pass a driving skills test after successfully passing a written exam

  • Must be 18 years or older

  • Provide proof of residency in Georgia with a valid ID

  • Submit your social security number card

Once all the eligibility criteria are met, you may now proceed to the requirements of becoming a truck driver.

Requirements for CDL in Georgia

The following are some requirements for getting a CDL license in Georgia.

  • Driver license must be issued by the state of Georgia

  • Providing your social security number card

  • Must provide proof of insurance

  • Going through TSA screening and other security procedures

You may also be required to pass medical and physical requirements before you can get your CDL license. 

Review of the Best Trucking Companies in Georgia

If you are a resident of Georgia and looking to join a reliable trucking service, then consider yourself lucky. Georgia is one of those states that houses some of the most prestigious trucking companies in the United States. Their quality of services, commitment, reliability, and state-of-the-art equipment makes them superior to traditional trucking companies. 

Here is a list of the best trucking companies in Georgia where you can start a successful trucking career.

Best Trucking Company in Savannah, Georgia:
Pro Transport Inc.

  • Address: 2333 Louisville Road Savannah, Georgia 31415
  • Phone Number: 912-9440-4445
  • Website:

Who is Pro Transport Inc.?

Oscar Acharandio founded Pro Transport Inc. in 1998. It is considered as one of the leading trucking companies in Georgia. It operates five major terminals that are located throughout the Southeastern United States. With thousands of employees and owner-operators working tirelessly, Pro Transport maintains its standard of services.

The company controls its operations with its corporate office located in Medley, Florida. However, with continuous expansion, the organization now has operational offices in Georgia and North Carolina as well. Its reliable customer support services, innovative technology, and state-of-the-art equipment have made it a leader in the transportation industry.

Jobs Offered

There is no doubt that truck drivers are the establishment of all trucking companies. For this reason, Pro Transport cares very much about their truck drivers and owner-operators. Here, individuals are chosen based on their mentality and expert range of abilities. This reflects in the sufficient and convenient conveyance of hardware with great responsibility.

Pro Transport is open for owner-operators and truck drivers who are willing to join a trustworthy transportation service. Since the company is looking to grow its services subsequently, there are different openings for work accessible for proficient drivers.

Salary and Benefits

Monetary rewards or financial prizes are quite often propelling for employees. Pro Transport is one of those companies that believe in this mantra of monetary prizes.

Significant compensation would motivate employees to work more diligently. Some of the benefits other than high salary include 401K, paid vacations, and holidays. As a result, employee commitment increases and yields satisfied customers. Although you can earn some good money being a part of Pro Transport, the benefits increase with increasing experience.

Best Trucking Company in Atlanta, Georgia:
Premier Transportation

  • Address: 323 Cash Memorial Blvd. Forest Park, GA 30297
  • Phone Number: 404-675-1950
  • Email:
  • Website:

Who is Premier Transportation?

When it comes to cross-dock, pool distribution, yard management, or truckload services, there’s one service that you can rely on Premier Transportation. It is an incredible trucking service that excels in delivering quality transportation services to its customers. Its team of committed employees and skilled personnel ensures your shipment arrives at its destination, safe and sound.

Premier Transportation promises consistent and quality services, paired with market-competitive pricing and unmatched customer services. Their unparalleled track record of delivering customer satisfaction with timely services has made it a pioneer in the trucking business.

Jobs Offered 

Like any other trucking company, Premier Transportation welcomes hard-working and dedicated individuals possessing the required skills to join their team. Although drivers make a bulk of those individuals, there are other job opportunities available as well. You can easily get enrolled as a truck driver or become a part of the management staff.

Premier Transportation offers four different directions of careers for anyone looking to start a trucking career. These opportunities include trucking, office, logistics, and mechanic or technician services. Individuals having the required skills and a positive mindset are most likely to become a part of their experienced staff.

Salary and Benefits

Whether it’s high pay scales or other benefits, you can reap numerous financial rewards here. These monetary benefits are provided strategically to ensure employees are dedicated to providing the best of services. 

Premier Transportation offers multiple rewards to its dedicated team of employees. These include vacation pay, holiday pay, medical insurance, dental insurance, life insurance, 401k, and more! You can also enjoy numerous benefits, which include annual loyalty bonus, clean inspection bonus, monthly safety bonus, and referral bonus.

3. C & A Transportation Inc.

  • Address: 2360 Spires Drive, Macon, GA 31216
  • Phone Number: 478-784-8652
  • Email:
  • Website:

Who is C & A Transportation Inc.?

C & A Transportation Inc was founded in June 1989, owing to the needs of Armstrong Industries. At that time, the company only operated as an agent with freight moving authority for other trucking services. However, with their timely and secure delivery of services, it rapidly expanded to a well-renowned commercial carrier.

Now, the company operates a large dedicated fleet of trucks to conveniently deliver your shipment on time. The organization believes in delivering quality customer services through employee involvement, job integration, cross-training, and various educational programs. Due to their professional attitude, they have earned their name as a reliable and trustworthy trucking service.

Jobs Offered 

For any trucking company, truck drivers are their backbone for providing quality transportation services. C & A Transportation values its truck drivers as much as any other successful trucking service would do. This is why the company heavily relies on its experienced and professional drivers.

C & A Transportation Inc. offers job opportunities to skilled and professional truck drivers from all over the United States. Drivers with the required skills, experience, and a clean track record are encouraged to apply and join the organization.

Salary and Benefits

C & A Transportation Inc. is, without a doubt, a leader in safety and compliance when it comes to transportation services. Their quality of operations reflects the professionalism and dedication of its staff members who maintain its services. Therefore, the company compensates its employees financially to maintain its standard of operations.

Truck drivers are not only paid handsomely but can also enjoy multiple benefits other than attractive salaries. Apart from competitive pay per mile, truck drivers at C & A Transportation can enjoy detention pay, referral bonuses, and inspection bonuses. Moreover, the company offers medical, vision, dental, and supplemental insurance, along with paid vacations and holidays.

4. Broadleaf Trucking

  • Address: 3333 Freedom Ln SE, Moultrie, GA 31788
  • Phone Number: 800-955-1248
  • Website:

Who is Broadleaf Trucking?

Operating since 1975, Broadleaf Trucking is a renowned trucking service located in Moultrie, Georgia. Like any other prestigious trucking company, this organization believes in providing reliable transportation services to its customers. Through a series of well-maintained operational standards and procedures, the company strives to deliver the best services possible.

When it comes to delivering customized services, Broadleaf Trucking is second to none. Their superior operational capabilities reflect their teamwork, commitment, and excellence in the timely delivery of consignments. As a result, they are now the go-to option for anyone looking for a reliable trucking service in Georgia.

Jobs Offered

Broadleaf Trucking promises the quality of transportation services to its customers. Its management staff works tirelessly to ensure your shipment arrives at its destination reliably. The credit also goes to its experienced and professional truck drivers who move your shipment, keeping safety and time their utmost priority.

Currently, Broadleaf Trucking is looking for professional truck drivers and owner-operators who possess the required skills and a positive attitude. However, for any trucking service to operate smoothly, the management staff is also required. You can also apply for numerous positions, including office opportunities and mechanics.

Salary and Benefits

Successful trucking companies keep their employees motivated to maintain the quality of services. They do so by compensating their employees for their commitment. It is not just the financial rewards but also numerous benefits that you can enjoy based on your performance. Although you are paid well for your services, various incentives further motivate you to work harder.

As a driver, you can reap multiple benefits being a part of Broadleaf Trucking. The company offers insurance plans, including life, health, dental, accidental, critical illness, vision, and several others. It also provides FSA, weekly pay, incentives, stop pay, inspection bonus, safety bonus, referral bonus, and more.

5. Brown Integrated Logistics

  • Address: 6908 Chapman Road Lithonia, GA, 30058
  • Phone Number: 770-482-6521
  • Website:

Who is Brown Integrated Logistics?

James W. Brown laid the foundation of Brown Integrated Logistics in the mid-1960s. The company initially served several areas with limited resources. However, over time, it emerged as one of the leaders in the trucking industry in the Southeastern region. Now, the company operates over 900 trucks and 5000 trailers with an operational experience of more than 40 years!

The organization is known to provide multiple services to its customers. These include trucking, warehousing, maintenance, and brokerage services. Their latest cutting-edge logistics technology has put them far ahead of their competitors when it comes to transportation services.

Jobs Offered 

Being a trucking company, timely delivery of services is of prime importance. This is why most logistics companies welcome experienced and professional drivers who can deliver freight conveniently and effectively. Brown Integrated Logistics is one of those services, who are also actively looking for competent drivers for such a responsible position.

The good news is that it's not just the drivers; rather, you can also apply for non-driver opportunities as well. The company does rely on its drivers; however, its customer support, management staff, and other departments also play an effective role. If you possess skills other than driving, you can always join the management team here.

Salary and Benefits

It is obvious that without professional skills and mindset, achieving success in the trucking industry is not possible. Keeping this in view, Brown Integrated Logistics focuses on hiring the most suitable candidates for numerous vacancies. At the same time, the organization recognizes such individuals as an asset to the company.

Therefore, top-performing employees are rewarded as a gesture of goodwill and motivated to do even better. The employees here are paid market-competitive salaries, but that’s not all. You can also avail of numerous short-term and long-term incentives. These comprise various insurance plans, HAS, FSA, 401K, and more!

6. Collins Trucking Co. Inc.

  • Address: 527 Alabama Blvd Jackson, GA 30233
  • Phone Number: 678-774-7420
  • Email:
  • Website:

Who is Collins Trucking Co. Inc.?

Collins Trucking Co. Inc. started its services in 2005 after becoming a part of the Collin Industries. The founder of Collin Industries was Henry R. Collins, which is the parent company to several other entities, including this one. This organization has proven to be one of the best transportation services in the industry. Its state-of-the-art fleet and logistics technology has made it successful.

Currently, the company operates 100 tractors and 150 trailers to effectively deliver its services throughout the region. It believes in personal safety and accountability when it comes to trucking services. This is why professionals at Collins Trucking work hard to ensure the safety of their drivers and your equipment. 

Jobs Offered 

Truck drivers are the essence of any logistics company. They are responsible for delivering your shipment not only timely but also with the utmost safety and reliability. Keeping this in view, Collins Trucking is always seeking competent candidates who can join their team of experienced and professional truck drivers.

The company is open to individuals who possess truck-driving skills with a ‘can-do’ attitude. The drivers have trained adequately and are equipped with all the necessary information before they become a part of the team. If you have the required driving skills and a professional attitude, you are welcome at this organization.

Salary and Benefits

Unlike other trucking companies, Collins Trucking keeps its employees enthusiastic by introducing monetary rewards. Such rewards often reflect competitive salaries and increased pay scales. They are promised to hard-working and devoted individuals. An average truck driver at this company can earn as much as $16.97 per hour.

However, it is not just the financial benefits that you can enjoy while working at Collins Trucking. Numerous incentives are also promised to employees based on their performance and services. These include direct deposit, weekly pay, driver health and wellness programs, and more.

7. G&P Trucking Company

  • Address: 130 Pine Meadow Drive Pooler, Georgia 31322
  • Phone Number: 800-841-9552
  • Website:

Who is G&P Trucking Company?

The company was found in 1936 in Greenwood, South Carolina, by H P. Mabry and Arthur Rush. Initially, the trucking service hauled cotton to Grendel and Panola Textile Mills. Hence, it derived its name as G&P Trucking. When it comes to logistics, G&P Trucking is considered a world leader in transportation services. 

They provide services not only within the United States but also throughout the world. The organization excels in delivering innovative supply chain solutions to customers all over the globe. Their major contribution lies in delivering the best value and services to its customers. 

The numerous services offered include dry van, brokerage, dedicated solutions, domestic intermodal, domestic truckload, and international intermodal.

Jobs Offered

Becoming a successful trucking company requires a professional team of individuals who can effectively maintain logistics operations. It's not just the drivers who are responsible for reliable operations; it’s also the management staff and other departments. The collective effort of drivers and non-driver individuals results in unparalleled trucking services throughout the world.

For this reason, G&P Trucking Company is currently looking for multiple candidates for various vacancies. These include both driver and non-driver opportunities. You can apply for the positions of administrative non-driver, company driver, maintenance technician, or owner-operator. All of these individuals work together to accomplish organizational goals.

Salary and Benefits

To make sure that trucking services run smoothly, the G&P Trucking Company fully compensates its employees with multiple rewards. This is one of the major reasons why the company has excelled in successfully providing logistic operations throughout the world. To achieve ultimate customer satisfaction, the organization believes in taking care of their employees.

Several benefits, including higher pay scales, are offered at G&P Trucking to keep the workforce inspired. It is estimated that an average truck driver at G&P Trucking can earn up to $50,000 per year. Other benefits include quality home time, retirement plans, insurance plans, and more.

Why is Georgia a Great Place to Start a Trucking Career?

Starting your trucking career at the perfect location is a dream for many individuals. If you are one of those people, then Georgia is the ideal place to be. It is a land of opportunities when it comes to trucking careers. With so many reliable trucking services operating in the region, there is a high possibility of joining one.

Here are a few reasons why Georgia is a great place to start a trucking career.

Renowned Trucking Services

There is no doubt that the state houses some of the best operating logistics services. You will be able to not only enjoy numerous perks but also grow as an individual. Higher pay scales, multiple incentives, and growth prospects are some of the major benefits of joining such companies.

Increasing Demand

As new businesses lay the foundation in Georgia, the need for trucking services is even greater. Most companies seek refuge in trucking companies to deliver precious equipment from one state to another. With the increased demand for trucking services, a bright future lays ahead of you here.

Minimal Requirements

Different states have different laws and regulations that govern how trucking services operate in the state. Georgia only has a few requirements to fulfill before you can actively pursue your trucking career. As a result, it makes for a great choice when starting your career.

Job Outlook and Salary For Trucking in Georgia

With the recent spike in demand for trucking services in Georgia, job outlook and salary for trucking careers look promising. It is predicted that the increasing demand for jobs and salary is imminent for trucking careers in the upcoming decade. 

On average, a truck driver in Georgia can earn as much as $59,662 a year. However, the pay scale might increase with the increasing experience or years of service. To make this simple, we will divide salary packages into three different levels.


An entry-level trucking career refers to an individual who has experience of less than one year. Salary packages are low as compared to mid and master-level careers; however, it increases with work experience. The entry-level salary for a truck driver in Georgia can be as high as $56,020 annually.


Salary packages for mid-level trucking careers are higher when compared to entry-level. If you have a work experience of more than five years, you can earn around $63,701 per year.


As for the master-level, with more than ten years of service, you can expect a salary of around $67,367 yearly.


Starting a job at a prestigious trucking organization is a perfect way to kickstart a trucking career. Georgia is one of those states that offer you this opportunity to train yourself into becoming a better individual. With so many trucking services operating in this state, there is a high probability of becoming a part of one. We have listed some of the best trucking organizations to pave your way towards a bright career.

People Also Ask

Every state has its own rules and regulations when it comes to trucking careers. Starting your career at a trucking company in Georgia often leaves most people with various questions. These are mostly related to job prospects, requirements, and opportunities available as a truck driver. To ensure you are left with none, we have formulated a list of some commonly asked questions.

Which Trucking Companies in Georgia Train Drivers? 

For any trucking company, truck drivers are their most valuable asset. Companies invest greatly to ensure they retain a professional and experienced workforce when it comes to truck drivers. This is why most trucking companies provide training to candidates who are committed to becoming a part of the team. A few examples include C.R England, Tankstar USA, Inc., and Ferrellgas. 

How to Get Hired at Flatbed Trucking Companies in Georgia 

Becoming a part of flatbed trucking companies in Georgia is a dream of many ambitious individuals. Anyone who seeks to become a part must fulfill the eligibility criteria and requirements as per state policy. Once all the criteria are fulfilled, you can join as a flatbed truck driver with handsome salary packages and benefits.

Where to Find Local Grants Georgia to Attend Trucking School For Free?

Georgia provides funding to eligible trucking schools for individuals seeking a CDL license. Such funding results in minimal to no tuition costs for interested candidates. These grants prepare you as a truck driver to meet road safety standards without any cost. Some famous grants include Workforce Investment Act Grant, HOPE Grant, Pell Grant, and more.

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