Best Flatbed Trucking Companies – 2021 Review

| Last Updated: June 27, 2021

Flatbed trucking is another term for shipping oversized cargo from one place to another.

If you are an experienced truck driver who can handle large weights, you should apply to a flatbed trucking company! 

In this article, you will find the best companies that you can choose from. Let’s begin!

How to Become a Flatbed Truck Driver

Before we jump into the reviews, let’s go over the main requirements that you need to fulfill in order to become a flatbed truck driver. 

Most companies require the individual to be around 21 or older with a CDL Class-A license and some experience in driving OTR and flatbed, while some companies even hire entry-level individuals or recent CDL graduates. You must also pass drug and alcohol tests, have no recent DUIs, and have a clean driving record.

What Licenses And Certifications Do You Need For Flatbed Trucking?

In order to become an owner-operator for flatbed services, you must take hold of a CDL Class-A commercial driver’s license by passing a unique driving test. This license will then enable you to cross any state lines and operate a huge vehicle that weighs over 26000 pounds and can tow over 10000 pounds.

Most companies also require employees to have a high school diploma or equivalent or attend a professional truck driving school. Drivers should also have hazardous materials endorsement (HAZMAT), depending on the nature of the products being shipped. 

In order to get this, they should pass an additional knowledge test and a background check so that they can easily transport items from one place to another without raising suspicion or breaking any rules. They should also have good physical health and hand-eye coordination when dealing with heavy materials.

Review of the Best Flatbed Trucking Companies

Now that you know how to get a license for working in a flatbed company let’s move on to the reviews.

1. PS Logistics

Who is PS Logistics?

PS Logistics are shipping experts who specialize in flatbed trucking. They have a team of industry leaders who work together to ensure that the services they provide to the customers are seamless. Moreover, they aim to give business advantages that no other logistics company can compete with.

The services that PS Logistics mainly focuses on are asset transportation, brokerage, third-party logistics, supply chain partnerships, and equipment sales and leasing. They not only provide the solution but are also equipped with the intelligence to approach each problem and find the best solution.

Jobs Offered 

When you join PS Logistics, it’s not just a job, but you are also joining a new family. The team is handpicked with a close-knit group of individuals who share the same passion for work and are motivated to succeed. You can apply as a driver or as a staff member.

There are many positions opened at PS Logistics, with some of them including a logistics coordinator, driver manager, warehouse material handler, mechanic, digital marketing manager, business analyst manager, etc. You can apply to the openings as you see fit for yourself.

Salary and Benefits

PS Logistics pays great emphasis on their team members, and are determined to keep them motivated and create an atmosphere of trust and learning. To do this, they target the best universities for graduates and offer cutting-edge technology in their logistics operations.

Along with a market-competitive salary, the company also provides an excellent benefits package that includes dental, medical, and vision insurance. The coverage is also available for your family members, and $10,000 life insurance is offered without any cost to every employee. You also get paid vacations when working with PS Logistics.

2. Mercer Transportation Co.

  • Address:  1128 West Main Street, Louisville, KY 40203
  • Website:
  • Phone Number: 502-584-2301
  • Email:

Who is Mercer Transportation?

Mercer Transportation was founded back in 1977 and has remained in the trucking industry for a considerable amount of time. They have always made the safety of their employees and customers their first responsibility and priority. They have over 2300 trucks and 11000 carriers that deliver 250000 loads per annum.

With their excellent customer service, they aim to provide logistical solutions to your problems. They mainly specialize in freight management services and are known to be one of the top five carrier companies for government traffic. They also have 90 agents in North America. Their two main capabilities include military and commercial.

Jobs Offered  

Mercer Transportation offers jobs in the military and commercial departments and aims to provide its employees with the safest environment to work in. You can choose to work as an independent contractor or a preferred carrier. You will earn 75% of the gross revenue and have an open-door policy at the home office.

Moreover, their freight is consistent, and they are always looking to expand their freight agent offices. So, if you want to apply for a central truck coordinator job or a truck driver job that manages cargo, then you can count on Mercer to provide you with the best opportunities.

Salary and Benefits

Along with earning 75% of gross revenue, you can rely on Mercer Transportation to provide you with prompt settlements through their Quick Pay Program. They also have a fuel discount program for all their employees so you can save on fuel on your vehicle. You also have to manage consistent freight and not deal with forced dispatches.

You will also be working directly under a coordinator who will attend to all your needs, and you will also receive tire discounts. You will always be paid on time and will receive insurance for yourself and your family. Most importantly, your safety will always be valued, and your loyalty will be appreciated.

3. Anderson Trucking Service

  • Address:  725 Opportunity Dr., St. Cloud, MN 56301
  • Website:
  • Phone Number: 1-800-633-8287
  • Email:

Who is ATS?

Anderson Trucking Services was founded in 1955 when the trucking industry was heavily regulated. After their business started booming, they started purchasing more fleets and invested in the trucking process. 

ATS is well-known for providing transportation and supply chain services, where they specialize in dry van shipping, flatbed shipping, heavy haul transport, less-than-truckload (LTL) shipping, pad wrap shipping, and temperature-controlled shipping. They also offer border crossing freight services, freight brokerage, project logistics, transportation management, and warehouse and yard management. They are well-known for their exceptional customer service and dedication to their work.

Jobs Offered

ATS offers jobs in both the driving and corporate department. Company drivers at ATS can choose to apply for OTR trucking jobs, flatbed/specialized truck driving jobs, and heavy haul truck driving jobs. There are also many other job openings that you can choose from on the corporate side.

You can apply as a National Sales Representative, a Diesel Tractor Technician, Regional Accounts Representative, and as a fleet manager. With their exceptional services, ATS also focuses on empowering its employees and creating a hospitable environment for them to work in. You can count on ATS to provide you with some of the best growth opportunities.

Salary and Benefits

At ATS, loyalty and hard-working team members are always appreciated. The pay is fantastic, and the rewards and bonuses are also given to employees based on their performance. They have five divisions of flatbed truck drivers, and the classes are differentiated based on experience.

Along with a market-competitive salary, you can expect vacation pay, life insurance, medical, dental and vision insurance, disability insurance, 401k profit-sharing plan, flexible spending accounts, employee assistance program to aid your needs, and flights, car rentals, single rooms, and meals covered (for your spouse as well!). ATS is also an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate.

4. Daseke Inc.

  • Address:  15455 Dallas Parkway, Ste 550, Addison, TX 75001
  • Website:
  • Phone Number: 972-248-0412
  • Email:

Who is Daseke Inc.?

Daseke Inc. is one of the largest known flatbed and transportation logistics companies in North America. They are known to offer some of the best customer services with a team of highly experienced people who specialize in logistics and cargo freight. They have about 6000 tractors and 13,000 flatbed trailers that allow them to make deliveries throughout North America.

Their services can be utilized in nearly 14,000 cities, and they can ship cargo weighing up to 850,000 pounds! They are also partners with several charity organizations, and top logistic companies have recognized their work.

Jobs Offered 

Daseke Inc. offers several services to its customers. They also have many job opportunities for people who want to work in the flatbed trucking industry. The main goal of the company is to deliver all the packages to the respective destinations on time. Moreover, the company aims to provide opportunities for growth and learning to its employees.

It offers truckload services all over North America, where you can order items in bulk and have them delivered. You can also apply to these places as a flatbed trucking driver and find positions in corporate jobs. If you have experience in trucking, that is an added bonus too!

Salary and Benefits

Daseke Inc. only hires the best, most punctual, and professional drivers for transportation. They are trained to act as the first person of contact with customers and suppliers, and they are also trained to provide useful feedback. While the salaries depend on experience, the benefits provided are great for everyone.

They offer employees paid vacations and holidays, with special attention given to workers who are kept for overtime work. They are also given health insurance and sick leaves and work in a positive and stress-free atmosphere. Their salaries are also up to $43k per annum.

5. Landstar System

  • Address:  13410 Sutton Park Drive, South, Jacksonville, Florida 32224, P.O.Box 19060
  • Website:
  • Phone Number: 800-872-9400
  • Email:

Who is Landstar System?

Landstar is known to provide safe, reliable, and secure transportation services with the help of a network of independent freight agents and third-party capacity providers. They aid these entrepreneurs by offering them customized shipping solutions and ensuring their deliveries are made on time. 

Their network consists of customers, agents, owner-operators, and carriers. Whatever equipment or freight you want to deliver, you can count on them to ship them with smoothness and ease. The operators are owners and can choose what they want to haul, and when they want to return home. They are known for their five-star customer services.

Jobs Offered 

The company has a lot of job opportunities for people in the truck driving and corporate department. Owner-operators are truck drivers who can choose their own freight and deliver them to their respective places. You can choose from thousands of loads according to your ease and convenience.

Landstar looks for solo owner-operators who have experience working in the trucking industry and can handle a bunch of equipment, such as vans, flatbeds, step-decks, straight and refrigerated trucks, and substantial/specialized trucks as well. You can also decide when you want to go home, and that gives this company a competitive edge.

Salary and Benefits

Landstar is 100% committed to ensuring a safe and secure environment for its employees to work in. This is why they let drivers choose their haul. This freedom allows employees to deliver shipments better and work productively. There is also no forced dispatch, which is another benefit.

The salaries are market competitive, and the more the company’s percentage pay model works, the more the rates go up, so do your revenue and bonus. You also get to enjoy a bunch of benefits, such as paid vacations, medical insurance, and fuel discounts.

6. Bennett International Group

  • Address:  1001 Industrial Parkway, P.O. Box 569, McDonough, Georgia 30253
  • Website:
  • Phone Number: (800) 866-5500

Who is Bennett International Group?

This logistics company is headquartered in Georgia and specializes in providing innovative logistics and transportation services across America. A few of their services include flatbed and step deck trucking, RV delivery, customer brokerage, warehousing, and manufacturing housing transport. 

Bennett International has been operating in this industry for about 46 years and has ample experience in dealing with different types of customers and their needs. They have about 3000 owners and operators, and their employees work together to ensure the best customer services possible to all business partners and clients. They are also well-reputed and reliable for these services.

Jobs Offered 

Bennett offers jobs to everyone and has huge growth opportunities for all its employees. Some of the vacant positions include flatbed trucking, step deck trucking, secure teams, manufacturing housing transport, RV transport, driveway trucking, specialized trucking, heavy haul trucking, power-only trucking, and regional trucking.

Bennett has built a reputation for excellence in its innovation and customer relations. This is also highly attributed to its large team of determined employees who are dedicated to leading the company to success. They have independent owners/operators who work together to ship deliveries on time. This freedom to employees allows them to be more productive and motivated.

Salary and Benefits

At Bennett, owner-operators get a great market-competitive salary along with a compensation package that is quite impressive. You can count on the company to provide you with fuel partnerships and discount advantages, which will reduce much of your traveling costs.

Along with these benefits, you also get same-day settlements, which means you get paid by the day, depending on your productivity and workload. You also benefit from voluntary health programs, which provide all sorts of insurances. Incentive rewards are also given based on employee performance, and maintenance and tire discounts are also available.

7. Transport Investments

Who is Transport Investments?

Transport Investments is known to be one of the 75 largest carrier groups in the country and aims to provide flatbed and specialized transportation services to all its customers. It has a large industry and customer base and has evolved to become amongst the ten largest companies providing flatbed transportation services. 

Customers can also access a wide variety of service offerings, such as yard/project management, drive and tow away services, and in-plant support. They have several holdings, including Fleet Solutions LLC, American Wind Transport Group, American Transport Inc, ATI Trucking, Jonas Express, etc.

Jobs Offered 

Transport Investments offers a wide array of job opportunities. They have an impressive record and experience in transporting goods from different manufacturers for a wide range of industries. 

USAT also offers a broad range of career opportunities in corporate and trucking areas. For a corporate job, you can choose between finance, operations, brokerage, managers, Sales, and Information Services. 

You can also be a company driver and owner/operator or work in the maintenance department. You will also benefit from state-of-the-art technology, internal advancement opportunities, and work in a safe environment. The benefits package is also market-competitive.

Salary and Benefits

Along with a hospitable and safe working environment, Transport Investments also believes in providing rewards and compensation to its employees. This is why you can expect a good salary, along with performance rewards and incentives. 

All employees get a certain benefits package that includes fuel discounts, hotel discounts with the Choice Hotels Group, tire discounts on Bridgestone, Hankook, Yokohama and Michelin, medical insurance, paid sick days, and paid vacations. You can also join the Choice Rewards Program, which will allow you to earn free stays if you use the discount regularly. 

8. TMC Transportation

Who is TMC Transportation?

Known as the trucking industry’s premier open-deck carrier, TMC specializes in innovation and takes pride in its integrity, highly trained and skilled drivers, state-of-the-art equipment, spotless safety record, and consistent dedication to improving customer service.

The equipment at TMC is maintained by highly experienced technicians who are reliable. They provide transportation solutions throughout the country and can move freight, whether it is flatbed, van, refrigerated, or intermodal. They also have a network of terminals, customer service offices, and maintenance facilities all around the nation. You can count on TMC to fulfill all your shipping needs.

Jobs Offered 

The career options that are offered by TMC are many, and there is a wide variety of options that you can choose from based on your experience and expertise. You can choose between an office job, maintenance, driving, yard instructor, information technology, and logistics. 

TMC is always looking for qualified drivers to make the company more successful and expand their shipping reach. Since they specialize in hauling freight that needs an open-deck trailer, the driver must hold a Class-A CDL. They also provide on-the-job training to new graduates who have no experience of truck driving or hauling heavy cargo.

Salary and Benefits

TMC is known for its market-competitive salaries and benefits. The company drivers can earn about $0.49-$0.64 a mile, with additional pay and ESOP. The additional pay includes tarp, detention, vacation pay, sign-on bonuses, borough pay, layover, breakdown, toll, and scale passes, stop pay, over-dimensional load pay, tuition reimbursement, and referral bonuses.

Moreover, experienced drivers who have been with the company for a long period of time can gain their share in the profits every time TMC’s rates increase. Performance pay is also given as incentives to workers who work hard and are dedicated to the job.

9. Melton Truck Lines

Who is Melton Truck Lines?

Melton Truck Lines was founded back in 1954 and has grown to become a reliable industry leader with over 1350 professional drivers. The company has a close-knit group of dedicated and motivated people to work for the company’s success. They strive to remain ahead of their competition with their professional drivers and excellent customer service.

Moreover, they have safety programs and state-of-the-art equipment and communication methods that make the process of hauling equipment easier and more convenient. With over 65 years of experience in trucking, you can rely on Melton for all your shipping and transportation needs.

Jobs Offered 

Melton has a lot of job offerings and openings for all kinds of workers. You can apply for a driving job or a corporate one. Melton's driving job opportunities include experienced drivers, recent CDL graduates, and entry-level drivers, OK/TX regional fleet drivers. 

When talking about corporate jobs, you can choose from sales, HR, Marketing, management, facilities, and landscaping. They are known for providing an ideal environment with a culture of health and wellness, so you can be sure that Melton has your best interests at heart!

Salary and Benefits

On average, a company driver at Melton Truck Lines can expect to earn anywhere between $65000 and $75000 annually. Some of the best and most experienced drivers have also earned around $100,000. You can also expect raises based on the experience and amount of years you have invested in the company.

You will also earn additional and bonus pay, depending on the performance or any extra expenses you incur between shipments. Moreover, you will be entitled to health insurance, dental insurance, paid vacations, vision reimbursement program, access to an on-site gym, a flex spending account, and much more.

10. Maverick USA

  • Address:  13301 Valentine Road, North Little Rock, AR 72117
  • Website:
  • Phone Number: 800-289-6600
  • Email:

Who is Maverick USA?

Maverick Transportation was founded back in 1980 and has become an industry leader over the span of 40 years. They focus on safety, technology, innovation, and providing logistical solutions to their clients. They aim to provide customized solutions to the country’s top corporations.

Maverick has some of the best employees on board with them, and they understand their customers’ needs better than anyone else. Their office environment is fun and comfortable, and they have the vision to do things differently. Maverick USA is genuinely one of the top flatbed trucking companies, as it has some of the best clients and work ethic.

Jobs Offered 

With an employee base of about 2000 employees, Maverick is known to have some of the best growth and learning opportunities for its employees. It has several job offers for people around the world who are interested in hauling freight. Their different driving divisions include flatbed, glass, local, student programs, and a CDL training program.

If you do not have a license or have recently graduated, you do not need to worry about having experience. You can simply apply to their website, and they will accommodate you in a training program where you can earn a license and then work as a truck driver. 

Salary and Benefits

Including a market-competitive pay of $0.54-$0.58 per mile, Maverick also provides its employees with some of the best compensations and benefits packages. Medical benefits will be available to all drivers on the first day of their employment. 

Some of the other benefits include 401k retirement plan, employer-paid company life insurance, disability insurance, access to Passenger Authorization Program, employee assistance program paid by the employer, paid vacations, a credit union membership, and additional voluntary life options. The employees’ families will also be given medical insurance, and you will also get referral bonuses and performance payment.


There are several different transportation and delivery companies in America, but these ones are the top ones in the market. Hopefully, this article was helpful in deciding which flatbed trucking company to work for, and provide you with a basic overview of each company’s culture and job scope. Good luck!

People Also Ask

If you have any questions or queries regarding any of the flatbed trucking companies, the portion below will provide you with a better insight and which one you should opt for. Let’s begin with the FAQ session to clear your ambiguities:

What is Flatbed Trucking?

Flatbed trucking a transportation solution for oversized cargo or freight items. It is a great option to use to transport heavy machinery or other equipment from one place to another. The shipments are carried on a flatbed trailer, which is open and can be loaded from all sides.

What is the Biggest Flatbed Trucking Company in the USA?

The biggest flatbed trucking company in the US is the Landstar system, which is followed by Daseke Inc, Anderson Trucking Service, and then PS Logistics. These companies are very well-known for their speedy deliveries, excellent customer service, and professional drivers. They are also the highest paying companies for flatbed truck driving.

Truck on the Road (Source)

What is the Difference Between a Flatbed Trucking Company And a Regular Trucking Company?

Flatbed trucking companies deal with more oversized cargos and heavy equipment and have better equipment than local trucking companies or dry van ones. They specialize in providing transportation and logistical solutions to large corporations and aid them in their huge freights. They also offer higher pay to their drivers as compared to regular trucking companies.

Which Flatbed Trucking Companies Offer Training?

Maverick Transportation, My Truck Logistics LLC, Laufer Trucking, Leavitt’s Freight Services, Lake Land College, and many other companies mentioned above offer training and CDL license programs to their employees on the job.

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