Best Trucking Companies in Arkansas – 2021 Round-up

| Last Updated: July 16, 2021

The state of Arkansas was considered for its amazing trucking industries back in 1919 when the first few companies were established. These mainly operated to provide services to the wide agricultural industry in the state. Over the years, as industrialization happened, and the state saw an increase in the number of urban settlements, the number of diverse trucking industries also increased.

We will be looking at some of the best companies for you to work in. A detailed overview of the company’s history, services, and ideology is mentioned to give a clearer picture. Moreover, the kind of jobs and benefits that each of these places provides has also been highlighted.

If you thought that’s all, it really isn’t. We have also included other important information regarding the requirements and criteria in this article to help any potential employees. So if you are looking to start an amazing career, read ahead.

How to Become a Truck Driver in Arkansas

Becoming a truck driver in Arkansas is very similar to becoming one in many other parts of America. There is a very easy criterion that you have to fulfill to become eligible for truck driving jobs. The criteria for selection may vary for an advanced driver looking to drive heavy trucks. Here is a summary of what you need. You must:

  • Be at least 18 years old. The criterion for age differs according to the level of certification you are aiming for.

  • Have a commercial learner’s permit. Arkansas DMV can only provide this

  • Have a suitable degree from any state-recognized college

  • Pass the CDL exam

  • Not have any history of crime

  • Be able to pass a physical and mental exam

This was an overview of what you need. Here is a more detailed description of what you have to do.

Get a College Degree

If you are looking to start a career in this field and are of a suitable age, then all you need to do is enroll in a good college nearby. You can take morning or evening classes depending on your availability. Some colleges allow you to carry on with a part-time job along with your studies. 

Moreover, Arkansas is home to some of the best colleges in the area, so getting the right education won’t be an issue.

Sitting For the Exam

Once you have completed your education, it is now time to sit for the extremely important CDL exam. There is not a single driver in Arkansas that can work in any company without passing this exam. The application can be submitted online or in-person to the authorities. The exam is divided into formal and informal assessments. Your theoretical, as well as practical knowledge, will be assessed to see how well you understand the work.

Find the Right Job

Once you fulfill the above criteria, you will now be eligible to work in the industry. You can find some of the best companies in the country in Arkansas. These provide you with flexible timings and amazing job benefits. Moreover, you get many chances at promotions, so regardless of how difficult the first few months are, rest assured that you will find meaning in your job.

What Makes Arkansas a Great Place to Start a Truck Driving Career? 

If you go through the many reviews submitted by drivers in Arkansas, full contentment is something that you will notice in most of these. The state is one of the safest ones in America and offers excellent incentives. Here are some of the reasons you should consider this state if you want to kickstart your career. 

Peaceful Locations

This might not be the first thing that you look for, but it’s definitely going to mean a lot if you are thinking of working in the state for a long time. There are some excellent highways there that make it easy and convenient for drivers to do their job. Moreover, these are surrounded by peaceful and safe settlements. So even if you drive at night, you will notice a much safer environment.

Diverse Range of Colleges

Before you can find a place to work, you need to get the necessary education to pass the exam. This is only made possible through affordable colleges. The state houses some of the most extraordinary community and public colleges. Almost every other city has a place where aspirants can enroll in and kick start their career. Moreover, the campuses are large and spacious, and the staff is experienced. 

Well-Established Companies

Many people come from educated backgrounds and tick all the right boxes, but they are unable to find a job. This is because there aren’t many companies providing good opportunities, but lucky for you, this won’t be the case here.

Arkansas is full of old and new companies that provide ample chances to thrive and prosper in your career. You will also get to enjoy some amazing perks.

Review of the Best Trucking Companies in Arkansas

For a potential employee, this is the best part of any review, and we will ensure that you make the most out of it. We didn’t just review the first few companies that we found. Instead, we scoured the internet to find the most amazing and well-reputed companies for you to work in. So, let’s see what makes them so appealing.

Best Trucking Company in Little Rock, Arkansas:
CSQT Quality In Motion

  • Address: 7325 Zeuber Rd, Little Rock, AR 72206, United States
  • Phone Number: 844-288-6124
  • Email:
  • Website:

Who is CSQT Quality in Motion?

CSQT is located in Little Rock and is one of the biggest companies in Arkansas. It owns more than 250 trailers and has around 120 trucks that are driven by more than 100 drivers. There are also more than 22 maintenance and bay shops in total. The company offers a range of services, including long and medium-haul truckload services. 

Its fleet operates in all 48 states of America, thus making it one of the most reliable companies out there. Moreover, it provides maintenance and fleet services to a range of vehicles and industries. 

The whole philosophy behind the company is pretty interesting. It ensures maximum employee satisfaction whilst also providing affordable services.

Jobs Offered

There are two main categories in which you can apply; these are company drivers and lease drivers. The benefits each get vary according to the job responsibilities. Company drivers work with CSQT regularly and need to report to the base almost every day. However, lease operators get to enjoy a little more flexibility since they don’t work directly for the company.

Moreover, all drivers are supposed to have at least one to two years of experience. Those having a one-year experience are made to drive relatively smaller trucks as compared to the ones made to drive larger trucks. As an applicant, you will also have to prepare for the CDL exam and then pass it with an A grade to be considered for the job.

Salary and Benefits 

When it comes to the benefits and perks of the jobs, very few companies beat this one. Company drivers get more than 0.47 cents per mile; this money is also delivered weekly directly to their bank accounts.

In addition, they get a fixed and guaranteed health insurance plan every 90 days. The option of having flexible timings is also there, which means drivers can work for as long as they want without facing any major repercussions.

Lease drivers aren’t left behind either, and they enjoy some amazing perks as well. They get to keep 70% of the revenue that they generate through fleet transportation. There is also no credit check or balloon payment at the end of the lease, which puts lease drivers at ease. Moreover, they are provided with the latest model tractors for their daily usage.

Best Trucking Company in Fort Smith, AR:
ABF Freight

  • Address: ABF Freight System P.O. Box 10048 Fort Smith, AR 72917-0048
  • Phone Number: 800-610-5544
  • Email:
  • Website:

Who is ABF Freight?

Situated in North America, this company provides services to a large area. It is a pro when it comes to short and long-haul markets. It also has a loyal fan base, and customers trust ABF Freight with all their industrial work. Moreover, the company has existed for more than a century now, and it is as relevant today as it was many decades ago.

But the main reason why people rush to work here is because of the excellent work environment. The culture is such that it respects everyone equally, regardless of the position and experience. This value-driven culture is one of the many reasons why ABF Freight is so popular.

Jobs Offered

Unlike most companies, this one doesn’t come with restricted jobs only in one department. You get to apply to six different categories; that too at the same time. You can work as a driver, a dock worker, a corporate officer, etc. You’ll also be part of a large and passionate team whose members are always looking out for each other.

There are also maintenance and management jobs available that spark the interest of many new applicants. These require people to have a good amount of practical knowledge and experience. Most managers need to work with large groups of people; therefore, they should possess good leadership skills. So if you are looking to become part of a dedicated team, this is your chance.

Salary and Benefits 

Good salary and benefits mean a lot to workers but something that tops all of that is a good workplace environment. ABF Freight has always had a non-compromising behavior when it comes to ensuring workers enjoy peace and prosperity. The managers are both friendly and respectful towards their subordinates. People, regardless of their experience and their position, are treated equally.

Another thing that stands out about the place is the employee growth ratio. There are ample opportunities for progress; all you need to do is stay committed and work hard towards your goals. Moreover, there are numerous awards provided to employees every month or year as an appreciation for their commitment and loyalty.

Best Trucking Company in Jonesboro, AR:
Loggins Logistics Inc.

  • Address: 5706 Commerce Square, Jonesboro, AR 72401
  • Phone Number: 870-932-9231
  • Email:
  • Website:

Who is Loggins Logistics?

The brand hasn’t existed for a long time, but it has managed to garner a lot of respect and praise from customers and employees during a short time. Its owner, Jeff Loggins, bought his first truck in 1985 and became an independent owner. After working tirelessly for more than 12 years, he finally decided to take a risk and expand his prospects.

In 1997, he filed for his own company with the authorities, and luckily he got everything approved. During the first few years, his wife served as an accountant, a payroller, and a dispatcher. The couple worked a day in and day out to set the roots for the company. The first driver that Loggins hired, Noel Duncan, is now the vice president of the company. This is a testament to how Loggins treats its loyal employees.

Jobs Offered

Most of the jobs offered by Loggins Logistics are in the management department. This is because it is a large company that has a lot of employees. Managers are thus needed to ensure that everything runs smoothly. But if you aren’t interested in doing an office job, you can also work in one of the many warehouses that Loggins has. 

But applicants are filtered out when they don’t fill out very specific criteria. To be considered for the job, one has to be at least 25 years of age and have a recognized degree. They should also pass the physical test with flying colors and should not be involved in any felony or crime in the last five years. Being in an accident in the past five years may also reduce your chances of being hired.

Salary and Benefits 

Most of the revenue that the company generates goes into the pockets of its employees. They get paid around 70-80% of the total gross income and get a fuel card to ensure they never have to worry about fuel costs on their trips. Not just that, but drivers and technicians also get an excellent health insurance plan and a reliable retirement plan that further adds to Loggins’ appeal.

As for the salary, most drivers earn around $55,000 on an annual basis. But if you have more experience and allocate more of your time to Loggins, then you will be able to earn around $70,000 too. So if you are looking to enjoy the best perks while also getting flexible timings, this is the best place for you to work.

Best Trucking Company in Searcy, AR:
Conley Transport II Inc.

  • Address: 2104 East line Road | Searcy, AR 72143
  • Phone Number: 800-338-8700
  • Website:

Who is Conley Transport II Inc?

With over 35 years of experience, Conley is certainly a force to be reckoned with, especially in Arkansas. It continues to break shackles and grow in number and strength. Therefore, continuous expansion has led it to buy a large fleet of trucks and trailers to provide reliable services to its customers. 

The motto ‘the best leading the rest’ is also in line with the years of dedication and commitment of the owners. Another reason the company stands out is its focus on providing safe and reliable services to everyone. The trucks and trailers are well-maintained to ensure both drivers and employees have the best time possible.

Jobs Offered

With Conley, you can work as a single driver or a team driver. The former will have to drive the vehicle the whole time and will not be assisted by anyone. On the other hand, team drivers usually work as pairs to ensure no single person has to drive continuously for more than eight hours. You also get to enjoy the company of another human being, so you don’t get bored on your long trips.

Conley is involved in the transportation of large bulk cargo, dry bulk cargo, and paper products. These require the services of an experienced driver; hence the company requires applicants to have at least two years of experience. It also transports refrigerated and fresh products to faraway places. The inclusion of large refrigerators in the truck helps keep everything fresh and smelling nice.

Salary and Benefits 

With an excellent retirement and insurance plan, there is nothing that drivers or managers have to complain about. The package is impressive because it caters to the needs of all individual team members. Regular and single drivers earn up to 50 cents per mile, whereas team drivers earn up to 55 cents per mile. The latter, however, has to split the cost equally between the team.

There are also amazing promotional opportunities that you get when you work with Conley. Since the company doesn’t hire mindlessly, you have a greater chance of moving up the ladder. You will also be eligible for some great monthly and yearly bonuses once you complete 90 days of continuous work with the company.

5. PAM Transport

  • Address: 297 West Henri de Tonti Blvd Tontitown, AR 72770
  • Phone Number: 800-879-7261
  • Website:

Who is PAM Transport?

The original PAM Transport was founded in 1980, and then the Transportation Service Inc became part of the brand in 1986. Most of the corporate offices of PAM are located near the beautiful Ozark Mountains of Northwest Arkansas. Over the years, there has been a sharp rise in the customer base of the company and the acquisition of resources.

PAM started as a regional company, but now it provides transportation services to a wide range of customers situated all over the USA. The main services include dry van truckload, intermodal, expedited truckload, and logistical services.

Jobs Offered

There are two ways in which you can be associated with PAM. You can become a company driver on a regular or part-time basis or become an owner-operator. The people hired in the former category get less flexibility and more perks. They are also required to allocate fixed hours of their time for driving every day.

On the other hand, owner-operators are those with small businesses or micro-businesses who run the day-to-day operations of a company. They are currently playing a key role in achieving smooth operations within a large company. If you have some experience in managerial jobs, you will be eligible to become an owner-operator with PAM.

Salary and Benefits 

Owner-operators who want to start or even expand on their current businesses can become part of the lease program and prosper in their careers. They will be free of any credit checks and won’t have to deal with any down payments. They are also not obligated to buy or invest further in the leased truck at the end of their contract.

Solo or team drivers get to share the same benefits. People who work diligently may get double the pay in just nine months. Team drivers also get joint bonuses of around $10,000 yearly.

6. USAT Capacity Solutions

  • Address: USA Truck, 3200 Industrial Park Road Van Buren, AR 72956
  • Phone Number: 479-471-2500
  • Email:
  • Website:

Who is USAT Capacity Solutions?

In 2018, the owners celebrated the 35th anniversary of USAT. The foundation was laid in 1983 as Crawford Produce. There were only ten tractors in possession of the brand, but over the years, it has transitioned to one of the biggest and most popular companies in the state.

A team of 2000 members works day and night to ensure timely service to all customers. The most noteworthy feature of USAT is that it possesses some of the most attractive white tractors in the market. These are made more attractive by a singular star logo in the middle of the vehicle. Drivers and customers take a lot of pride in being associated with these timeless beauties.

Jobs Offered

Most people don’t look for corporate jobs in the trucking business, but they really should. This company provides some of the most comfortable and rewarding jobs to people who want to sit and work from an office. You can apply for an owner-operator job or simply try out your luck as a manager or fleet operator.

Maintenance is also a popular sector that receives many applications every year. For you to be hired as a technician or a mechanic, you will need to have ample experience in the field. This is because USAT prioritizes safety above all other things. So naturally, it expects the very best from all its employees. 

Salary and Benefits 

With USAT, employees never get us one pay rate, because every few months, the CPM increases. This is a great incentive for people looking to get monetary benefits from their job. But this isn’t the only reason why USAT is added to this list. The company also offers many other things like a comfortable work environment and many promotional opportunities.

You also get loyalty bonuses if you work diligently with USAT. This, combined with a regional pay schedule, ensures you are at peace during your work hours. To top all this, employees get fuel and idle bonus and an additional CPM for any freight-hauled and transmission truck service.

7. J.B. Hunt Transport Services Inc.

  • Address: J.B. Hunt Transport, Inc., P.O. Box 130, Lowell, AR 72745
  • Phone Number: 1-800-452-4868
  • Email:
  • Website:

Who is J.B. Hunt Transport Services Inc?

It is very rare to see the children of original owners doing a much better job than their forefathers, but JB’s Rochelle has mesmerized everyone with her skills. She is a proven and effective leader who has incorporated her father’s ideologies into her modern vision. She has innovated the company completely and ensured that it is fit for modern-day requirements.

Currently, the company owns twice as many trucks and trailers as it did a few years back. This is not only because of Rochelle’s unwavering dedication, but a lot of credit needs to be given to old employees who never lost sight of what’s important and always stayed loyal to JB.

Jobs Offered

It takes a lot more than good drivers to keep JB at the top of the market. It offers a range of jobs to all potential applicants looking to make a career in the trucking industry. Most popular jobs are for maintenance. This includes mechanics and IT technicians. All these people are responsible for ensuring a safe and smooth work environment.

Furthermore, there are many office-based jobs that you can apply for, especially if you don’t like working as a driver. You can start off as an assistant to the manager, and in just a few years, you can transition to a manager or owner-operator yourself.

Salary and Benefits 

No one wants to earn a good amount of money in their lifetime and then be really poor when they get old. This is why J.B. Hunt offers the 401K retirement to all its employees. This not only covers the basics but combined with life insurance, it allows workers to enjoy a peaceful time when they retire. Moreover, everyone working with J.B. Hunt gets a weekly payroll that is deposited directly into their banks.

The orientation and training are also paid for, which means that even if you lack experience, the company will make some exceptions for you, given you possess determination and a knack for hard work. Moreover, working in a safe environment is a blessing, and that is exactly what J.B. Hunt will feel like. All trucks and trailers are maintained to ensure they are running smoothly.

8. CalArk International

  • Address: 12103 Interstate 30, Little Rock, AR 72209
  • Phone Number: 501-455-3399
  • Email:
  • Website:

Who is CalArk International?

Founded in 1975, CalArk has completely revolutionized the way trucking companies operate in Arkansas. Its success is mostly because it values all its customers and employees equally. Moreover, a lot of focus is placed on customer contentment, which is ensured by reliable drivers and a smooth operating HR department.

It also started as a small dry van truckload servicing company, but with hard work and constant dedication of its employees, CalArk has managed to become one of the most popular brands in all of the USA. 

Jobs Offered

You can apply to five different sectors in this company. As a company or regional driver, you will be responsible for transporting stuff to and from nearby places. Lease operators work indirectly with the company and build a small career of their own. They also get a lot of benefits and perks.

There are also two special categories where employees work: the warehouse and maintenance departments. People working here will be responsible for the safe packaging and storage of bulk cargo. They will also be responsible for handling perishable goods.

Salary and Benefits 

There’s a long list of perks that employees get whilst working here. Most drivers and managers get industry-leading pay that increases every few months. Moreover, you will get a sign-on bonus of $1500 and a driver referral bonus that further adds to the company’s appeal.

Good home time is also a major reason why CalArk stands out. All employees get to spend ample time with their friends and family. Most leaves are fully paid, so you won’t have to worry about any pay cuts. To top all this, employees get access to a wonderful health and vision insurance plan.

9. TLI Transco Lines Inc.

  • Address: 401 N Arkansas Ave, Russellville, Arkansas 72801
  • Phone Number: 479-967-5700
  • Website:

Who is TLI Transco Lines Inc.?

TLI Transco was founded in 1984 and has its headquarters in a beautiful place called Russellville. This is located between Fort Smith and Little Rock and is an amiable place to work at. TLI provides all kinds of maintenance and transportation services, both regionally and nationally. 

The locations have been carefully selected to ensure drivers can get access to all modern amenities. Many latest urban settlements in the vicinity allow for peaceful housing. As for the fleet, the company owns more than 350 power units and has around 700 dry van trailers. It has a strong team of 175 solo drivers as well.

Jobs Offered

Whether you want to become a solo driver, a team driver, a lease-purchase owner, or simply an owner-operator, you can always find a good job with TLI. Team drivers work in a pair of two and go on trips together. This ensures that you have a good company throughout your journey, and you don’t get too tired on longer trips. If you are looking to start a small business, you can partner with TLI and make use of the amazing lease purchase program.

On the other hand, owner-operators get to earn more because they allocate more personal time to the company. They manage the day-to-day operations whilst also driving vehicles. Moreover, you can become a company driver and avail of the amazing incentive packages.

Salary and Benefits 

One look at the salary package is enough to convince anyone to work at TLI, but a good salary is not the only impressive thing. The company runs on good-will gestures, and the team is provided with special training to ensure that everyone works in coordination with each other. A functional HR department is also up and running to ensure minimum discords between drivers and managers.

Moreover, you get great promotional opportunities; that too, in your first year of work. If you work hard and deliver all your cargo on time, you will not only be eligible for perfect bonuses, but you will also get to enjoy promotional opportunities.

10. Maverick Transportation Inc.

  • Address: 13301 Valentine Road, North Little Rock, AR 72117
  • Phone Number: 800-289-1100
  • Email:
  • Website:

Who is Maverick Transportation Inc.?

Maverick started with humble beginnings but soon found a way to enter every state in the USA. It was founded in 1980, and over the years, it has become one of the USA's biggest companies. President Jimmy Carter managed to sign the Motor Carrier Act in 1980 that not only deregulated the trucking industry but also allowed Jimmy to pursue his dream. He soon managed to expand the company with the help of his friend William.

He didn’t want to stay in a partnership for very long, which is why he bought out his friend and soon became the only owner of Maverick. Since then, a set of fixed principles and values have been incorporated into the company’s policy. This is known as the ‘Maverick way.’

Jobs Offered

Maverick is always ready to receive applications in three main sectors. These are the accounting sector, the maintenance sector, and the information technology department. If you have some knowledge about finances and possess a good degree, then you can work as a senior analyst. Or, if you are an IT pro, then you can work as a network administrator. You will have to deal with a lot of technical stuff so you should have some experience in the field as well.

As for maintenance and driving jobs, these require a lot of practical knowledge, and people with experience and a clean past are often preferred. You can work as a mechanic or a technician, or you can take up a job in the warehouse department.

Salary and Benefits 

Getting appreciated for the work that you do is one thing, but getting a shield or an award instills a completely new feeling. Drivers working here get awards on a monthly or yearly basis. There are categories such as ‘driver of the year’ and the ‘driver of the month.’ There is also a special category that has been recently added. This ‘dedicated driver of the month’ is given to the most hardworking driver and often increases the chances of promotion.

Moreover, free training and workshop sessions are provided to help new applicants find comfort in their work. All the fleet vehicles are well maintained to ensure a comfortable ride throughout the journey.


Even thinking of starting a career, especially in the trucking industry, can be quite stressful. This becomes even more challenging when there are so many right options in front of you. With so many great companies, you can find the process of picking a suitable place quite daunting, but that’s what we are here to change.

The review not only covers the basics but goes a step further and includes all the necessary information regarding job benefits and privileges that you get. All you have to do is make comparisons and see which place fits your criteria and suits you best.

But regardless of which place you choose to work at, working in Arkansas is nothing short of incredible.

People Also Ask

Both employees and customers are eager to know more about trucking companies in Arkansas. This has compelled them to share their queries on the internet. We selected the most popular questions and answered them here. 

What Does a Dispatcher Do at a Trucking Company?

All the work that requires coordination between different departments is dealt with by departures. These manage the schedules of employees, especially drivers, to ensure that all the goods and products are delivered at the proposed time. Moreover, they are responsible for picking up calls and ensuring that all the customers’ complaints are handled accordingly.

Where is Pam Trucking Company Based?

The company is located in Tontitown, AR, and is one of the largest companies in the area. It was founded in 1980 and is now home to more than 1800 trucks. Moreover, it offers some of the best services to people in all 48 states of the USA.

Who Owns J.B. Hunt Trucking Company?

Johnelle Hunt and Johnnie Bryant Hunt currently own the company. Both of them are related and are co-founders of the company. The headquarters is located in Lowell, which is also the hub of all J.B. Hunt operations.

How Many Trucking Companies Are Located in Arkansas?

Trucking in America is one of the most popular and biggest businesses in the country, and thousands of people are actively working to make it even bigger. In April 2020, there were around 4840 companies located in the state. These were mostly small and only operated with a handful of trucks. However, around 10% of companies can be considered large ones.

After spending years on the road, I had a lot of time to think about the hardships that came with the trucking industry. I realized there was an opportunity to lend a hand a create a resource for truckers by truckers. With the help of my tech-savvy son, I built Trucker Geek as a way to show people that becoming a driver doesn’t need to be a stressful headache.