Best Trucking Companies in Alabama – 2021 Round-up

| Last Updated: July 16, 2021

Whether the world stands still or moves normally, one thing that doesn’t change is the transportation requirements. Whether you have a residential need or a commercial one, you will have to make use of transportation companies to help you survive the day.

Trucking companies not only provide safe and sound delivery and pickup services, but most of them also ensure good packaging and handling of your equipment. Whether you want to transfer dry goods like sand and gravel or you want your perishable goods at a safe place, a good trucking company can come in handy.

This article highlights some of the best trucking companies in all of Alabama. Each company is thoroughly reviewed to give you an overview of its services. Moreover, for anyone seeking job employment in the sector, there is a separate section that highlights salary and pay benefits.

Quick Take - Best Trucking Companies in Alabama

Before you go any further, here are the best trucking companies in Alabama:

  1. Priority Transportation
  2. J&W Moving and Storage
  3. Buddy Moore Trucking

Review of the Best Trucking Companies in Alabama

Looking up trucking companies in Alabama can be quite hard. This is because the state is full of firms that aren’t very good. It is, therefore, important to customize your search, but you don’t have to worry about that. We have scoured the internet to find the best companies for you. Compare them against their services to find the most suitable one for you.

Best Trucking Company in Cullman, Alabama:
Priority Transportation

  • Address:  2131 3rd Avenue SE Cullman, AL 35055
  • Phone Number: 800-250-3651  
  • Email:

Who is Priority Transportation?

Priority Transportation is one of the oldest family-owned companies that has existed for more than 25 years. It is mostly involved in the business of driving and dispatching. The owner is deeply involved in the day-to-day workings of the company. This significantly increases productivity and hence makes this company stand out in the crowd.

It is a privately-owned company that has been owned by a single family since the beginning. It has around 51 to 200 employees working permanently with them. The number keeps changing depending upon the season.

The headquarters is situated at Cullman, Alabama. Established in 1995, the company has grown over the years and now deals with logistics, freight management, and brokerage too.

Services Offered 

With utmost priority placed on safety, maintenance, and care, it is no wonder that this trucking company has existed in the business for such a long time. It is known for hauling a range of things such as paper, cardboard, and furniture.

Moreover, Priority Transportation is also equipped with real-time data technology and accurate ETAs. It ensures these high-end services by including the People-Net-Tracking system. The firm’s modern ways and the ability to transport a range of perishable items such as strawberries and other fruits and vegetables with ease make it a trustworthy company.

Salary and Benefits

Any person seeking employment in Alabama will be pleased to know the incentives provided by PT. On average, a truck driver earns around 44k to 48k annually. A night dispatcher, on the other hand, can generate 30-32k annually. The latter is a part-time position and hence requires less time and effort.

The company requires you to have at least two years of experience as a good MVR and PSP. Once you are hired, you will be provided with a 73% owner/operator lease purchase and a 25% OTR west coast. Not just that, but you will also get good home time. As for insurance benefits, PT provides BCBS medical and dental insurance.

Best Trucking Company in Mobile, Alabama:
J&W Moving and Storage

  • Address:  3129, Dial St, AL 36612
  • Phone Number: 251-456-4539

Who is J&W?

Established in 1969, J&W is the longest-running moving and storage company in all of the Gulf Coast. It is owned by a single-family and, over the years, has systematically increased its influence in the Gulf region. The facility is approved by the military storage, thus making it both safe and reliable.

Not just that, J&W also has more than 20,000 square feet of storage space. This is more than enough to store everything from your household items to large office equipment. It offers both residential and commercial moving of your equipment.

Services Offered 

Excelling in both residential and commercial services is a feat not achieved by many companies, but J&W is definitely different. It allows you to move your stuff within a 600-mile radius easily.

If you opt for residential services, you will get pick up and delivery at the same time. Local moves will also be charged on an hourly basis, and since the drivers are efficient, you will get an affordable service.

Each shipment comes in an exclusive truck to avoid any confusion between different customers. On the other hand, its commercial services are even better. You will get safe packing and unpacking of all your delicate stuff. A team of experts will ensure that nothing gets broken or damaged during the trip.

Salary and Benefits

As a new employee, you will be provided with a chance to choose from a number of jobs. You can be a full-time driver, a mover, or even a warehouse specialist. The pay package is decent, and it increases as you get more experience. As an amateur driver, you can expect to earn $16-17 per hour. The salary of a mover is slightly less, and you might only earn $13 per hour.

On the other hand, a warehouse specialist will also get $13-14 per hour. There are other incentives that include the 401K retirement plan. This is an excellent plan that ensures employees are taken care of once they reach old age and can’t drive anymore.

Best Trucking Company in Birmingham, Alabama:
Buddy Moore Trucking

  • Address:  925 34th Street North, Birmingham, AL 35222
  • Phone Number: 877-366-6566
  • Email:

Who is Buddy Moore Trucking?

The owner E.H Buddy Moore is a household name in regards to the trucking business. He has spent 58 years cultivating his image as a reliable truck company owner. He founded the company two decades ago, and to this day, it is owned primarily by his family. 

But what sets Buddy Moore apart is the long-term professional relationships with a range of companies in the manufacturing and construction businesses. These companies use Buddy Moore for the safe delivery of their packages, which is a testament to the brilliance of the enterprise. 

Moreover, the owner’s approach to dealing with customers is quite traditional. He believes that customers are always right, so if you contact this company, you will be treated as a priority.

Services Offered 

Providing safety is the top priority for the brand. The team of professionals is specially trained before the start of the full-term job. This, together with a dedicated owner, ensures you get the best possible service. 

But what really sets the company apart is the timing mechanism. It provides a single point of contact that ensures timely delivery and pickup. Moreover, the trailers used are fuel-efficient, which reduces the overall cost of transport. Their area of expertise includes truckload van, truckload flat, partial load, project cargo, and over dimension deliveries. The load capacity is significantly higher than most companies too.

Salary and Benefits

Employees are prioritized as much as customers. Buddy Moore ensures a healthy work environment that is free from any sort of bullying or harassment. There is a range of areas that you can seek employment in. The pay structure varies according to the time and energy you spend. 

For instance, if you seek a job in inventory control, you will earn around $50k annually. A logistics coordinator will earn slightly more and will get a better yearly bonus. Good health insurance, as well as HSA and FSA, are also provided to all employees. There are more than 250 employees, and the company generates more than $50 to $100 million in revenue. This money trickles down to the most underrated of employees.

Best Trucking Company in Montgomery, Alabama:
J & K Materials and Trucking

  • Address: 2651, Alabama River Pkwy, Montgomery, AL 36110
  • Phone Number: 334-279-0036
  • Email:

Who is J & K?

This trucking company opened in Montgomery in 2007, but that wasn’t the first time it started providing essential services to their customers. The enterprise is privately owned by a small family who has been in the business for the last 35 years or so. 

The owners, Jason Maddox, and Karen Montz are extremely dedicated people who take pride in the fact that their company is small, yet so successful. The goal and motto of the brand are also unique. They want to be the first company that transports all types of material, such as sand, topsoil, and gravel.

Services Offered 

J & K offers diversity like no other company. It not only works in the residential and commercial areas like buildings and offices, but their work also includes helping road developers, architects, and general contractors. They also provide services to site developers and gardeners alike. Their services are also extremely efficient, and delivering on time is one of their fortes. 

Moreover, special focus is placed on the packaging of products. You will notice that the highest level of finesse and precision is maintained while transferring your equipment from one location to the other.

Salary and Benefits

With a whopping salary package of $72000 per year, J & K is considered to be one of the best places to work. The salary isn’t the only thing to look forward to. The workplace is made friendly, and the owners and managers are really cooperative. The drivers are given a choice to work full time or part-time. This ensures that people can work at their own leisure. Moreover, a good health insurance plan is also provided. This covers basic health needs as well as the dental needs of you and your family.

Best Trucking Company in Dothan, Alabama:
AAA Cooper Transportation Inc.

  • Address:​ 1751 Kinsey Road Dothan AL 36303-5877
  • Phone Number: 334-793-2284
  • Email:

Who is AAA Cooper Transportation?

If there is one company that has evolved the most over the last couple of years, it is this one. AAA Cooper Transportation holds more than 1000 employees and is hence considered one of the biggest companies in Alabama. 

It is a privately held and asset-based company that provides multi-regional transportation services. Its services, unlike other providers, include international pickups and deliveries too. A lot has changed since the inception of the company, but one thing that has remained consistent is the motto. It is based on the IICT model that incorporates integrity, innovation, competence, and teamwork.

Services Offered 

Equipped with a large-scale storage facility, the corporation allows for both residential and commercial transportation, but its services are most trusted because of the environmentally sound business policies. 

They use SmartWay technology to reduce miles and cover long distances easily. Moreover, they have the latest trucks that are both fuel and energy-efficient. All of them come with automatic RPM controls, thus providing time efficiency. These, along with their dedicated customer policies, ensure you get all your deliveries on time.

Salary and Benefits

It is no wonder that AAA Cooper Transportation is home to more than 1000 employees. These make for an integral part of the company’s success. There are a lot of incentives provided for new applicants. The salary package is impressive, and drivers can earn up to $50k annually. 

Moreover, Forbes has named the enterprise as one of the best American mid-sized companies in regards to employee satisfaction and opportunities. You can apply for a range of positions such as a full-time or part-time truck, van driver, or account manager. You can also opt for an analyst job that doesn’t require as much energy as a driver.

Best Trucking Company in Decatur, Alabama:
Freight Zone Logistics

  • Address: 3358 Highway 20 West Decatur, AL 35603
  • Phone Number: 888-870-0160
  • Email:

Who is Freight Zone Logistics?

Freight Zone Logistics is situated in Alabama with its headquarters in Decatur. It is a full-service transportation company that provides all kinds of brokerage services. It is owned collectively by Ron Spivey and Rick Trait. These people have a combined experience of 56 years, which makes their company seem very reliable. 

Moreover, Freight Zoom Logistics also connects and utilizes more than 1000 carriers in the US. The company also works with a plethora of other enterprises and ensures more affordable rates for transportation.

Services Offered 

The services provided by Freight Zone Logistics are plentiful, and that is just one reason so many people recommend it. These include refrigerated freight, flatbed freight, and Dry Van freight options. 

In addition to this, the company also provides shipping logistics. This intermodal assistance is provided in all 48 states. This helps clients maximize their profits and get the best deals possible. 

Moreover, you will also get UPS, FedEx, and small package audits of all your freight bills to ensure transparency in the transaction. Not just that, this also allows clients to identify any sources of overcharges, surcharges, and incorrect invoices. They can also identify loss of revenue and hence make changes to correct it.

Salary and Benefits

Applying for a job in the company can guarantee a range of benefits. One major advantage is the diversity that you get. You can be allocated to one of three sectors. These include transportation, trucking, and warehousing areas. The company is also home to around 500-1000 employees, all of whom seem quite satisfied with the policies. 

A lot of focus is also placed on providing a healthy work environment that is free from harassment or bullying. You will find ample promotional opportunities if you work hard. Moreover, a good annual bonus is also provided to each employee.

Best Trucking Company in Huntsville, Alabama:
JLM Trucking Inc.

  • Address:  402 Jack Coleman Huntsville AL, 35805
  • Phone Number: 1-256-468-4805
  • Email:

Who is JLM?

The experience of owners should always be taken into account during the evaluation of a brand, and the experience and performance of JLM Trucking’s owner have been truly stellar. He has been in the industry for the last 25 years, and over the years, he has transformed his company from a small enterprise to the large corporate structure that it is today. 

JLM trucking has provided exceptional transportation to companies like Henz equipment rental. Moreover, it has also been presented with an accolade from associated builders and contractors. It has also transported forklifts in relation to Komatsu and Daewoo, among others.

Services Offered by JLM

Most brands that you see in your surroundings offer residential and small scale transportation services, but this company is quite different. It not only breaks expectations but also provides satisfactory results at all times. The services include local pickups and deliveries of all sorts of equipment. This also includes perishable and delicate items. 

The staff has been specifically trained to pack all the stuff with the utmost care and diligence. Moreover, since the trucks come with high durability and load capacity, you can also get your motorized vehicles transported quite easily.

Salary and Benefits

A good and hospitable environment is not the only thing you will get out of JLM. The company is home to one of the best salary packages. You will earn on an hourly basis, and the amount is expected to increase as you gain more experience. Moreover, employees get vacation pay as well as sick leave pay. 

Since the company does not cater to thousands of employees, you can expect promotions too, that too on a regular basis. Furthermore, if you get sick or injured, you can rely on the excellent dental and medical insurance plan that covers all your bills.

  • Address: 3900 ACIPCO Industrial Dr. Birmingham, AL 35214
  • Phone Number: 334-775-1400

Who is Boyd Bros. Transportation?

Boyd Brothers Corporation has exceeded all expectations and has emerged as a force to reckon with, especially for its many competitors. The company is equipped with the best kinds of trucks and vans. All of these offer satellite communications on the go. 

The enterprise currently has tractors in many major states and cities of the US, including Ohio, Alabama, Cincinnati, and Clayton, among others. The total amount of trailers it has in its possession right now is a whopping number of 2000+. There are also 797 large aluminum trailers that are used in the transportation of heavier materials.

Services Offered 

This flatbed truckload carrier company covers a large area and operates throughout the major part of the eastern US. It is generally involved in the transportation of bulky, steel products. It also provides delivery service for highly sensitive and fragile material. The team is given proper training to execute such a task on a day to day basis. 

Moreover, integrating the latest technology in all of their logistical work is their specialty. Boyd Brothers offers EDI load tendering, freight payment, internet tendering, billing, and PODs. Not just that, but because all trucks are equipped with a satellite system, you will be able to track your equipment at any given time easily.

Salary and Benefits

Employers were shocked to see the amazing package Boyd Brothers offers to all its employees. The pay increases on a yearly basis and bonuses are provided as an added incentive. Moreover, drivers and other people working in the transportation department are ensured a minimum payment of $1000 per week. There is also a 40% drop and hook provided. 

Monthly bonuses are another way through which the company keeps the employees happy and content with their job. But most importantly, an excellent health insurance program is offered. This covers most ailments, including dental surgeries. Employees are also given good off-time, and the company claims that more than 95% of their drivers are home on weekends.

  • Address: 56 Midtown Park West, AL 36606
  • Phone Number: 251-470-0355
  • Email:

Who is Perdido?

Perdido Trucking Service prides itself on being one of the most trustworthy and reliable truckload carrier service providers that exist in the market right now. Established 20 years ago, this company, to this day, has retained its glory of the early years. There are branches in all major states of the US, including Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana. 

Most of the trucks and vans under Perdido are enormous and come with a very large capacity. This is because the brand is fixated on providing quality performance to large enterprises. Because it helps deliver large and bulky equipment, it is in trusted contracts with some of the biggest contractors in Alabama.

Services Offered 

The best thing about Perdido is its excellent customer support. The employees are given special training to tackle all kinds of clients. The services are also quite diverse, and you can get both residential as well as commercial deliveries done within hours or days. 

Most requests are categorized in one of two ways. You can either avail of the dump trailers. These are extremely large fleets of aluminum that are used to transport gravel, alloys, coal, sand, steel, and most agricultural products. 

On the other hand, there are the dry bulk pneumatic tanks that are equipped to carry fly ash, sand, and some other dry bulk products. These also offer more load capacity and can be used to carry machinery.

Salary and Benefits

Most companies only provide their employees with one standard pay and nothing more, but Perdido Services breaks these shackles. As an employer, you will get commission pay for loads, vacation and holiday pay, and even downtime pay. But good pay is not the only incentive. 

You will also get blue cross health and dental insurance. Other types of insurance include short-term disability and company-provided life insurance—the number and quality of insurance increase with time in the company. Moreover, there is the 401K retirement plan that you can avail once you reach a certain age. This is an excellent package that gets better and better each year.

  • Address: 1736 Hwy. 21 By-Pass, P. O. Box 846 Monroeville, AL 36461
  • Phone Number: 800-633-1313 

Who is Hornady?

Hornady is a game-changer in the transportation industry, and hence it is no wonder that the history of the brand is as extensive as the services it provides. The company, as it is known today, is owned by the three Hornady brothers who have gone through a lot of ups and downs to see their brand running. 

When it began, the company only had around 30 trucks; that number has increased exponentially ever since. The branch in Alabama was opened in 1995. It now has a 41,000 sq. foot office building. Another interesting thing to know is the recent merger of Hornady with the Deseke organization. Together, these two form an unbeatable force in the flatbed truck area.

Services Offered

This privately-owned company has been in the business for the last 80 years or so, in one capacity or the other. Services mainly offered include the transportation of both dry and moist goods. You can also get your perishable items delivered via a short distance. 

Unlike other brands, Hornady has kept its prices quite reasonable. One major reason is its use of fuel-efficient tractors. This, along with the dedication of providing economic services, helps Hornady emerge as a true winner in the department. Moreover, warehousing facilities are also provided. These help ensure the safe packaging and storing of all your equipment.

Salary and Benefits

All the people employed by the company are in for a treat. Hornady knows how to attract new applicants. It offers an amazing pay rate and a guaranteed monthly bonus. Drivers also get a commission for their rides, the value of which increases with experience. 

Moreover, there is a range of opportunities that you can avail. You can become a full-time driver, night-time driver, contractor, and an analyst, among others. On average, a driver can earn about $4k-$6k monthly. An analyst would be able to earn slightly less. However, the insurance policies, as well as the health benefits, are more or less the same for all employees.


It is no wonder that a relatively smaller state like Alabama has loads of trucking companies. The demands for these have increased, and more and more people are entering the industry, either as drivers or analysts.

But before you make any hasty decision, it is important that you know what each brand offers. Apart from salary benefits, you will also have to compare other incentives like promotional opportunities, insurance plans, and retirement policies. 

Moreover, if you are a customer looking to get your valuable equipment transported, you will find all the relevant information right here. Make sure you use this wisely and reach the best solution.

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