Best Trucking Companies in Birmingham, AL – 2021 Guide

| Last Updated: June 28, 2021

Truck drivers, commonly called truckers these days, are responsible for transporting goods from one place to another. "If you bought it, a truck brought it" is a famous slogan nowadays. And it is true; everyday items in supermarkets to the apparel in a designer boutique, all owe their availability to a trucker. 

The career prospect is especially bright in Birmingham, Alabama. The demand for more truckers is increasing steadily. And you don't necessarily need prior experience to become one.

If you are also planning on starting your career as a long-haul trucker in Birmingham, we are here to help you. In this article, we have listed the best trucking companies operating in Birmingham, Alabama. They are renowned and respected names in the industry who are equally trusted by their employees and customers. Read on to find out more.

How to Become a Truck Driver in Birmingham, AL

Being a truck driver is a career that does not require a two or four-year degree. Many freight and transportation companies require prospective drivers to have a minimum of high school diploma to start training with them. They are also required to have a Commercial Driver's License (CDL). Here is a detailed account of how to become a truck driver in Birmingham, Alabama:

  • To be a truck driver within the state lines, you have to be at least 18 years of age. And if you want to drive across state lines, you have to be at least 21 years of age.

  • You don't really need a degree for this career. However, a high school diploma is a must. You also have to have a CDL Class-A license. You can easily attend classes to earn a Class-A CDL as they are offered by community colleges, commercial programs, and even by trucking companies themselves. You can attend them for free, or in some cases, get paid for it. The training program lasts anywhere between three and six months, and you are granted a certification upon its completion. You have to pass both a knowledge test and a driving test to obtain your CDL.

  • After receiving your CDL and being hired by a company, you will receive on-the-job training. You will drive with a more experienced driver as a passenger and learn more about the truck you will be driving and the goods you will carry.

  • After completing several weeks of careful training, you can start working as a full-time trucker.
    Although there are no strict educational requirements, some qualities are a must for a trucker. These include good hand-eye coordination, hearing, visual ability, and physical health.

Review of the Best Trucking Companies in Birmingham, AL

Truckers are responsible for running our economy. The goods they supply move us. There is a multitude of transportation companies operating in Birmingham. But, in order to be successful, you should apply to the companies that truly care about their employees.

In this section, we have reviewed the best trucking companies in Birmingham, Alabama. You can go through the comprehensive analysis and pick out the one you find yourself more compatible with. 

1. Deep South Freight

  • Address: 2221 17th St N, Birmingham, AL 35204, United States
  • Phone Number: 1-205-326-0490
  • Email:
  • Website:

Who is Deep South Freight?

Deep South Freight is a licensed and bonded freight shipping and trucking company. Set up in 1975, the company has established a name for itself as a successful business in the past 40 years. It is a locally-owned business whose drivers are its first priority.

Currently, it operates across the 48 states of the US and Canada too. From industrial raw material to food-grade goods and products, they transport a wide range of commodities. With a strategically placed network, it is committed to meet the customer's needs.

The company does not have a very big team. It employs about 200 workers and is very concerned about promoting an outstanding work atmosphere. This is one of the reasons behind its success as satisfied drivers are the fortune of any trucking company. 

Jobs Offered

As one of Birmingham's oldest freight companies, Deep South Freight offers excellent opportunities to new and experienced drivers. The scope for progress is also vast as the total number of workers employed by this company ranges from 51 to 200.

Here, the opportunities for both owner-operators and company drivers are great. Owner-operators enjoy stability and leverage in combination with the freedom and flexibility of an independent contractor.

Company drivers, on the other hand, enjoy high-paying miles thanks to their year-round freight. Along with a good paycheck, they are also eligible for a number of benefits. 

Salary and Benefits 

Based on what the current and past employees are saying, Deep South Freight pays its drivers fairly well. The average annual salary reported is $50,624. Company drivers here get 25 percent pay for line haul. Owner-operators get 70 percent line haul. Paychecks suffer no hold with settlements made weekly.

They offer a full benefits program complete with an IRA retirement program. The drivers are not required to transport HAZMAT materials. Company drivers enjoy supplemental insurance coverage while owner-operators get Bobtail and Physical Damage Insurance. Moreover, the freight is consistent and steady, and the drivers get to enjoy weekends at home.

2.  Estes Express Lines

  • Address: 3901 West Broad Street, Richmond, VA 23230
  • Phone Number: 1-804-353-1900
  • Email:
  • Website:

Who is Estes Express Lines?

Estes Express Lines is the largest shipping company in North America. It is a private business owned and run by the Estes family. Founded nearly 90 years ago in 1931, today it is managed under the chairmanship of Robey W. Estes Jr. Employing over 19,000 team members, they have a large fleet with 8,100 drivers. 

It is a multi-regional less-than-truckload carrier. With a vast network of around 200 terminals spread over 50 states and the Caribbean, the company provides a coast-to-coast service. Other than the direct service, the supply line also includes multiple markets in Mexico and Canada thanks to its Express Link service network. 

Jobs Offered

Estes employs an experienced and skilled team of drivers, mechanics, dockworkers, dispatchers, customer care representatives, account managers, and many others. The company firmly believes that each and every employee is essential for their growth. That's why they maintain an all-inclusive environment for each of their 19,000 workers. 

Here, the career opportunities allow you to join them as drivers, driver trainees, mechanics, dock worker yard jockey, corporate office personnel, field office personnel, and field sales personnel. Each post and department has its own set of requirements. The versatile opportunities allow you to work for Estes even if you don't want to be a trucker. 

Salary and Benefits 

Estes Express Lines is not known as the largest shipping company for nothing. It is known for its good salaries and outstanding benefits. With the huge number of employees working for them, they make sure to pay every one of them a reasonable rate for their services. 

Dockworkers here earn around $52,291 per year; truck drivers make $68,274, delivery drivers earn $51,434, operations managers can make $68,807, supervisors earn $51,104, terminal managers make $65,259 annually, and so on. 

They value their employees a lot and offer a full range of options as benefits. The package includes sick leaves, paid vacations, holidays, complete medical, dental, and vision insurance, life, and accidental death dismemberment insurance, disability plans for both long and short term, a job referral program, company-provided uniform, and cell phone reimbursement, amongst other things.

3. Montgomery Transport LLC

  • Address: 2563 Commerce Cir, Birmingham, AL 35217, United States
  • Phone Number: 1-205-320-6000
  • Website:

Who is Montgomery Transport LLC? 

Montgomery Transport LLC is a relatively new addition to the blooming trucking industry in Birmingham. In fact, the founder Rollins Montgomery was actually inspired by the steel industry around him. Running a fleet himself, he had major insights into the needs and demands of the customers. So he went on and established Montgomery Transport in 2011. The company has been flourishing ever since.

It is one of the leading flatbed carriers that have a division operating service. They team up with independent contractors to offer reliable services. There is a dedicated trucking service to fulfill special business needs. They also have a separate special division for heavy haul trucking jobs.

Jobs Offered

Being relatively new to the world of logistics, Montgomery Transport LLC currently employs about 11 to 50 employees. As a successful business, the company is growing steadily, so new positions are constantly opening up. The career opportunities here are great, whether you want to be a trucker or want to join them as a corporate worker. 

They hire truck drivers, loaders, customer care representatives, operation managers, driver managers, and marketing and communication personnel. Especially for CDL Class-A drivers, they offer a promising flatbed career. 

Salary and Benefits

The company pays a market-competitive industrial-level rate with weekly home time and around $2,000 orientation pay.  

Driving a flatbed truck for Montgomery Transport will earn you a minimum of $.63 CPM. This makes around $1,200 on a weekly basis. The average annual pay of a Montgomery driver is $70,000. The pay-for-performance program also increases the pay by up to $500 per four weeks.

Their incentive and benefits program also offers great coverage. The life, health, dental, and vision insurance is the basic coverage. Drivers also get short-term disability insurance, 401K with employer match, paid holidays and paid vacations. 

The equipment is top-of-the-line with no vehicle older than 1.5 years on average. They offer driving positions for short-hauls. Drivers also get extra pay for tarp, layovers, and detention, and in case of a breakdown too. 

4. Buddy Moore Trucking

  • Address: 925 34th Street North, Birmingham, AL 35222
  • Phone Number: 1-877-366-6566
  • Email:
  • Website:

Who is Buddy Moore Trucking? 

Buddy Moore Trucking is a privately-owned, family-operated company. E.H. "Buddy" Moore Jr. founded it in 2004. He spent more than 58 years in the industry and originally worked as an owner-operator for it. Now, after two decades, the company is a family-operated organization. 

Their fleet of vehicles is a modern one. All their trucks are top-of-the-line and are equipped with the latest technologies. This fleet works efficiently to provide logistic solutions for any and everyone. Their services include truckload van and flat, partial loads, project, and expedited cargo. 

Jobs Offered

Here, you will find excellent opportunities for people looking to build a successful and secure career in the transportation industry. They offer a number of drivers, mechanic, corporate, and operational positions. The company is expanding steadily, so they are constantly on the lookout to take more talented individuals on board. You can always apply to any of the positions as they are always accepting applications.

When we talk about their driving scope, Buddy Moore Trucking offers its prospective drivers the choice between four routes. These are Long Haul, Short Haul, Local, and Dedicated. Trucking aspirants can pick a suitable route for themselves, depending upon their convenience. They also provide on-going training and professional development. 

Salary and Benefits

Buddy Moore Trucking boasts a high average salary of $53,223 annually for its drivers. Around 54% of the workers say that they are paid decently. Drivers are happy with the friendly working atmosphere, and the trucks themselves are a pleasure to drive, even during the long haul trip. 

The incentives package accompanying the paycheck is also very detailed and inclusive. At Buddy Moore Trucking, safety is the number one priority. They utilize the latest equipment that is maintained regularly. Their drivers get a lot of bonuses, including a DOT inspection bonus. The payments are made on a weekly basis with the flexibility of obtaining an advance. They also have an open-door policy with a family atmosphere. 

Buddy Moore Trucking is a privately-owned, family-operated company. E.H. "Buddy" Moore Jr. founded it in 2004. He spent more than 58 years in the industry and originally worked as an owner-operator for it. Now, after two decades, the company is a family-operated organization. 

Their fleet of vehicles is a modern one. All their trucks are top-of-the-line and are equipped with the latest technologies. This fleet works efficiently to provide logistic solutions for any and everyone. Their services include truckload van and flat, partial loads, project, and expedited cargo. 

5. P & S Transportation

  • Address: P & S Transportation, P.O. Box 2487, Birmingham, AL 35201
  • Phone Number: 1-205-788-4000
  • Email:
  • Website:

Who is P & S Transportation?

Now let us look at one of the major players in the flatbed industry, namely P & S Transportation. Founded by Robbie Pike and Scott Smith back in 2004, the company has established itself as a leader in the logistics and transportation game. Initially started with 20 owner-operators and 35 trailers, now the company operates in 14 locations across the U.S. It offers satisfying services with a fleet of over 1,000 trucks.

Their primary haul consists of building materials, oil and natural gas, and steel materials and goods. Their drivers are full of self-confidence as the company treats them as their most valuable resource. They strive hard to make the most challenging jobs seem very satisfying to the driver who gets his worth in terms of a good paycheck. 

Jobs Offered

They have a close-knit team of drivers and support staff working together to create a friendly and trusting work environment.

They are one of the few trucking companies that offer paid training programs to prospective applicants. They have affiliated themselves with universities and recruit straight from the top programs in logistics and operations. 

Their supply routes include Regional, OTR, dedicated, and line-haul. You can choose the route you are more comfortable with. Most family drivers opt for regional routes, while those who have a more adventurous streak apply for OTR and line haul.

Salary and Benefits 

P & S Transportation offers a competitive market rate of 27 percent of the line haul. This sums up to around 56 cents per mile. The payments are made on a weekly basis via direct deposit. On average, their truck drivers earn about $1070 per week and $52,896 per annum. 

They have an orientation program in place that starts every Monday. If you decide to attend it, your travel, hotel, and meals are paid for. They also offer a sign-on bonus of $5,000, $1,200 of which are released with the first paycheck.

Working here comes with the perks of a great benefits plan. It includes medical, dental, and vision insurance. This coverage is also eligible for dependent family members. Life insurance worth $10,000 is also provided free of cost for the driver, and you can purchase additional coverage as well. You get to spend the weekends home, can take your pets with you, and after completing orientation, an adult passenger can also accompany you. 

6. Southeastern Freight Lines

  • Address: 420 Davega Road, Lexington, SC 29073
  • Phone Number: 1-803-794-7300
  • Website:

Who is Southeastern Freight Lines?

Southeastern Freight Lines, commonly abbreviated as SEFL, is a privately-owned logistics solution organization that has been operating in the US for nearly 70 years. It was established back in 1950 by William T. Cassels. He changed professions and took out a $5000 dollar loan to start this company. The risk paid off, and now the company is the 11th largest American LTL carrier.

It is known for providing excellent quality service for the past seven decades. They have a proven record of financial stability. They proudly boast no layoffs in all the past years. They have garnered immense trust and respect from their customers. The impressive 390+ awards that they have won over the years clearly show that. 

Jobs Offered

SEFL offers amazing opportunities for their employees to develop a steady and secure career. With service centers spread over 90 different locations, naturally, the company is always in need of new employees.

They have regular open positions for drivers, freight handlers, freight operators, forklift operators, dock workers, customer care personnel, and so on. Their driving posts are available for local, regional, OTR, and long haul routes. You can join them for management posts as well. 

Salary and Benefits

The company offers a decent wage of $0.67 per mile. This makes up to around $54,624 annually. The rate for pick and delivery drivers is $27.60/hour, dock workers earn $14.89 on an hourly basis, freight handlers get $17.19 per hour, forklift operators can $17.19 per hour, and customer care personnel make from $15.10 to $16 per hour. All payments are made weekly with additional bonuses.

The benefits program structured by them is also a flexible and all-inclusive package, especially for drivers. They get 401K matching, comprehensive retirement plan, health insurance, dental insurance, disability insurance, wellness insurance, paid time off, and vision insurance. The employees working here are quite satisfied with the incentives they offer, and they are very impressed at how interested they are in employee affairs. 

7. Church Transportation & Logistics Inc.

  • Address: Church Transportation & Logistics, Inc. 2300 Nabors Road SW, Birmingham, AL 35211
  • Phone Number: 1-205-925-1977
  • Email:
  • Website:

Who is Church Transportation & Logistics Inc.?

Church Transportation & Logistics Inc. started when Fenn Church took a leap of faith. He had many years worth of experience in the LTL industry, so he decided to open up his own company in 2000. It began with a truck and a trailer, and only one associate based in a small office located off Finley Avenue in Birmingham. The company has now grown to become a dedicated transportation name. It has a vast fleet consisting of 125 tractors and 70 tractors. They also have a vast cross-dock and warehousing facility that is spread over 30,000 square feet. 

In the 19+ years of its operation, the company still strictly adheres to Fenn's vision as a solid customer service commitment. It continues to grow without losing sight of its small company roots while paying close attention to the customers' ever-changing needs. 

Jobs Offered

As they are one of the newer logistic agencies operating in Birmingham, Church Transportation & Logistics Inc. is steadily expanding. So they regularly have new positions open for both CDL Class-A drivers as well as administrative workers. 

Their jobs include openings for drivers, fleet managers, administrative assistants, customer care representatives, senior customer care supervisors, mechanics, dispatchers, and many more. They are a close-knit team that works together to deliver satisfying FTL and LTL services as well as logistic consultations. 

The company has a great working environment integrated with good values. They are known to treat everyone equally and more like a professional driver than just a number. 

Salary and Benefits

The drivers working for Church Transportation & Logistics Inc. make around a competitive pay of $4,000 monthly. That makes up to a good annual pay of $48,000 on average. The administrative workers are paid on an hourly basis. They get $14 to $15 per hour, while fleet managers earn a monthly average of $44,000.

Their benefits program includes a monthly performance bonus referral program, safety/DOT inspection bonus, BCBS insurance, MetLife insurance, VSP vision insurance, and 401K matching. 

If you decide to apply here, you will get to drive new model equipment, including Automatic Transmission Trucks and air-ride equipment. Their routes include Midwest, Mid-Atlantic, and Southern Lanes. You should also know that this company does not discriminate in any aspect and provides equal opportunity to all applicants. 

What Makes Birmingham, AL a Great Place to Start a Trucking Career?

The beautiful city of Birmingham, situated in Alabama is known for its bustling economy of the strong steel industry, many constructions, and engineering companies. Just like any other city in the US, Birmingham also faces a constant shortage of truckers. Since trucking is an important economic activity across the entire US, here are some aspects that make Birmingham, Alabama, a great place to start a trucking career. 

Income Potential

We all work to earn our livelihood, and trucking is a career that surely pays out a decent amount of wage. In Birmingham, drivers at beginner levels earn as much as $48,696 annually. The more the experience, the better the pay. You also get to have a number of bonuses that also bring up the total salary amount. 

Inclusive Community

The trucking community is very inclusive. They all have a unique job, and this uniqueness sets them apart from others. Their work is their lifestyle. No one understands what they experience and see every new day. The entire community operates much like a military unit, a tight and strong camaraderie with one another. 

Job Security

With a constant shortage of truck drivers in Birmingham, especially now, those who opt for this career have the ultimate job security. Different statistics show that job openings may increase from two to six percent during the next decade. 

Accessible Training

Community colleges and commercial programs across Birmingham offer a comprehensive program for CDL certification. Even trucking companies offer this program sometimes for free, while others give a stipend. The time for course completion is about four to six weeks. Any other degree program takes about two to four years with a baggage of student loans. Here, as a trucker in Birmingham, you have more opportunities for building a successful trucking career for yourself. 


Being a trucker in Birmingham not only gives you a steady paycheck, but you are also eligible for a number of benefits, including paid holidays, paid vacation, health, dental, and life insurance, and regular pay raises, to name a few. These benefits vary from company to company. But rest assured that as a trucker, you are eligible for some good things. 

Job Outlook and Salary For Truckers in Birmingham

Trucks are responsible for delivering the majority of freight around the US. In a way, the economy depends on truck drivers to transport freight and keep supply chains moving. The demand for more truckers is directly dependent upon the increase in demand for goods. The more people are willing to spend, the more the trucking industry will flourish. 

Transportation companies in Birmingham are always on the lookout for new recruitments. Since various companies deal at both regional and state levels, the demand is equally high for regional drivers, OTR drivers, and local drivers.

According to the Alabama Department of Labor, the employment rate of heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers is projected to grow two percent from 2019 to 2029, with 30,600 more expected openings. 

Truckers are usually paid by how many miles they drive. They are also granted bonuses. The rate per mile is different from one employer to another. It is also dependent on how much experience the driver has and the type of cargo they are carrying.

The mean average salary for a trucker in Birmingham, Alabama, is $51,862 per annum. Entry-level truckers earn an average of $48,696 while mid-level and master-level truckers earn around $53,597 and $58,560, respectively. 


The Birmingham trucking industry is a promising one. If you are interested in building a steady, secure, and well-paying career, you should definitely look into becoming a trucker. Even if you are considering a job change and want a professional career, you can choose the transportation industry. Once you are sitting behind the wheel, the feeling of freedom and independence is overwhelming. The pay is not bad as well. 

The demand for truckers in Birmingham, Alabama, is not going to drop any time soon. You can really build a secure career for yourself out of it. Above, we discussed the best trucking companies in Birmingham, Alabama. If you are serious about this career pathway, these are the companies that you should join. The working environment is great, and you will be treated with respect. As for the pay, even to a beginner, this industry pays well.

People Also Ask

Being a trucker demands a lot of sacrifices. You will be separated from your family for days at a time for one. However, the sense of freedom is actually great. The ever-increasing demand for new openings often leaves potential applicants confused. If you also have some ambiguities plaguing your mind, here are the answers to some common queries. 

Are Truckers in High Demand in Birmingham?

Yes, truckers are in high demand in Birmingham. The latest statistics released by the Alabama Department of Labor show that the trucking industry is in heavy recruiting mode. George Scott, a recruiter for food service, thinks that Birmingham's trucking industry is all about opportunity. According to him, truck drivers' demand is so high that soon drivers will be naming their price. And it's not going to reduce anytime soon.

How Many Employees Does Estes Express Lines Have?

Estes Express Lines is a Richmond, Virginia-based full-service freight transportation provider operating in the United States. Since its establishment in 1931, the company has been owned and run by the Estes family. Today, the company has more than 19,000 employees working for it, out of which 8,900 are drivers. 

Who Owns Montgomery Transport?

Montgomery Transport is a privately-owned transportation company that operates under Ballyvesey Holdings. Though the parent company is based in London, it is owned and run by the Northern Ireland Montgomery family. The company was established in 1970 and operated with a single tractor unit. Now, after 50 years, it has grown to become one of the largest privately-owned transport companies in the UK. 

Who Owns Buddy Moore Trucking?

Buddy Moore Trucking was founded by E.H. "Buddy" Moore Jr. The company completed its first decade as an owner-operated business. Now, after nearly two decades, it is a family-owned and operated business. They really strive for the well-being of employees who are also treated as a part of the family. 

Who Has P&S Transportation Partnered With?

P & S Transportation is a relatively new company established in 2004. Since then, it has acquired three different companies: Purdy Brothers Trucking Company, Diamond Trucking Company, and Loudon County Trucking Company. In 2012, they partnered with Grayson Mitchell, which allowed them to further expand their flatbed industry presence. 

Who Owns Southeastern Freight?

Southeastern Freight is one of South Carolina's largest privately-held companies. One of the nation's most successful trucking companies was established in 1950 by W. T. Cassels. Today, the company is owned by his son William T. Cassels, Jr. He is more commonly known as Bill Cassles. He joined the company as vice president and treasurer but performed the company's only salesman's duties at that time. 

What Kind of Trucks Does Southeastern Freight Have?

Southeastern Freight has developed an impressive 99.35 percent on-time delivery rate. It has a solid reputation for quality service thanks to its modern and advanced fleet of 2,900 trucks. This includes about 1,300 Class 8 trucks and more than 200 medium-duty pick and delivery trucks. The vast network spread over 90 locations relies heavily on this impressive fleet for safe and timely deliveries. 

Which Trucking Companies in Birmingham, Alabama Do on-the-Job Training?

Roehl Transportation, Swift Transportation, and Averitt Transportation are some of the trucking companies in Birmingham, Alabama, that do on-the-job training. Some offer this training free of cost while others actually pay you while you learn and train to obtain your CDL Class A.

You can join any of these with job security. This means that you will be hired as a long haul professional driver as soon as your training ends. 

What Type of License Do You Need to Drive For a Trucking Company in Alabama?

If you want to drive for a trucking company in Alabama, you need to obtain an Alabama commercial driver's license (CDL) first. In Alabama, the CDL licenses are classified as follows. 

  • Class A CDL license allows you to drive vehicles that weigh more than 26,001 pounds. You are also allowed to tow trailers or other vehicles weighing over 10,000 pounds.

  • Class B CDL license allows you to operate vehicles that weigh more than 26,001 pounds and tow trailers or vehicles that weigh less than 10,000 pounds.

  • Class C CDL license owners can operate vehicles that transport 16 or more people. They can also drive vehicles that transport hazardous materials.

  • Do Any Trucking Companies in Birmingham Allow Family Riders?

    There are a number of trucking companies in Birmingham that allow family riders to ride with the driver. Examples include P & S Transportation and Montgomery Transport LLC. But drivers must obtain a permit first. It is also a common practice that new drivers are placed on a waiting period before they are allowed to bring passengers with them.

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